37 thoughts on “Abandoned Puppy Beats All the Odds to Survive | The Dodo

  1. Thumbs up for this fighter pup! And to see more – check her out on Instagram: http://thedo.do/dorymae, and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DoryTheSwimmerPuppy/

  2. Lindeza anjinha. Gratidão eterna. Abencoasa família ??façam acupuntura opera milagres na anjinha linda ?

  3. What a beautiful story about a beautiful pup! She is a trooper! Just look at her run and swim. She won’t let anything get her down!!

  4. Go dory it's your birthday….No one gets it…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nONOuNEhhE nah for real tho #Dory

  5. This made me cry ? Because how strong she was. She fought and came a long way. I also know how her life is difficult because I have a dog. And he never gave up.

  6. she is so cute and strong she nearly made me cry when she had the defect but all that matters is that she is happy and that her owner takes good care of her she deserves this
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    comment= care

  7. A friend has an older dog that it's back legs gave out. We bought a doggy wheelchair for him. It did not fit so we are modifying it. I told my friend to do front leg exercise with him. But I like the way your pup was in the water. we have lake michigan close by, but it is fall and to cold. But what a great idea.

  8. Hey I need seven I like your dog but what happened I really like you I'm like your dog because it's so cute and it's beautiful

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