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just how big a problem is the Chinese drywall issue in Virginia Beach plus the city needs you to lend a helping hand to people in need and where's the fun factor here see how one group of students is helping to solve more than 500 million math problems then more coming up as we access virginia beach hello and welcome to vb tv's access virginia beach a program that informs you of news and events from around our city in schools I'm Lindy fade thanks for joining us it wasn't all that long ago when it was front-page news it is Chinese drywall and as Robert Patterson tells us the issue may be out of sight but it is not out of mind it's known as the American dream owning one's home but to thousands of people across the country that dream has turned into a nightmare that nightmare owning a home that may be rotting from the inside out a very real byproduct of building material known as Chinese drywall the problem is that it emits a sulfuric type gas that corrodes electrical copper just about any kind of metal so you put the drywall in within a couple of years it's going to corrode the metal all of your electronics are going to short out anything with copper is going to short out a building boom from 2004 through 2007 left american wall board manufacturers struggling to keep up with demand factor in busy hurricane seasons in florida and the impact of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and builders started importing drywall from China in record numbers and within a couple of years the problems began they should have known there was a problem when they first installed it when they put on the ceiling the next day it was on the floor and some of the people broke out with rashes it's estimated that more than 60,000 homes primarily in southern states in California are contaminated with tainted Chinese drywall and now people are concerned that the all board gives off fumes that can corrode copper pipes black and jewelry and silverware and possibly sicken people I know where to turn a lot of times they go to their builder their builder would for the most part the builders just kind of we're trying to figure out what the issue was unfortunately homeowners who've discovered Chinese drywall have few resources they've gone to their builders who have pointed to the manufacturers who have denied that there is a problem insurance companies do not cover this because it's not considered a hazard so government is beginning to pay particular attention this is one that there's got to be a federal level response a state level response a local level response I think at the local level we've done everything we can using the uniform statewide building code as a standard council pass an ordinance addressing the use of the material last year the ordinance bans the use of Chinese drywall in construction in Virginia Beach unless and until such material is determined to be in compliance with all applicable USBC requirements also we've taken the value of your house down to one hundred dollars because it's pretty much uninhabitable so that means that your property tax your the tax on your house is going to be 89 cents so that's kind of another thing we've kind of done for those who are affected by Chinese drywall it's estimated that three to four hundred homes are affected statewide perhaps eight hundred in Virginia Beach senator Warner as well as congressman nine and Scott have toured area homes but so far there is no consensus and unfortunately for some homeowners no answers we've been over backwards on this one we're still trying to represent our citizens the best way we can now if you suspect that your home may contain Chinese drywall contact your builder if found contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission to file a report the only remedy is to remove and replace all drywall and HVAC and electrical components new permits are certified to be in compliance and only use drywall that has the ASTM international standards stamp you can file a report at the website on the screen for access virginia beach I'm Robert Patterson as part of the process city building inspectors now ask contractors to affirm that they are not using the Chinese drywall in any of their construction projects the at-large seat left vacant when Rita sweet ballito accepted a city council position is one step closer to being filled the school board held a public hearing for the position there were 15 eligible applicants ten of whom presented their interest in the position at the hearing my name is the board has narrowed their decision down to five candidates who will have closed door interviews the school board is expected to make a final decision on the position by the end of the month the appointed candidate will serve through December of this year at which point the position will be open to a public election in January of 2010 the City Council approved the inner facility traffic area and vicinity master plan study the study will focus on the land under the flight corridor between nes Oceana and the fentress airfield and the city is looking for your input a public meeting will be held on March 11th at 6pm for citizens who have a stake in that area citizens will be able to provide input that could help define a vision for the future of the ITA and the surrounding land the meeting will be held in building 19 at the municipal center and again the date is March 11th at six pm if you're in the market for a new furry friend then the Virginia Beach animal control shelter may have just the one for you and you could take peace of mind in knowing that now any animal adopted from the shelter will already be protected against rabies and licensed by the city beginning March fifteenth the city will require any pet adopted from the shelter to be licensed the new requirement does add additional fees to the adoption process but licensing your pet increases the chances of them be reunited with their family in the event of being lost to view adoptable animals or for more information on licensing laws log on to vb gov com / animal control for many adopted pets become a major part of our lifestyle in fact over 71 million households in the united states own at least one pet and as excess reporter Stephanie Sutton shows us responsible pet ownership means more than just adoring your pet it's easy to fall in love with our furry friends but ensuring they have a happy and healthy life takes a lot more effort companion animals rely on their human owners to provide for their needs their they're not wild animals they need the owner to provide them with their food shelter and water and when you decide to get a pat you're making a commitment to that pet for the rest of his life that's why Animal Control wants to make sure you're aware of the law surrounding pet ownership with the companion animals pet owners are required to practice good animal husbandry and that would include the shelter the food the water the production of the animals so it's not over bread the transportation of the animal also important feeling a little abdomen proper veterinarian care and disease prevention vaccinations biggest thing is rabies rabies is required by law for dogs there's canine distemper which includes parvovirus city law also states that you must provide adequate shelter you are only allowed to own for dogs at a time and dogs must be leashed when walking them also you can chain your dog outside for no more than three hours at a time and your pet must have a city license and of course your pet must always have adequate food and water the best thing is to see them a balance in most cases commercially prepared diet by the time your dog or cat is four months old he's required to have a rabies shot and a city license it's the law reporting for vb TV i'm stephanie sutton license applications for your pet are available online at vb gov com / animal control coming up next on BB TVs access virginia beach you may be one of the most experienced drivers on the road but there is still a few things you can learn we'll show you how plus it's a festival of cultural exchange that you won't want to miss that more are coming up in just a bit regine beat schools and parent connection is your one-stop resource for information and events which support families and promote student success a March thirteenth from 9am to 3pm attend the CHKD hearing loss forum and resource exhibit at the CHKD broadcast auditorium in Norfolk free to parents of children who are deaf and hard of hearing there will be informational workshops prizes and helpful resources please call to register at 6 6 8 7 6 4 7 the community mediation Center is offering a conflict resolution and mediation skills training event on March 17 through 19 from 830 a.m. to five PM this intensive program is suitable for those seeking mediator certification and for anyone interested in developing conflict resolution skills and techniques call 480 2777 to inquire about fees and register for the course to learn more about these activities or to see complete calendar of march events visit the Parent Connection age of EB schools com one 3600 Lane miles of roads crisscross Virginia Beach all designed to get travelers from point A to point B quickly safely and smoothly but sometimes that travel can be slowed down doodle pothole or malfunctioning traffic signal the Virginia Beach Public Works Department responds quickly to these problems working to make timely repairs and you can help report any pothole or traffic signal problem online at vb gov com look for the Public Works page and scroll down to report a problem fill up the information and send it on its way or you can call 385 1470 during business hours it's that simple report a problem be part of the solution welcome back to vb tv's access virginia beach I'm Lindy Fay how many years has it been since you first got your driver's license 10 20 maybe even 30 years all that experience adds up to something but what if it's been a while since you last review the rules of the road then the AARP has just the course to bring you up-to-date dangerous driving behaviors declined by the gin up your driving skills and get a quick refresher course on driver safety during the AARP driver's safety program the program is geared for seniors aged 50 and older but it is open to all drivers the two-day course runs from 9am to 1pm on march 25th and 26 at the princess and recreation center the course is just twelve dollars for AARP members and fourteen dollars to non-members to register call for 2660 23 well it's a little-known service that for many could save money while providing a little relief for those involved it's respite care for the elderly a program that provides assistance by offering an adult sitter for families in need they go out as needed to families that sign up through our program and they substitute for the family member so the family caregiver can get out of the house the program can help reduce the stress associated with providing care to an impaired adult by providing a break from the responsibilities of caring for a family member and getting service is as easy as a phone call to 385 for 135 and if you're not in need of service but think you might be interested in helping an older adult then here's an opportunity for you the respite care program is offering a five-day training session beginning on March 29th the day runs from nine a.m. until 2pm caregivers are paid for their services and can work as much or as little as they choose those interested must complete an application a background check and a face-to-face interview call the senior adult services division at 385 for 135 for more information and if you're not interested in going to someone else's home to care for them have you considered a more long-term option for many adults needing care group homes and residential living facilities used to be the most common way to go through life but as access reporter Robert Patterson shows us dependent adults can make a happy addition to a family atmosphere foster care it's generally a term tied to children put in a home because their parents are unable to care for them but what happens when the person in need is an adult well in Virginia Beach there is a program to help serve just this kind of population you don't foster care program is an alternative a program to keep people from living in residential placements who would prefer to live in the community and it is designed for individuals who just need some extra assistance in order to maintain themselves at home in short adult foster care offers a comfortable living arrangement for those unable to completely fend for themselves the adults in the foster care program generally are going to need some assistance with day-to-day tasks of living such as meal preparation shopping remembering to get to important appointments some of these adults are former foster care children and many don't have a family member who is able to take care of them as a result the adult foster care program is turning to the community for help what Human Services is looking for at this point in time is for providers to be willing to step up and make a difference in the community by taking adults into their home and including them as part of their family with family reunions and cookouts and different things we include them with them and they can come in and feel part of and we introduce them to the family and we let the family know that they are actually a new member of the family and it has worked out so well and of course adult care providers are not left to their own devices they receive training regular updates and professional support is available should the need arise there's not a week that goes by that we don't have some kind of communication with human services with the nurses concerning medications financial compensation is also included but it's the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that is the true reward for those who choose to open their homes to others and there was some kind of emergency and his family it maybe was a medical emergency something i don't know but anyway did need to define a place for him very quickly and i just became a foster parent so i was open and so they place them here and it was the best thing that ever could have happened rick is a very nice guy to work with I feel like I have more self-esteem mm-hmm lot more self-esteem and also the number number of things such as um pride in what I do some adults may need only temporary assistance it's how they learn to live independently while others may need long-term care either way the Department of Human Services is offering you a chance open your heart and your home to a needy adult reporting for vb TV i'm robert patterson the adult foster care program is operated as part of the city's Department of Human Services more information on becoming an adult foster care provider is available online at vb gov com or you can call for 373 550 although summer may seem like a long way off it's never too early to start planning which is why the Parks and Rec Department is putting a call out to all artists the 35th annual artisans in the park celebration is slowly sneaking up on us and they're encouraging all qualified artists to apply from august seven through the eight more than 20,000 people take over Great Neck Park during the annual celebration which features artwork from across the country live entertainment and plenty of festival foods artist applications must be received by April second you can download those at vb gov com / special events or call 352 993 for more information artists will be notified of their acceptance by made third when we return the city invites you to a sharing of cultures and just how did these students answer more than a hundred thousand math questions in one day we'll have the answer for you when we return it takes desire ability and opportunity for a criminal to take advantage eliminating the opportunity is your first step toward protecting yourself nice weather brings many out but not everyone has good intentions here are a few tips to help make your day a safe when out use the buddy system walk jog or bicycle with a friend scan your surroundings and avoid wearing headphones make brief eye contact with strangers this lets them know you see them and can describe them later if necessary walk in the opposite direction of traffic do not let anyone into your personal space and keep your distance from vehicles occupied by strangers if someone comes up behind you quickly turn around and confront them yell or carry a personal alarm to gain the attention of others above all be alert protect yourself don't give crime a chance this tip is brought to you by the Virginia Beach Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit wish low sand look like you our life now keep the good vibe Virginia Beach that time of year again the annual cherry blossom festival will be in full bloom at Red Wing park take off the spring season with the celebration of peace and goodwill the festival also honors the relationship between the city of Virginia Beach and its sister city of miyazaki japan the sixth annual event includes Japanese fish painting martial arts and traditional Japanese music there's a host of fun for the whole family and a stroll through the Japanese garden will help you experience the traditional land of Japan the event runs from 11am to 230 p.m. on saturday march 27th log onto vbg up calm / parks for more information open up any cookbook and you'll see that it takes more than one ingredient to make a great recipe the same holds true for students it takes a village to raise a child and as you'll see in this next story the city school division and community came together to create their own recipe for success welcome to the open gym project at Bayside middle school this is the recreation program that we have is a collaboration with the churches the schools in the city and department of recreation so the students and the families in the Western Bayside area can come out and have fun and have a good time together from basketball tournaments to dance competitions kids from the Bayside area can participate in some good clean fun every weekend this is not a one-night affair this will continue on throughout the year we'll have them in Friday's from six o'clock 29 30 and then on Saturdays we come back again from 12-2 for the whole community came together to offer this partnership in the hopes of instilling neighborhood pride and mentorships to make sure that gangs no longer become the only viable alternative that they see some positive things that they see some positive role models so they can you know move forward with their life and make a difference themselves in their own communities I think it's very it's very productive for the kids in the community because it's keeping them off the streets the rec program is held at Bayside middle school and is free and open to the public every friday night and saturday afternoon from now to the end of the school year when Virginia Beach High School students enroll in the technology programs at the advanced technology center they know they're going to get some hands-on experience but for some students that experience means stepping beyond their role in the classroom to do paid work for local companies these students that are in these classes were eligible to to participate in a work based experience relate to the field that they're in and students were actually screened by the instructors based on their technical skills their workplace readiness skills and after an interview process 14 students were selected to put their skills to good use and gain experience and what it's like to be in the working world I was scared at first it's it's not like getting a normal grade in school that's one thing for sure you can't just get extra credit and make it up you can't get makeup work and we do it you need to get it done the first time and it needs to be correct students model buildings created 3d models and plotted maps and as they honed their skills places like the military aviation museum in Virginia Beach saw a new dimension added to their business I think it's going to help us tremendously because the students are also putting the fun

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