there's an ongoing crossover campaign right now in Bobcats and we're going to continue on the events of the crossover campaign last time I proclaim these wonderful magical girls were of course kawaii and cute what you could buy collab and then I watched some of it saw some things it changed me why did that happen why does she do that why the hell why do I have to have a terrier so I can just watch but yeah my dog is great go ahead and watch it fantastic and with f'l you take you by surprise don't watch it's a trap it's not full of kauai Sugoi have magical adventures okay it's booked to spare hits I'm giving death these eyes tell you do not watch God don't go it's great Oh watch it moving on from my mental scars we had two new stages here we go well purchased an ox which I'm guessing is German because no other word ends up not part from the in the German language maybe about Swedish you know some Dutch here and there but look at this funky background over here the stage building rich deadly mold will give you doing this straightaway and then upon doing is we can actually do the next stage which is called a fake MIT akia but admits aqui ha ha ha tic-tac Yara apparently it was extremely difficult in the JP version Polly's been heavily nerved in this version boohoo oh no now I don't have to struggle as much actually genuinely excited for this you know not to have to struggle as much this combo right here is what we want it's the same as even galleon event you want like these two cute chibi characters little Himura and little up my dog cats let's go ahead and get those two on my first bar looking for berry there she is no wait that's not her there she is and there is the other one there we go we have our combo now on what we do have as well is Nagisa and cat hopefully she will be strong enough here right she has witch killer there we go huge attack defense boost versus which enemies found in Madoka magical collab stage which means she's gonna be absolutely fantastic here we may even want to consider leveling up a few other cats but right now our experience points is ill we it's sick it needs some medicine it's very ill stage building which let the battle begin how could it be oh my what is going on well the whole world's collapsed yep that seems about right dad's our first witch she's a clock monster I said o'clock you people are disgusting how are you doing are you attacking me oh yeah that hurt stop that you shouldn't keep on doing that alright go we should have found these meats chills ages ago did she can't move anymore go please hurry they're dropping buildings on us the okay we've lost oh you beautiful silly girl with the bubble gun gun Swan hit that's all you need for the stage here moving on very quickly we almost frickin died just drop the building on us the goodness sake that was very easy and now the fake meter kiyohara I said it right god dammit unit restrictions no are you kidding me we call you Tom Araya I'm a rat she'll be fine about to begin alright we still got the combo actually so you know what your foil plans have not come into motion there and there you are The Nutcracker which look this is a weird-ass unit right here wait a stage look at this place the sky is kind of stopped a bit please do your animation quicker girl module girl please thank you so apparently she was extremely strong has been nerves this might be the weakest stage of that version in a way so like either way she's gonna be pretty goddamn weak here I don't really have a strategy or whatsoever I'm just going in there and I'm trying out honestly I'm hoping the key says just enough till I kill this this girl here and if not we can probably spawn another one just in time she's pretty cheap her cooldowns not that bad at all she's pretty she's nifty unit would tear when I put her at oh she's a still big old fat see honestly nothing more than a big ol fat see sorry so I'm considering like buying another uber right now but if I do that I might not be able to afford another one of her we get another magazi over here as well this is going rather well like a load as well because I like flexing my legends by legends I mean legend we have one and if we can right now we are like pushing her back so if you just push her back and hit the base there we go I mean she's she's dead I'm pretty sure there's a Hard difficulty here of course it doesn't end here yeah it's not ending here silly there's a merciless version of this same restrictions just so much harder round of this okay with the bottom again it was really easy did you guys see how easy that was no super easy now I know why you're crying it's cuz you suck she's been nerfed that's why she's crying ASAP nagashi over here we want her out why we wanna start her cool down straight away red snakes are coming at me maybe I bought that plan new plan Garen of red snakes which will kill no Cassie there we go and then use the money from red snakes to save up for the gassy oh oh please kill them wow you've not been nerfed you've not been nerd whoever saying Oh they've nerfed her she's easier than ever you're wrong you're just wrong you're completely wrong what the I mean if we can like level her up a bit as well that'll be fantastic little Madoka if she was third form right which we can't do of course me more experience points we could probably like do some amazing shit with her evolve there we go oh okay she's max level probably complete waste but hey she has a buff as well free cat food as well it was already well worth bit witches labyrinth where the hell did this come from who are you rare chance to get QB cat I mean while we're here we might as well just do this and undo a guaranteed chance as well because I'm lazy as hell but let me just quickly get this cat unit let's get out the way and done with oh my goodness what is this craziness I'm looking at right now her under skirt is that a galaxy that's pretty dope are very quite how can you say it's not kauai everyone showers like it's not kawaii that's pretty good look at her salute chibi magical girl like come on pretty fucking cool another quite magical girl lovely he's throwing a chair to us please sir don't don't throw chairs of us playing right now I see that right my reward was a Trisha radar so apparently we can't use treasure radars here I'll get afterwards this all about this hard stage right here I want to do this hard stage in this video so let the battle begin with a newfound powers of very adorable Sequoia lady we're gonna be quick by the way we don't want her to attack the base her range is actually insane the longest range I've ever seen in this game before so yes your boy toys a little bit concerned live it scared and no but turned on so I want to summon my little backward cat ASAP along with a lot of meat shield she can die very quickly and she es fine it's fine now we want to spam the Mitchells out here we want to make sure she's protected against the black dog coming her way come on no no oh oh what do I do now what the hell what the hell ninety-eight is progress there go my new squad here why am I trying this one out you can wear a fuck just speed boost right in there could be loads of damage to the enemies before they you know obliterate him I'm hoping you can take care of the flying the black enemies and everything else I hope hopefully he's strong enough to do that he will probably die very quickly I'm not too sure about your Kimora Lagasse of course we're gonna have to use the gassy it's like integral to using the gassy I'm a Tama she's just my lucky charm honestly right now then you have just a lap pass a light fish I doesn't have that range you can't out range a which no one can outrage that which don't even say otherwise no one could do that it's ridiculous but what he can do is possibly survive those attacks and then also still attack the enemies in front they'll keep on coming the small mobs like the black dogs are the snakes the the pitch is foul if you can take care of those enemies here it will allow the rest of these units like Lagasse and this cute little girl over here to like absolutely destroy the witch I'm Nutcracker which let the battle begin atop believe they nerfed her she's so nerves crazy assholes I'm glad they nerfed it if this is nerved oh so of course we can be saving up for a special on ASAP here and we want to make sure she can go too far forward a little bit she'll hit the base and when she starts hitting the base we're pretty much because we have to knock her back at that points if we don't knock her back at that point mmm not happening we're screwed okay we're almost there in terms of Chillon please she's moving too far forwards here just like oh okay cool she slammed hurry up boom she's LAN just a line no come on it's over no it's already over you assholes 200 HP alright chillon not worth it it's all okay we can't play please I want to play around my base we can't play around our base 99 percent is all full of course city me know that was very City I know those sections city me Gary we're official and they're not great no great unit there what can we use instead what's me extremely good here I wasn't really fast to get in there some very Kate will honest elope ArchiCAD was a great cat if ice time her correctly maybe she's worth more than I actually you know give her credit for now by old rich cat to battle begin well this time Ron I have level eight monies so I'm a rich boy now you know what we can someone up her and pretty sure she like you know she could survive the attacks belong well maybe slow them down a lot long though she's kind of like a glorified meat shield right now three matambi really good here let's try him a Tamara see what metallo would do here and hope for the best this is a no continue so I can't like scum this either but time is not killing them instantly they need to be killed like like that yeah yeah they need be killed instantly like that okay now this is not good enough don't hit the base oh she's hitting the base why why you like this why are you the way you are what's wrong with you god damn it's impossible ninety nine percent okay so my new plan is you have to like rush him down right maybe a sniper cat maybe a sniper ki can help me out here okay buying one of those on there why not what if I someone you can burrow first and he was I exude I went right in there destroy the other enemies right he's strong he's a strong lad he's okay no he's okay he's okay go your camera you come here go oh you got to you got to them no this is good never mind oh he stuck my base she attacked my face now knock her back though please she's stuck in the base oh she hit the base again the pictures have shockwave what the hell what kind of curse around is this nutty thing is we haven't even begun we've only just started this stage and we're already struggling that's what I'm scared about right now we wait for our attack and then summon you Kimora you want to stockpile them together like so yeah perfect and they're all dead now that's great news alright now lo the vodka cat over here perfect timing in my Baja Thank You me kill them all yo we killed a lot of them no good timing my behalf now we've got holy dogs that's fine Mitama but time is your turn Matano for tama 93% though hey hey hey alright won't cool it here um this has been a complete lots of failure I'm gonna go ahead and do my research now I'm gonna go ahead and just shut my big mouth and do some research make a proper video sorry for this trash trash video here you go if you want more battle cats well here you go here have some trash have some Belka trash enjoy I'll be back with more energy more moral support from hopefully you guys and also some actual wisdom as well from the gurus about cats I'll be coming back and hopefully hopefully I can do this man we still have a lot more time I'm still gonna do like another draw as well on the event collab caps all stuff that's the that's what it's called so yeah we got plenty of time to do this I'm not too concerned at all but as for now thank you for watching help me help me I'll see to the time

42 thoughts on “ABSOLUTELY MERCILESS | Battle Cats 8.5

  1. I think they mention that other witch that floating thing that crits thats been nerf not the one who u fightin man she the new witch ponos release that causes that old boss in deadly stage to be nerf

  2. chawesy i did it!
    You can see on my channel, but if you can't , there is the cats that I use
    Manic Eraser
    Can can cat(or titan cat)
    Your baby boy kotatsu cat(true form)
    Manic jamiera
    And use Skelecat, Mr. and Necromancer for research combos. If you don't have some of them, you can see if you have others that can do this combo as well
    hope this helps

  3. Chawesy did you watch the abriged one-shot version if so that's not the real version you can find the original on Netflix

  4. Can anyone answer me as to why the uber forms of Madoka and Homura don't evolve into their True forms like the Lil' Madoka and Lil' Homura do???

    Edit: Why do the True Forms of Lil' Madoka and Lil' Homura attack so much more slowly than their magical girl forms?

    It feels like they were shafted. These two characters are the strongest in the entire anime, but they didnt do them justice here!

  5. Someone spoil the plot of the anime, since i already got spoiled for endgame a little while back, come at me

  6. The witch that drops buildings on you is the one that has been nerfed, not the nutcracker witch, the witch dropping buildings is supposed to do 10x the damage and have 10x as much hp

  7. hey chawesy, you are a really funny youtuber and i love your videos.Do what you do best and never stop uploading you funny ass videos.

  8. Deal with it on 2 try) Dmg-Bahamut, Balrog. Ms-manic macho, Zamboney. Red black-Jizo, Roe, manic island. Train for money. Some timing and all gonna be alright)

  9. I got madoke uber, and she SUCC. She has long range area attack, but like titan cat is even better. I wish I exchanged her to XP.

  10. Actually the witch who got nerfed is Walpurgisnact (that's why, as you said, it's really EASY), not Homulilly (aka the nutcracker witch). She's so hard to beat right because she didn't get nerfed

  11. The Stagebuilding Witch Stage was actually pretty easy for me
    I usee Crazed Cat To Run Fast then Used lots of Ramen cats cuz he survives lots of Strikes

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