ACC's Community Pets Program

I'm going to see is it my Sarah see come up here with Daddy we are best friends we're together all the time when you had access low income people like myself have access it's that you know I can't work I have condition and you know I need my patch that's all I have in the city the community pets program provides services to support pet owners and underserved communities their areas where there are any vets that they can bring their pets too and we also have a food bank and a free dog training program by offering these services to families that may be struggling in a variety of ways we want to help ensure that their pets remain in the family where they're loved and where their values rather than potentially ending up having to be rehomed or put into the shelter system these are family members that these people are bringing into things care for very deeply awful lot of them are wielding baby carriages you know little sweaters and outfits and stuff like that they obviously dote on them but you know they're afraid of a multi-hundred dollar as I think when ACC came you know with their you know the doctors as the veterinarians you know and you know in the coats and you know just being there to care for people's pets I really feel that people felt less isolated people really do care and they want to care and they give it an opportunity to do so they will and caring someone's pet I think is also a part of caring for yourself people should be able to have pets it's one of the joys in life is I didn't have my patch I don't know where I would be

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