Abandoned Red Dog Waits For Owner To Come Back | Animal in Crisis EP23

A dog might have hit by a car The whole body is red and hair is ragged.. The dog is in dire condition.. The back part of her body is all red The dog was limping too PD : Was she limping? Yes she was Look.. look how she looks like When I first saw her, she used to be a milky-white dog. I feel bad that she has changed like this now.. She doesn’t go far.. just wanders around here As it’s the only bridge that connects the village to the freeway Cars pass here all the time Where is the dog.. PD : Wait, there she is! The dog with matted hair in red, just like an old rag Furthermore, she seems to have trouble in walking PD : she’s hurted PD : Can’t stand on her foot She walks in three legs with her right hind leg limping Will there be anyone who knows about this stray dog? Resident 1 : It has been a while. I’ve seen her since October, last year maybe? Resident 2 : No, around January this year Resident 1 : I saw her in spring this year in that corner Resident : She’s a stray dog. Doesn’t leave here PD : Doesnt’t leave? Resident : Yeah, she strolls around here Clearly, she’s a stray dog who isn’t owned by anyone But wanders in the same spot, not leaving at all At that moment.. PD : Wait!!! With her limping leg she comes and disappears in the same spot, repeating it everyday Why isn’t she leaving this dangerous spot..? Resident 1: I thought some mean person dumped a box over here and 2 days later, I found it flipped over and moved this far Thought it was weird first, then I assumed it was moved by the wind blow Actually, the dog kept walking inside the box and wend down the way. 3 months ago, a car left a box on the street.. In the box, which was thought of as trash the dog was inside, alive Resident : Someone tied her leg in a leash inside the box and the dog managed to squirm and get rid of it It was intended to kill the dog.. make her starve to death Fortunately, the dog managed to untied the leash and escaped the box Since then, maybe.. one of her leg got damaged Resident : Some might think she’s covered with blood But as far as I know, the red color was from pesticide PD : The dog’s hair is dyed in red like this. Is there any red pesticide? Pesticide Shop Owner : Yes PD: Really? What kind of pesticide is it? How come she’s covered with the pesticide? Pesticide Shop Owner :
It’s birds repellent that prevents birds from eating seeds in sowing period. Usually used for sowing beans While wandering around with fear and hunger the dog might have accidentally covered with the pesticide Today as well.. The dog waits for disappeared owner who abandoned her so cruelly Carefully watches cars passing by and chases after it with limping leg in a hope that the driver could be her owner.. But the dog goes back to her spot in disappointment We tried to feed the dog who must have starved for so long The dog turns back, leaving food behind PD : The dog is here! Why refusing the help..? The dog is standing in the same spot even in the night Next day Rushes to somewhere?! PD : The dog went down this way! The dog is with a lady? PD : Hello lady Do you live with this dog? Lady : I’m not the owner I fed him once after seeing her crying sadly After that, she follows me around After being abandoned here… The dog cried all day and night, wandering around the bridge for more than a week The lady started to fed him as she felt bad for the dog Since then, the dog only follows her around, not avoiding at all But.. Lady : She keeps runs away Lady : She follows me, but whenever I try to catch her, she avoids me So I couldn’t clean or groom her.. that’s why she still looks like that The dog doesn’t leave the dangerous spot.. and waits for her owner in the same place Lady : I don’t understand why she still looks for bad owner I feel so sorry for the dog because she waits endlessly for someone who would never come back Today, again.. the dog waits for the owner who would never come back Rescue starts Decided to allure the dog with the help of the lady Lady : Come here~ The dog comes to food with no doubt as she sees the lady Rescue success Lady : Good job..in such hot a weather.. Lady : When she comes back from a vet clinic I will take care of her with all my heart Vet clinic Vet : According to the medical examination, she tests positive for heartworm, and seriously infected by it After considering the overall conditions, I’ve come to the conclusion that before she was abandoned, she was likely to have suffered from heartworm disease Heartworm infection must have developed a long time ago So sad that she was abandoned, just because she’s sick Vet : Pigmented pesticide on her skin caused dermatitis But it’s not fatal to this dog

100 thoughts on “Abandoned Red Dog Waits For Owner To Come Back | Animal in Crisis EP23

  1. If you dont want to keep them.. leave them to the place that good for them like the place where all abandoned animals.. not just leave them alone at the street.. stupid coward poor human

  2. Вот бы взять того человека который оставил его, привязать к дереву, очень- очень крепко…

  3. What if the dog and the owner are both victim or whatsoever? The dog seems to love the owner to even wait there everyday. The owner might have shown her some love before ? but idk, just some thoughts. Besides, we don't really know what happened but i feel so sorry to the dog :< i wish i could hug her and keep her

  4. 미안하지만 내 강아지를 돌려줘 난 그녀를 포기하지 않았지만 그녀는 이제 그녀를 잃어 버렸어

  5. The fact they put the dog back in the box just to get a shot of what happened and that they took so long just taking video of the dog I don’t feel is right, it’s a good thing that they rescue her still

  6. The nerve of the owners. Why not surrender the animal to a shelter or take it to a vet. OMG! This pissed me off! Dog waiting around like its slack owner coming back. Poor dog doesnt know he is unwanted. Whelp! SMH

  7. Господи какие люди без сердечные как они не понимают что мир создан не только для них зачем так делать? Одна просьба берегите животных!!! Если у них что-то со здоровьем не так не надо с ними так обращаться!!! Будьте добрыми!!!!!! ?????

  8. Qué hermoso este perro es un amor cómo es posible que una persona tan irresponsable que no cuide y ame a este hermoso perro
    Pero la vida todo se paga el perro tiene derecho de ser feliz abandonar a un perro mejor abandonar a una mujer o el marido que un perro

  9. Oh gosh ufff I can't bear all this how can someone be this much cruel aghh I can't even kill ants if I did somehow also I have to think what will happen with me if I kill this ant like this but they are leaving this poor baby?? all alone….aya please whoever did this next time if u can't rise them do not do this also????

  10. The person who abandoned him: here in the "garden" lets play a game. I show you how its done, Here in the garden stand very still!
    The puppy: this will so much fun!

  11. if you cant take care a dog until it's last breathe then dont ever dare to adopt or to buy them at first. animals are just like humans, each of us needs a proper care and love.

  12. The long hair dogs that get all dirty n scraggly are the cutest n most heartbreaking. Idk whether to cry cause it’s sad or smile cause it’s cute .

  13. Omg when the dog got the haircut, it was the cutest thing at 10:42 when she just looks at you with her gigantic eyeballs. Her shaggy hair makes her look unrecognizable now! Omg she’s so cute. Wish I could adopt but i live halfway across the world. Who wants to adopt her too?

  14. oh click people who leave the poor animals in the street and don't take care of them so they want them if they don't even care for them

  15. Dont throw them away like trash because they're sick. Don't.
    They come with responsibility, love them, care for them, these voiceless animals can feel, remember just like you and me. They deserves better.

  16. No los maltratemos ellos sienten lo mismo que a ustedes son hermosos que mala persona que lo puso ay porqur el perrito esta muy lindo yo tengo una perrita y ella es libre????????

  17. Im so sad. And its a true love and true frends forever. If you leave a dog. The dot still waiting for you come back.

  18. I helped a stray cat i fed him and pet him but he kinda betrayed me, He started to like someone more. After that i didnt care anymore ?

  19. Nice stories but they'd benefit from being a bit shorter & with an ending.
    Glad they started to get him/her sorted out. Presumably the lady did give it a home? Hope so.

  20. Imagine the thought of your people truly loving you then one day they put you in a box and throw you on the edge of the road

  21. АААаааААаАааАаа
    С русскими субтитрами в начале:
    Собака могла сбить машину!!!

  22. it breaks my heart how they wait for their cruel owners.. to them its all they know and better than being alone. i am so thankful there are people out there who find and care for these animals.. </3 my heart is broken watching these but happy for good endings

  23. How can people be so mean. It really makes me mad. I love animals . It breaks my heart to see them treated that way. I think that the people that do that deserve to had it done to them

  24. oh my god this is like red dog (the movie) except his owner died and he tried to find him.
    that movie made me cry so much 🙁

  25. لو الحيوانات تتكلم كان الوفات القضايا مرفوعه ضد البشر

  26. I've said it in the comment section of one of these videos before. There is some kind of an "empathy disconnect" with many of these Asian cultures and this woman is proof of that. Sure she felt bad for the dog and has been giving it food, but did she ever report the horrible condition of this dog or the obvious injury this dog has? NO SHE DIDN'T!!!!! If this dog was in the US or in Europe, anybody in this woman's place would've reported it to the authorities and it would've been rescued much, much sooner. She allowed the suffering of this animal to continue for who knows how long. It breaks my heart to see this kind attitude. They don't believe that animals have feelings or can love or need love just like humans.

  27. Advaced dirofilariasis in a dog, very hard (Spanish language): https://www.expertoanimal.com/gusano-del-corazon-en-perros-sintomas-tratamiento-y-prevencion-20156.html "Dirofilariasis canina": https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dirofilariasis_canina

  28. Спасибо таким людям которые помогают друзьям нашим меньшим

  29. En la esquina de mi casa hay un perro igual y tose a lo loco y al toser se queda sin voz.
    Venite a buenos aires a rescatarlo campeón.

  30. Я очень надеюсь что это милое существо нашло свой хороший дом???

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