50 thoughts on “Abby The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy to Adult

  1. Congrats to the people who made this video!!! It really made me cry….it was amazing!!!!???
    Thank you guys for sharing and thank you Abby to be so sweet ❤️

  2. les animaux ont tous cette insouciance et cette fidélité a tous prix que les hommes n'ont pas . j'ai un boxer et il fait entièrement partie de notre vie avec ma femme et mes enfants … belle vidéo magnifique ce pti staffie.

  3. Whats the songs title, did it ever injured, bit you, thrid queswtion i am in Poland how can i obtain sperm for breathing from reputable uncontaminated source. I am a biologist in search for perfection lol. Cheeers from Europe.

  4. Yo también tengo unstaffy y es el perro más cariñoso e inteligente que he conocido y tienen telepatia.

  5. As a person who has a staffy, reading the description broke my heart, I'm sorry for your loss at least she left this world as the happiest dog ever, thank u for sharing this with us

  6. on the 25/07/2018 we lost our beloved boy mr winston, our hearts are empty and he will never be forgotten what a wounderful dog he was

  7. i was watching this stunning video and wondering about how she was … and then read that she had passed. i find myself bemused that i type this through teary eyes. what a wonderful time you had with a truly beautiful dog with the softest of natures and the kindest of hearts. thank you for such a wonderful piece of work x

  8. such a Beauty, probably the best bullie breed in the World, my friend had to put their old dog to sleep, 🙁 they decided to get a staffy 🙂 i told them , they`re the best

  9. My little girl's name is Cindy Lou Who! She helped me believe in Christmas again!!! She sleeps in bed with us. We love her so much!!!! And she's a Staffordshire bull terrier, my little baby.

  10. Just got a Staffy a few weeks ago. He's 10 weeks now. The sweetest, calmest puppy I've ever known. I can't go anywhere without every single person falling in love with him. He just wants to cuddle all day. If you can find a Staffy, get one.

  11. What a beautiful video and a great way of remembering her she reminds me so much of my staff she had to be put 2 sleep aged 12 through cancer my heart was broken nobody will ever understand how loving and family oriented staff's r till they own 1 such great dogs 2 own once again such a great video brought back some great memories ???

  12. Love love them they make my day x love this except the part where someone dragged the pup on lead. Beautiful dog RIP ??

  13. lovely Staffy. Bawled my eyes out when i read your/her story. I have 3 staffies and couldn't imagine life without them.

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