26 thoughts on “Abandoned Puppy Found In Park – He Was Hit By Train On Same Day

  1. Just give me five minutes alone with the scum who dumped these dogs in the park. Please, God, just five minutes…

  2. What a cruel people. Adult need to teach their children even themselves not hurting any innocent animals. Karma is following them every single move. Thanks for saving this puppy and hopefully someone can take a good care of him. Amen

  3. If it was a juvenile who dumped these poor souls, charge the parents.
    Bill the irresponsible parents for the medical costs…

  4. Teenager do something like this, can we imagine when he is adult? God help us… where is the parents when he abuse the dog, they should punish too.

  5. ?????????If the earth would be under rule of animals everything would be much better and compassionate evil humans just infiltrated the earth and made it a living hell for animals that's why I love animals more than human beings

  6. Miralo que bonito esta ahora despues del rescate y que feliz esta grasias a estas personas que lo cuidaron y ledieron mucho amor

  7. Com tudo que este anjinho passou ele tem uma carinha de feliz ?.Linda história,seja muito feliz no seu novo lar;pessoas abençoadas que vão te fazer muito bem ??????

  8. the little shit should hav is legs off and one eye out then let him crawl about like that for the rest of is life as for the pup he is beautiful

  9. Omg… that poor little baby. So sweet and now crippled for life before it even began. I hope there was jail time and fines involved for that dumb ass. Somebody should beat that kid to within an inch of his reprehensible, irresponsible, feckless, cruel and useless life.

  10. To the teenager who left him: djeez, how could you? I hope you see this footage and realise your lack of responsability. Shame! To the parents of this teenager: is this how you raise your child? Look at the poor pup… you're just as responsable! Really! The teenager got cought, fined…. is that it? What about at least the oncost of the surgery and care of this pupper..? My god what world we have to live in…..

  11. I don't think there is an excuse in this world for that sort of thoughtlessness. If the kid didn't want the pups, he could have dropped them off at a shelter. unbelievable cruelty to these darlings. This poor boy Trooper has a life-long disability with mobility and only one eye. he will need a special wheelchair to get around. I hope the new owner is extremely patient and loving towards this little tyke. He's beautiful.

  12. This is so heartbreaking and I hope the person who abandoned these dogs will suffer the consequences heavily!!!

  13. I will never understand what makes someone so uncaring and evil. I hope precious Trooper finds the most loving home and humans out there. Even though the person who abandoned him is a teenager he knew better and I hope he suffers mentally the rest of his life. Have a happy life precious.

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