37 thoughts on “A visit to a prison rodeo

  1. I honestly hate this. Those bulls and horses that rodeos say are wild are not wild. They are electrocuted and beaten to act like this. Those animals are terrified for gods sake! How is this entertaining to anyone? I am honestly disappointed that people enjoy this and will defend the sport. I don’t care if it’s a traditional sport for you, because they are abusing their animals and most people are fine with it.

  2. Says we don’t want anyone to get hurt but allows a bull to fling a inmate and also kicks the living crap out of them yep that seems like it can cause no danger especially since the body armor is of the highest quality (sarcasm)

  3. 2 things to say: 1:the only reason why the dont stop kicking and bucking is because the tied a rope near the rear end and it hurts them 2: that bull just went yeet 01:15

  4. Those horses dont have trust, its sad, they are not broken but still ridden without training or trust scared. Its sad and shame on you horrible people

  5. This is cruel just for the horses and cows there arnt made like this they get hurt amd trained to be like this its cruel

  6. This is awful it forces people to do stuff that risks there life. Just so other people can just watch for entertainment

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