Abandoned, Single Mom Dog Raises Her Puppies Alone..Then Her Owner Showed Up?(Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Local resident : There were two dogs, but only that dog was left behind Home alone Noorung steals food To feed her puppies Local resident : If you go along this coastal road, you’ll find *** restaurant (The owner) Lives there Going to meet you now PD : There’s a deserted house up here.. Home owner : Ah you mean our old house.. Why? PD : An abandoned dog lives there. Are you aware? Yes.. The dog that she raises Is him ‘Gomdol’ Home owner : They became inseparable If we leave the house, they’d stay there together.. Back in the day Stray dog Noorung Started to live with Gomdol.. Home owner : (Before the move) I tried to take her with me, but I couldn’t catch her..! When everyone else left the house Due to extreme wariness She couldn’t come with Catches up w/ Noorung Home owner : Look at dat belly hehe Same as Gomdol. Agreed? Gomdol’s clone hehe Home owner : They look healthy PD : The mom fed dem well There’s nothing to eat here… Home owner : Better than hoomans.. There’s nothing to eat, but she raised them healthily For Noorung Can’t just let them be To rescue the puppies first! The rescue plan “Wa gotcha~” Is to have no plan lol (No tension at all lol) Home owner : Thought this fella fell through! (How rude..) Till the last puppy~ Tetris (dog ver.)☆ The problem is the wary Mama Noorung..! But then! *Puppies’ sound* *Stop* It’s Noorung! In a flustered situation Mama Noorung Walks towards the puppies Go..tcha!! Noorung, it’s okay now… (You look healthy..) Vet : Their condition is good overall The puppies are more well-nourished than the mom “Mom did well

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  1. Follow the link for part 1 :))
    Part 1 : https://youtu.be/Jvnw1coaLAg

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  3. Hi LADY god bless you are so kind and perfect lady mumy and they are so cute and nice thank you so much..???????????????

  4. O cachorro preto,amarrado a uma corrente curta demais,vai continuar abandonado nesse suplício? Provavelmente é o pai dos filhotes. Ninguém se importou com ele…???

  5. Great videos nice work guys thank you so much for sharing actually I'm a cat person but gotta love every one of your videos

  6. Female dogs and cats raise litters by themselves all the time…single mom? Is she supposed to be married? Still glad the owner showed up

  7. I hope and pray that they all find a true loving home to grow up in and true love and respect for them always?????????????by the way they are so cute and adorable thanks for sharing the cuteness and the good memorys I hope and pray that they are all happy and healthy puppies and mother and father of the puppies may they all find a good loving home and true love and respect for them always????

  8. Such a good mummy her puppies look healthy because she has looked after them. Give them all lots of food and love. Thank goodness not all Koreans eat dogs.

  9. Porque tienen al perro atado no puede ni tumbarse..tiene poca cuerda..
    Q asco d personas ..
    Los animales no se atan..viven en libertad..
    Desde luego q para q esta mujer los tenga atados mejor buscarlos un hogar donde reciban cariño amor…
    Para q quiere los perros para atarlos todo el dia..
    Porfavor aseguraros q van a estar cuidados q los van a querer y q no van a estar todo el dia atados como el pobrecito animal negro…
    Porfavor desatalos q puedan jugar y vivir…
    Eso es maltrato animal ..tenerlos atados….

  10. انتوا الكوريين ناس طيبين وانسانين ورحماء على هاي الحيوانات المسكينه الله يدخلكم الجنه

  11. LINDO

  12. I think that putting out food for only one animal is wrong. All stray animals need it, but saying that only one animal can have it is cruel

  13. No se mucho inglés pero así que hablaré en español :"v
    QUIEROOO UN CACHORROOOO!!! >:""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""v

  14. oh dang i almost cracked when Noorung was captured
    the way she submissively threw herself to the ground as begging for mercy
    this young moma did have abuse in her life
    please love her forward in life
    thank you for saving this family

  15. Most of Chinese people are so good just like in Filipinos.. but some of them they eat their dogs. But almost Vietnamese cooked it? As for me I loved them only as my pets.. to watched at farms??

  16. Que hermosa madre. Disculpes no me gusta ofender , No entiendo el porque tienen perros sí lo tienen amarrados, pudiendo hacer un espacio para ellos con una serca para que estén libres y no con ésas cadenas cortas que pesan.
    Para mí tener una mascota o animalito amarrado me da mucho dolor, ellos deben sentirse libres y amados.Saludos

  17. Glad that the good mother dog, doesn't have to starve herself anymore to take good care of her babies. I hope the babies end up in nice homes and that their mother and father can stay together.

  18. I guess she thought the dog would just go find another home. More often than not they don't. We see it all the time in rescues where people just walk away & the animal will stay years in the same neighborhood, on the same street. It just makes one sick.

    If you really don't want the animal call a rescue group for that breed or a no-kill shelter to rescue it. Please don't just think somehow it will survive. You will pay for it I guarantee you. You will pat for your actions as you teach your childrenthat there is no value in life including humans and so that's how they will treat you. We've seen it work out that way. We've watched people even be convicted of animal abuse charges. Later on in life as they aged their children will turn on them. Neglect & abandon them. They may have even turned their life around and started working with us helping save animals the worst part is when they say to us I wasn't that great a person when I was younger and now my kids are an embarrassment to me because of how I acted. You don't have to die to have Judgement/Karma hit you in the butt.

  19. La madre es muy noble y buena.vaya que son hermosos.Mami debe estar junto a ellos.Que familia tan linda logro hacer mami??????????????????????bien hecho.??

  20. That's so awful ? poor momma has to find food all over to be able to eat and feed her babies ? lol the one baby looks just like the daddy ? I'm so glad they we're all helped in The end and happy and healthy ???♥️

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