About Me 1 – Intro to Dede Croy My Favorite Groomer LLC

this is crazy doing this by yourself okay hey guys on YouTube watching my channel those people who have subscribed I thank you for your support my name is DD Croix I rarely kind of talked to the camera but I think it's about time to kind of really do some really self videos and talking to you guys too because I think a lot of you want information about what I do or just have questions I get a lot of Facebook questions and stuff like that so my name is DD Kroy I have been grooming since 2003 I opened my business in 2005 I've worked with a lot of veterinarians I am nervous I am prior military was in the Air Force for five years active duty and then went into the reserves I've spent more than seven years in the military hoorah which is why I'm very military attitude I will go out of my way for my clients but I'm also very strict and firm about the way I grew I really really work seriously I take my job seriously I take my work seriously and that's probably why I don't have a lot of softheartedness when it comes to doing the work because it's an accomplishment we need to get through and I'm ok with that because at the end of the day I've helped so many pets and so many people through what they're doing where they're going how old they are seniors things that other groomers won't do and it's ok because we all have our path so today I just want to give you an introduction a little bit about what I've been doing where I've been doing it and that way you kind of know who you're watching so I have had my business since 2005 I had worked for Petsmart and I have worked for veterinarians and I had decided to go out on my own after in both industries both types of companies were treating me like crap I am college educated and I felt like I do not need to be treated this way and as much work as rumors do we basically do 100% of the work and then when we were working for a company they're paying for you know the building and the supplies and stuff and we get commission but at the end of the day we're running our own business because our work the way we communicate how we run our business all is our business and that's why clients come back right so I decided to branch out on my own I'm really glad I did I wish I had taken that step just sooner but I really needed the experience and the few years I had working for companies really gained me that experience and then everything else is basically self-taught because I've just decided to focus and hone in on a lot of grooms that are hard and difficult to do and the challenge for me in my career is helping pets who get turned away everywhere else me getting that groom done without sedation without having to go to a veterinarian because at a certain age you're not gonna want to do that to your dog but some dogs you know like shih tzus i've hat they're still gonna need to get groomed no matter what age they are they're gonna get matted nasty funky and they still need somebody to do the grooming right and that's where I come in and that's what I specialize in that's what I love to do it's one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life but and one of the scariest things who wants to be bitten attacked while they're trying to work and do a job on a live animal moving around with a bunch of mats and hair and craziness me and I bet there's a lot of you out there and I really appreciate you all watching my channel and I don't like talking too much so that's a little bit about me and I'll post this out there so it doesn't take hours to load up and then I'll do a little bit more video chatting with you guys feel free to like me on facebook under dee dee Croix or my favorite groomer and you'll find I'm a real estate agent too so go figure if you need place to live worldwide I do worldwide moves because I really focus a lot of my business in the grooming and in the real estate all on the military because of my military background all right go groom those dogs and should have some more videos posted for you soon thanks for watching bye

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