Absolutely Bizarre Trump Speech with a Dog

Donald Trump took part in a bizarre public
statement. The dog that took part in the raid that led
to the death of ISIS leader, Abu Bocker al-Baghdadi and every aspect of this public statement,
or I guess we would call it sort of like a conference of sorts, was very, very odd. Now, number one, as if we needed more proof
that Donald Trump just doesn’t understand dogs in the video I’m going to play for you. Look at how Trump is just so far from the
dog, clearly has no interest in it. It’s really a prop like most of the things
and people around Donald Trump. It’s a prop for his own purposes, but it’s
even more noticeable with the dog where normal people, you know, who don’t have like a fear
of dogs so to speak. Um, they react to dogs in a way that seems
human, I guess is the best way that I would put it. And you’ll see here that Donald Trump calls
the dog brilliant and smart based on him, I guess spending time with the dog, but he
just can’t seem to relate to the dog in a way that seems normal. Take a look. al-Baghdadi is gone. But that was a flawless attack and I just
picked quite a few of them and we just gave Colin a medal and a plaque and it’s really
a, and I actually think Kona knew exactly what was going on, but a dog that is very,
very special, and we could maybe say something about the type of dog and you’re going to
put a muzzle on the dog. And I thought that was a good idea, but then
it gets even more violent, John. So I had a choice, but then now the dog is
incredible, actually incredible. We spent some good time with it and so brilliant. So smart. Yeah, just the genius. Brilliant dog. Trump can obviously tell is this seeming strange
to anybody else? It went on with Trump calling the dog, the
ultimate fighter and the ultimate everything in terms of sniffing drugs. I guess Trump means sniffing out drugs or
something like that. But also I didn’t think that this dog did
that. This was a dog that is a military dog. Take a look at this. Special dogs, they’re very hard to get. This particular dog is, this is the ultimate
fighter. Ultimate everything ultimate in terms of a
sniffing drugs. We have, uh, we spent a tremendous amount
of money on drug equipment that the boater, Nan, I was talking to the people, I say, well
is there anything better than this equipment? No sir. The only thing better is a dog, a dog. This type of dog. Exactly. Cause it’s a certain type of dog, right? It’s a certain type of dog that Trump can’t
identify and knows nothing about, but it’s definitely a certain type of dog. Uh, one more clip from this very strange moment and it’s pretty amazing, but they are really
better. We had a case where we had drugs at a, the
cylinder of a car and it was undetectable by this very expensive machinery, which is
really amazing machinery. But still it was undetectable. The dog came in, wa jumped in the hood pointing,
you know, open the hood and knew exactly. It’s incredible. The sense of smell or whatever it may be. Preferably sense of smell. So they’re incredible animals and thank you
all very much. Yeah, it was, it’s sense of smell or something. Who knows. Anyway, right. Does this dog have anything to do with sniffing
drugs at the border? As far as I know, this is a military dog that
has nothing to do with that whatsoever. It’s like Trump just can’t make stuff up and
tell the truth that can’t, he can’t not make stuff up. He can’t simply tell the truth. They had to, by the way, put Mike Pence in
the photo op touching the dog because it’s very clear. Trump doesn’t go anywhere near dogs. He has no empathy for another living being
he, he even maybe appears to be afraid of the dog actually from, from what I saw, not
even going near it. I don’t know anything about that. The dog seems to actually be able to sniff
out sociopath’s and it is signaling big time around Donald Trump. Seriously though, both Trump and Melania avoided
any contact with the dog during this entire public appearance and check out how awkward
it is before this. When Trump and Melania come out and announced
that they have cone Nan the dog there morning. So this is Conan right now, probably the world’s
most famous talk. I don’t think I have to use the word probably. And Colin is a incredible, it’s an incredible
story. I learned a lot about this particular type
of dog. Could Trump and Melania look any more uncomfortable
and have any more space between them and the doc, this reminded me of when in June I went
to LA and was on the Joe Rogan program. After the show I took a picture with Joe and
a bunch of people, the pictures on my Instagram if you want to see it. A bunch of people reached out to me and they
say, David, why are you guys, uh, standing so far apart? And when I looked at the picture, there are
like maybe six inches between Joe and I. Melania and Trump seemed to be like 10 feet from this
dog that they claim to think is just so great and wonderful and lovely in every way. They just can’t even be around a dog in a
normal way. And it might be lack of empathy that prevents
Trump from being around dogs. It also could be his known germaphobia, who
knows? But a very strange moment. And I think that this is what people around
Trump imagine helps to humanize him because he clearly doesn’t relate to people in what
we would call a normal way. I think a pretty big failure, but because
very obviously not relating to the dog in a normal way either

61 thoughts on “Absolutely Bizarre Trump Speech with a Dog

  1. When your sons are Eric and Donald Jr, the dog seems smart. Can anyone imagine Trump relaxing in a recliner with a cat curled up in his lap?

  2. Reminds me of when that bald eagle attacked him!! ?? OMG that was such a SURE SIGN that the animal that is a symbol of America attacked him like that…shouldn’t we have paid that some heed?! ??

  3. It’s very unlikely this dog is trained for drugs. What purpose would the military need a drug sniffing dog for? Military would have bomb sniffing dogs but not drugs.

  4. Trump is A. Wierd; B. Is scared of this lovely dog; C. Has about as much empathy as a crocodile; D. Knows zero about dogs

  5. David I would also agree that Trump is afraid of the dog. He he says something along the lines of “putting the muzzle on will make it more aggressive right John”. To me this suggests that it was his idea to muzzle the dog and whoever this John person is advised him against him. But who knows ??‍♂️

  6. Oh god…Melania looks like a wanna be model. To be clear, when she was dating Trump she was very hot.
    And then Trump rambles on, stating secrets once again and trying to sell how smart he is…
    No clue. I think it's sense smell? What a dolt.

  7. Trump often refers to people he hates as being "like a dog." Aside from obviously being unable to empathize with another living thing, he also has a low opinion of dogs because they serve no purpose to him — they have no money or power to offer him, and no words to boost his ego.

  8. What happened to the story about trump and how often he golfs? You mentioned something along those lines in the video about his dr riding with him. Or was the story you mentioned about a different topic?

  9. dumb dumb and melanoma in their full length bullet proof coats. She looked like a wizard. Then the weird part about wanting to put a muzzle on Conan. The dog is the smarter than trump or his supporters.

  10. This dog also does a great job sniffing drugs. At the… BORDER! Remember the border?! The place where we need a big wall. Because there are not enough dogs. That's what people say. Some people say that. I don't know, that's the word. This dog is the ultimate everything and does a great job sniffing drugs at the border. Yes.

  11. Trump is terrified of the dog. lol. He makes mention of the muzzle being an option, which he wanted. He is such a weird superficial non human. yuk. I would much rather have Conan the dog for president. Dogs are known for being loyal and Trump sure is NOT.

  12. For once I don't think you're being fair to Trump. As for myself, I've never been comfortable around dogs and I have no idea why.

  13. I've never trusted people who don't like animals & children and it's always proven out. It shows that they lack compassion and that's not a trait you want in a leader like a president.

  14. Mother’s teach daughters about not dating people who can’t pass the “dog/baby” test. Melania and Donny do not pass the dog test…RUN!

  15. The dog is sooo beautiful. The dog is smarter then Trump.
    He should be president.
    Trump is brain dead.
    At least he can pet the dog. And that ignorant Melania can't get close either. They think their sh*t don't stink.

  16. I heard yesterday that sessions and others were thinking of invoking the 25 th amendment good lord do it already what an obtuse clod I no longer watch sit coms on television I just watch Bozo The Clown jeeeeeeez.

  17. Dogs can detect scents in parts per billion, but this dog is doing totally different things, perhaps finding contraband is part of it, though I would imagine it’s explosives, firearms, as well as detaining, subduing, investigating, and getting into places that humans cannot to report footage back to its handlers.

  18. To me , the reporters sounded more odd at the end than anything else , you could not understand a word of what they were saying

  19. Is the lies spend sometime with the dog, jaja what a lie! is obvious he is scare of the dog, even Melania is odd with the dog too, they are not pet friendly people and they are both also scare of the dog. Haha a guy with big mouth is scare of a dog, hahahaha.

  20. The dog was trained to kill and has done more for the this country than David Pakman has ever done in his life.

    Trump was very smart not to take this dog for granted.

    If you think this dog is just a dog, you e obviously have never seen what these dogs are capable of.
    It is wise to step very carefully around one of these killing machines.

    David, you’re an idiot if you think this is worth criticizing. You get face to face with Conan.

  21. … “A certain type of dog”.

    Really Dave, doesn’t seem like you know what kind of dog that is either.

    Hmmm I’m not a dog but I smell bullshit.

    Belgian Malinois if you’re wondering.

    See Special Operations Military Dogs are can in fact perform a litany of tasks including sniffing drugs.

    Here’s what Conan can do


  22. Even the “dog” was like ‘err excuse me… first, it’s “officer”ok? And don’t give me a medal.. wtf am I gonna do with that! Give me food!” Also It would be super hilarious if “the dog” just bites trump in the nuts. “Why did you do that office hound?” “ cuz they smell like Russia’s been there…”

  23. "It's a special dog, they're very hard to get".. It's a german shepard FFS!! And he refered to it as "equipment"? Will someone please impeach this motherfucker

  24. The drugs were “in the cylinder of a car.” Um, what?

    “The dog has an incredible sense of smell or whatever it might be.” Yes Donald, dogs use their goddamn nose for SNIFFING out drugs. You’d think Trump would know all about sniffing since he does it so much.

  25. Maybe dogs use their anus to sniff out drugs. Or maybe even their tail feathers!
    Yeah, Trump is a genius. Says total morons.

  26. Brilliant and smart etc are just some canned phrases Trump uses when he knows he is supposed to use to sound nice..

    But maybe he asked the dog to say something because the only dogs he tolerates are things like Charley, from All Dogs Go to Heaven…he talks people speach.

    Trump honestly seemed to not know what the dog does

  27. Great reporting David! Truly sensational journalism! Thank you so much for bringing awareness to TDS! It IS a real thing and it apparently affects many. Keep up the good work! Can you next cover how often he blinks? I hear Hitler blinked too… disgusting!

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