A Very Modest and Patient Dog Asks Me for Food – Dinner with a Golden Retriever!

Bailey asks for food during dinner

100 thoughts on “A Very Modest and Patient Dog Asks Me for Food – Dinner with a Golden Retriever!

  1. Bailey is an example of patience for humans…..
    His way of putting paw on dad melted my heart…. Bailey u deserve a platter ful of chicken for ur table manners…… Llllvvvvvvvveeeeee u a looooooooooootttt my baby

  2. Who has taught bailey to put his leg on to his arm to request for food? Amazing and we think human beings are the most intelligent ?!?

  3. Oh Bailey I just love more Ang more everyday, gosh you so beautiful, very well behaved, Thank you guy's for sharing Bailey with us.

  4. BAILEY, you are the eight miracle. So intelligent, so cute, so funny and very cheerful. You make joy with your being so many people in the world. Thanks for that. Greetings from Berlin.??

  5. Te lo scrivo in italiano: è un fenomeno!!!!!! Nn si educano nemmeno più i figli così!!!!!!!! Un ? da Martina !!!###?❤?❤

  6. Bailey needs a new home with sympathetic master not like a master who played with hunger, you definitely deserve a tight slap. Unholy man you are.

  7. Bailey is extremely polite! I think I need to borrow him to help me lose weight – meals would have only half the calories!

  8. Just had a brilliant idea for you…For people trying to lose weight, you could rent out old cute and furry there to sit next to them and essentially charm them out of half their meal! How could anyone resist that face?

  9. Adorable. Adorable. Adorable. Beautiful Bailey does not like veggies! Give him meat. Yes. Lots. But NO veggies. And that cute paw on your hand saying: How about some for me? He is one of my fav YouTube pooches. So delicious. Kisses for Bailey.

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  11. i don't know why tears well up in my eyes whenever i watch this ! if every human had this kind of an affectionate relationship with his/her fellow beings and surroundings this world would've been a much better place to live in !

  12. Honestly this is am sure is not Bailey so modest can’t believe my eyes ?? he is super dog and deserves all treats as his master is very kind to feed him every time so patiently deserves applause ??????????

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