About “Cataclysm”, the funny green cat

If you’ve been around here for maybe five
minutes you may have noticed there’s this strange green thing. It’s Cataclysm. I made it as a joke over a year ago and never
inetnded to mention it again. And now it’s kind of a defining aspect of
this channel. It’s weird how things happen. “Hi Cataclysm!” “Best Kavat in the Solar system.” The 13th of April 2018 was a Friday so I thought
hey let’s just do something. What I came up with was a really bad pun. Plan was I would open Warframe, take Penta
and Gram, equip the scariest Warframe of all, Limbo, which back then before the patches
was a massive pain in ass, and then I’d breed a space cat and name it Cataclysm because cat and also Limbo. So I did that. And it was sort of cute for maybe two seconds
and then BAM, I didn’t know how to end the video so I was
just like okay let’s get rid of it pew pew. That was it. And then for some inexplicable reason a lot
of people watched it. Like unprecedented amount compared to the
views on my much higher quality Warframe content I tried doing at the time. Look at this: “Like many other shotguns, it is controlled
with a small penile lever protruding from the bottom of the weapon. When pulled, a lot of shit is suddenly ejected
at a very high speed out of the frontal hole of the gun.” That’s high quality. But people watched this instead. And I was like okay well that’s weird. And then Cataclysm started spazzing out. And really I have to say that Warframe is
a notoriously buggy game that’s been in an open beta for over six years and that there’s
no way Warframe has the code for a normal non-horror bred Kavat to be demonstrably more
glitchy than any other and that this is all just confirmation bias but for the sake of
the video I was like look at that. Shit’s haunted. And that video, naturally also gained way
more attention than it reasonably should have. So even I realized I was onto something at
that point. Since then, the attention Cataclysm brought
to my videos helped me shape my content into something audience-attractive and hopefully
enjoyable, doing crudely animated shorts with sentence mixing, silly skits and sometimes
the occassional video of Cataclysm glitching out. Of course, some of the things are obviously
staged but most it in fact happens organically. Warframe bugs are even more prevalent if you
keep an eye out for them. And when it does happen, I just take the recording
and put it in the context of the funny green cat being a Forma-devouring time and space
bending interdimensional horror. But I do have a soft spot for it and I also
have a really shity mug because it’s basically the reason the channel became the absurd trainwreck
it is today. So you know, moral of the story or something, Profound.

100 thoughts on “About “Cataclysm”, the funny green cat

  1. oh …shhiii-t…I've better check my kavat that did not get pregnant by cataclysm or of its offspring, (12 mins later) shit I think I am sitting on a ticking time bomb, oh well I let lotus deal with this one space out my cat I am not dealing another monster on my ship.

  2. I'm convinced that DE intentionally makes the Kavats on your account glitchier. It likely started as glitchiness that affected everyone, but I think they fixed it for everyone except you.

  3. wholesome 100 pupper kenu reeves with big chungus when you make stonks ur breathtaking elon musk wait thats illegal

    bottom text

  4. I loved Cataclysm before they were cool. My most played Warframe is Limbo and my 1st Kavat ever was loved before the visual update and Renenet is still in service. Fight me.

  5. :3 maybe it is for new kavat the vampurr kavat :), i mean infect the Cataclysm with that 🙂 but you must do it with garuda or revenant 🙂

  6. Honestly Cataclysm's popularity in the warframe community is crazy I have never met a fellow Tenno who didn't know of The Void Demon…

  7. I'm a proud owner of a cataclysm lol I didn't name him that because I just noticed it was like it when I had already named it something else :/ shame, color is different too but is ugly and buggy like it lol

  8. It helps that he looks like Grumpycat and beings us dorks back to the olden days of the internet, back when everything was about cats, from longcat is long to I can haz cheezburger.
    Cataclysm brought it back to reality by being the one and only lolkavat

  9. This thing is nothing against the demon of my clan leader.
    He breed it with a kavat and kubrow dna in a horrofiring experiment, before it was forbidden from the gods.

    The first result was a cavat without a head.
    The second "thing" that came out, was a stretched, creepy, black mass.
    And then it starts living.

  10. 1:02 You fool! Demon spawn are always cute at birth to trick you into allowing them to grow to maturity. You should've killed it when you had the chance!!

  11. Cataclysm is the reason that bugs in warframe are a feature for me. Even the very bad ones like the mobile defence without the package.

  12. Better Name Pending what are you talking about, Everyone loved Limbo back then and now more than ever! Matter a fact Limbo has his own fan club now.

  13. Some time ago I made a nikana and called it "The Divider" – y'know, slashing enemies, dividing them, sounds cool to me.


    There is a problem…


    Whenever I look at it in the arsenal I see two of it…


  14. Whatever you do don't take cataclysm into the railjack… god only knows what happens when glitches mix with glitches. Reports from across the system already warn players about giant kavats issues.

  15. Any Youtube channel with a mascot gets a big following to protect and defend said mascot

    Even if they're the spawn of satan

  16. the internets 2 most famous things cat videos and warframe crazy how drunk people can be to watch this type of stuff huh? LUL

  17. you thought you got rare, but you got actually non known legendary void space demon that is the tremendous power source of the horror.

  18. I just want to say that today i had a very nice bug. During a railjack mission my kavat… grew 10 times in size.
    So yeah. Those cats are scary af.

  19. To be honest, i think this channel is the funniest and most enjoyable about warframe. The other ones i watch are for serious information or a few laughs, but there's really good comedy here. That clown Vauban got me hard by the way x).

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