ACE Avatar Maker Disney Parks Animal Kingdom Exclusive Custom Action Figure Review

hey guys meow super-solid thank you very
much you look great it’s avatar this is avatar from the avatar maker
ollie ace Alpha Centauri expeditions labs and
basically this was from Florida we got this from animal kingdom in Walt Disney
World way back in March and I’ve not reviewed
here yet it’s been sat on a shelf so long and I thought you know what I’m
gonna show you guys the full experience of what I went through to get this and
then we’ll review the action figure sorry sue so Judy is going crazy in the
background she’s in the bath I do apologize she’s screaming and so this is
the action figure that we got way back when in March it all starts with this
little cove with this little coupon I was number seven three nine as a part of
the avatar maker a part of eight the Alpha century experience I’ll show you
guys the vlog from back in March when we visited wind traders in Avatar lon in
Animal Kingdom so let’s roll the tape Oh No Oh my thank you during eyebrows I’m the validate everything on what’s
out here I’m poison awesome we’re gonna
laughter is big process that Sciences fall asleep every night it’s like you all right I need you
pushing in the flat right there right now we’re checking to make sure you are
actually you are your odds are yeah right
it’s amazing okay so you can take the boat how awesome was that guys so the
experience was pretty cool now the figure they say is meant to be
my how I would look if I was to be an avatar
apparently I have one skinny avatar it doesn’t really look like me other than
the fact that it has very blue eyes and big black eyebrows that seemed and
they’ve kind of given it a widened nose that’s kind of the only things I can see
that looks like me the rest of it seems very generic but I expected that but the
best part is I got to choose the hair piece and I got to choose the design on
his face so I went for that sort of like tribal ask design there on his front so
that’s pretty cool and I got to decide what color he was I went for the classic
avatar blue now once that time limit was up I gave this to the lady
she took my avatar of luck in like a like an incubator and said this is my
avatar and then insisted on selling me other things to go with the doll yeah so
I got two accessory pies with my doll the price points over the doll itself
$79.99 which is a little done expensive designer well met but it was every year
when I go to Florida I take a I take some money with me that saved up all
year long I buy myself a treat this was my treat that year and then you
can get a bunch of these accessory packs which I’ll be opening as well and these
are just minor but 1495 each I got two of them I got the warrior pack I’m the
hunter pack and we’ll have a look at those in just a moment so you do get to
keep your avatar make a key which i think is pretty nice it’s kind of a nice
keepsake and my pop out on my desk ever since Florida I mean that’s never
gone missing I’ve kept that on my desk but it’s time guys I think it’s time
that we find the gum out of this incubator and we actually had a look at
this figure now when we go back to Florida we are going for the fifth way
next year obviously with my parents and mrs. supersorrell super junior and stuff
my brother because we’re going in a big villa for a family holiday but then the
year after in 2021 is the fiftieth anniversary
Walt Disney World Samia misses soups are heading back to all I know then as well
so I’ve got two years of all under vlogs coming up for you guys and we’re gonna
try and sneak in a trip to Paris as well at some point and over the next year so
as well we’ve not been there for such a long time now and I want to go back and
see what’s changed plus we’ve got some fellow youtubers that want to meet up
with us out there we look to meet up with de Lappe fans we’ve been trying to
meet up for years so would be cool to finally get to meet with them alright
he’s free and now out of the packaging guys my avatar just give me a second
just to clarify here is my avatar guys so the avatar fate is pretty nice as
well obviously with the new films coming out next year as well this might be a
nice thing to have he never knows this could look you know in the new films my
own people are back in the avatar mood it might be awesome you can see where
the different pieces clicking obviously that’s the little part of that piece I’m
pretty sure if I put yeah I go if I pull that hard enough that’s just gonna all
pull away that’s how they fit the different hair pieces so these are
normally obviously open to like clicking the hair pieces but view these weird
little rubber stoppers to cover up the holes so everyone’s out at our base is
the same and then they basically just add the customisation points to it
see I know it’s a giant gimmick about well that was the whole point but you
know it was a it was a lot of fun on the day to be in that in the in the London
be immersed by it and obviously Disney a very good at that and then to say you
know do you want your own avatars your personal avatar you kind of get eaten up
by the marketing really but it was one thing I wanted to do and then obviously
as an action sneaker review I thought you know having an avatar that
supposedly based on me would be a cool thing to have in the collection
articulation wise there’s pretty decent sand the head is on a ball-joint
she can kind of make him look up and down but the hairpiece does really
hinder that back piece obviously could move him left rise well his arms to lift
up that top hinge I wrote he’s also got single-handed bicep but
also rotates and sorry elbow rotates and the hands are on a little ball join
there as well there is crunch here at the front as
well as you can crunch him around which is nice as well as swivel his legs lift
out all the way which is nice as well as forwards and backwards with a single
hinge knee there’s a slight bit rotating there than here as well
feet also rotate and are on rocker no pivot though there are two a little peg
hole in the bottom of the feet should you wish to actually place them on a
unit and what I like about this as well the diverse thing I would like it was a
lot of detailing and the feast of my veins and wines and so you does feel
very quite realistic it’s got a soft soft vinyl feels of the plastic to give
it like a skin feel there is a slight bit of discoloration on mine as you can
see there’s like a flack of orange randomly on the chest but other than
that the actual piece itself is very nice and I said those eyes are very blue
he’s got very cool like soldiering mouth and nose as well I’m definitely gonna be
taking this backwards when we’re going 22 21 because I never got I’d never
opened this while I was there so I never got action figure photography in Avatar
land which I’m now deeply regretting so I probably will take this back with me
and mehar mortgage and with his new big gear as well and take some awesome I can
figure photography you know out in the land of avatar land so that is the
avatar itself it does have a soft vinyl tail as well as well as a long hair
piece I got to choose this hair piece that went for like the long hair with
the long braids I liked that look but he does come with
a multitude of accessories so the first pack I’ve got here is called the hunter
pack it coming in seven pieces on the back it explains each of the pieces for
you so you get the long knife you got a whole long bow the bolas pouch a
compliment the machete hunting acts and the bolus the second accessors pack is
the hunter pack now you might recognize that blue bow and arrow I think that was
the what was he called it was the guy the guy who was originally meant to be
with the princess but in the first film Hyup Hyup that blue
bow and arrow big bow is from the knees like a hunter’s bow and again on the
back explains that we got the spear but the quiver with four arrows a war axe a
nice and the big blue bow so I got the reason survives both of these packs
they’re very similar but the reason for buying both these practice because I
wanted the quiver and the bow but I didn’t want this big blue bow I wanted
for basically the basic bow as I felt the basic bow was more in keeping with
them like the idea of a hunter where’s the big blue bow just feels a little bit
I didn’t like it it’s quitting the plastic he’s not coming off again
apologies about soups that’s good he’s making a lot of noise of the background
just having a bath and enjoying playing this or poison that and before people
pipe in the comments missus superstar is with her she’s not being ignored I’m not
ignoring or well making videos I say these things because people put things
in the comments that make me feel really awful and awkward right first pack is
now open doing the first pack is open so this is the bow or an arrow with a
quiver set and I like that I like this quiver just as the arrows are actually
loose as well which is nice very nicely detailed as well obviously these avatars
are twelve inches in scales and this is to scale up a 12-inch figure so it does
the little bang bit those just pop out and pop back in so you can get that he’s
back easy enough I’m gonna pull that hairpiece through as well
whose head pops up looking there we go so there they are guys he’s got the
quiver on his back now and that should also mean I can now get the bow and
there’s the big blue bow let’s see how this parts to his hand actually quite
easy so I was gonna be a lot higher than that so if there is this blue bow there’s actually a little notches in the
bow as well so technically you could even actually have one of the arrows
drawn in it it was actually working about Wow
so you can see slot die in there as well in between the back of the pieces like
that to make it like he’s loaded like he’s pulling in it so that’s pretty cool
but I didn’t want that bonzers bomb not because I love that one’s is but I’ve
heard the original bow y’all let me just tap that piece off he does also come
with the sort of axes and blades and different weaponry here again this pops
it out I wanted this spear from that pack as well I like the spear so I
remember is Asian that you wish gone 230 from the first film she goes to use the
spear quite regularly so I wanted the spear that seems like they’re about the
weapon the avatars use quite regularly in the movie so what I want you to
release have the spear which I need to be what the film’s in such a long time
since I’ve seen it I’ll see the new films are going to be coming out in
about a year just by years time they’re when Star Wars ends avatar begins
I remember the line but they always say that I see you something like mother to
say hello isn’t me if in a well since I’ve seen there that
film the film that a lot of people call pakoras in space which G feels really
good what do you think about it it really was
poke on his face but I love the fact that Disney now owns it and James
Cameron I’m still working with Disney for the avatar lands and everyone more
like laughing then it’s been 10 years why on earth oh we were having the other
Thailand book I think people gonna be actually surprised when they see how
many films Disney and James Cameron of plunder that’s a major so I believe I’m
not all being done back-to-back as well so there’s gonna be no long ways now if
they kind of had to wait for technology to catch up with his vision or something just opening the second part now or no
and out dealing with cellotape as well just a convention so we got a combo bomb
now as well so let’s take the spear of his hand unless
can I get come on guns go around him then last call so that goes around his
middle that’s very nice pull the key volumes with that helps me keep a
loincloth kind of in employees and this corner of the pouch sugar this is the
pouch bit and inside the pouch where I believe would keep this do they fit in
the pouch I believe that pouch is to carry those
little disks and again it’s gotten a little pop in pop out
seam there so you can pop batting together to wrap around the figure and
of course this time he comes with the big hunting knife which I like with that
cummerbund I think can we get the out yeah we can get weapons too kind of slot
into it as well so you can kind of have him with different weapons like Harriet
upon his person they also have this little thing here so if he’s got
anything that’s got like so if we had if you had the bow and arrow on him
actually if it was using the quiver if we were using the quiver before we wrap
that around the body of the avatar we could slot the knife in so the knife
would be on his back as well but I would just hang off the quiver we could do
that to get more weapons on him and the same with you actually we’ve got one on
the axe our piece here on the core but there’s another one so you could slot
slot them on if you wanted to and of course this calls me the basic bow the
bow that I wanted just the classic bow which is what no 30 users I believe
teach what’s called the 30 I can’t remember now
someone correct me in the comments if I got the name of the avatar wrong I’m
sure she was called in the 30 to kind of deal wield the bow as well
it’s making it look like he’s gonna pull it yeah I definitely see what the mean
Florida I didn’t miss a trick by taking photos of him in the avatar land I might
go out into the woods in a couple of days and get some really cool action
figure photography so bear with me guys I won’t have any actually figure
photography online on my Instagram for a couple of days but when I go out and
about I will take him with me and some good light locations and get some really
cool shots so bear with me on that but guys if you enjoyed this video and
seeing this avatar finally get reviewed let me know in the comments down below
I’ve enjoyed reviewing it I’ve been dying to have this in my collection and
now I finally reviewed it and then I’ve Maya finally got him out of the
packaging and can play with impose it now it’s 12 inches in scale to this
sadly it’s not gonna go with anything six inch book I need to look at the
scaling between humans and avatars anyway because they were very big if I
remember so it might actually be the right scale again for Marvel Legends but
I’m not sure need to look that up but guys what are your thoughts let me know
in the comments down below if you want me to stay on a Disney Disney tangent
this week please let me know because I do still have all these stars droid
packs to review including ones from the last Jedi the green droids we’ve also
got the last Jedi BB units we have the solo versions of r2 units and then
finally we just have some generic robot droid factory from Disney parks but it
has got my favorite of d2 which is a drinks droid with it which is really
cool see if you only see me do one big video
where I open all these packs let me know in the comments down below and we can
definitely do that for you but guys thank you very much for watching as
always I’m your host supersorrell and I’ll see you guys in the next video may
the force be with you you

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  2. I was so close to having my Avatar created when we visited in October but I admit the price put me off. Plus, I've seen a few where I just couldn't see the likenesses of the people who had them done. Otherwise it's a cool thing but not for me of this occasion.

    Great video all the same ?

  3. I was close to buying one of theses because it did look good, but I was there when galaxy edge opened and spent most my money there.

  4. I remember I was gonna do this but spent most of my money otherwise, I'm definitely gonna get one when I go wdw in July

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