22 thoughts on “Abandoned dog with a tumor that was about to rupture gets rescued just in time!

  1. as i was watching this vid i was petting my senior GSD from LA who was rescued off death row in a shelter. nice day, just fed her kibble and a little ham, mac and cheese. she is happy, looking for hugs.

  2. Love dog LOVE dog help plz dog LOVE dog help dog LOVE dog LOVE God help dog plz dog help dog LOVE dog LOVE dog

  3. So glad someone called about AL Capone in time. Otherwise, he would have passed away homeless & alone. Thank you Hope for Paws.

  4. Ellos, todos los perritos, como os lo agradecen, es enternecedor ??
    Muchas gracias por vuestra labor ??‍♀️???

  5. ?that owner.. Who left him ?
    It's so sad to see it.. Thankq for you guys beautiful work.. God always bless you all

  6. What a lovely boy.people can be so cruel & heartless,they dont deserve to own pets & should be locked up for treating them so disgustingly.

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