Abused dog transforms into a loving pet with therapy

we started this program back in 2013 after we went into the field did cruelty cases and saw that there are a number of dogs that were too fearful and under socialized to be placed in homes after rescue we wanted to help them we wanted to see if we could change their behavior improve their quality of life and prepare them for adoption we feel very strongly that we should be the voice of animals especially those that have come from cruelty case situations they need someone to to stand up for them and to protect them from those situations and our role here at the rehab center is to make them help them heal to prepare them to go home and to give them the happy endings that we feel like they deserve they've suffered a lot and we we think that that they deserve this consideration and they deserve this help it's amazing the moments when we see these dogs experience joy for the first time or when they decide that petting feels good the first moment that they realize it feels really good it's an amazing feeling it's an incredible moment it's I really have no words for how amazing it is to see that happen it's it's fantastic we didn't know how many of these dogs we could help we hoped that we could help 50 percent about 50% of them and in fact we've been able to help the vast majority more like 90% of the dogs entering the program have graduated which thrills us we're so excited that we've had that level of success so we want to share what we're doing now and teach others to do this kind of treatment in their own shelters

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