Abandoned dogs waited for someone to call Hope For Paws!

there's 120 in there's a lot of street [Applause] someone owned them at some point look at that smile okay okay okay okay okay yes we centered the mattress damn this is no place to live she's getting country so good to be inside and look at you seriously look at how emaciated he's so skinny it's crazy sweetie look at your lip what happened here yes what's going on in our skin there these are all like from bite wounds she was like all right and they use for fighting or something did you care hi pretty girl oh my god there was a lot of teeth on one we can't get lift Terrence about six you yeah well it's difficult to tell but okay [Applause] [Applause]

22 thoughts on “Abandoned dogs waited for someone to call Hope For Paws!

  1. Eldad and Loreta WE LOVE YOU! Thank you for braving the elements and sometimes DANGEROUS situations!! I
    We will forever support you!! GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL YOUR RESCUES!!! Credit to all the other wonderful animal lovers that help you!!

  2. I love what you do people can't just abandon animals and throw them away like trash because they are animals NOT trash at least put them up for adoption

  3. People who dump animals are disgusting they can't fend for themselves cause they don't know how thank God for people like you.x

  4. I thank my local animal rescue for finding our dog he got scared of the fireworks and escaped spent weeks looking for him his chip is what helped to bring him back home

  5. Sly move there Lisa… outstanding. But, the terrier has had a hard life thus far and probably the husky too.

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