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[music playing] My name is Sarah, and
I’m here with my turtle, Thea, a red foot tortoise. Thea’s here today because she
has a problem with her shell. Her shell is discolored
around the edges. Thea is very active. She likes to go outside and
be in the sun and run around. She’s high energy. Thea’s lifespan
is about 50 years, so hopefully, she’ll
outlive me and then I can get her to my kids. Oh, all right, does
look like shell rot. Yeah, it does. Looks pretty bad. Shell rot on turtles can
be a fungal or bacterial– or combination of the two– infection. So what you need to do is dremel
off the areas that are affected by the fungus, and then, you’re
going to put Kopertox on there, which is a potent antifungal. And that’ll help
kill off the fungus. Do it outside. His environment is
probably too humid. [music playing] [dremel buzzing] I wonder if I should
turn it up a little bit. [dremel buzzing] It just sounds awful. [music playing] Working up a sweat. Thank god he’s not
a bigger tortoise. [music playing] Oh that’s a really big poopy. Wow that is a lot of poops. Thank you. [laughing] Oh, really? Again? Ah. So the next step is
to paint the shell with a coat of anti-fungal. [music playing] Anti-fungal. Generally, just
paint the tortoise. [music playing] [hair dryer blowing] Blow-drying his hair for him. There you go. Thea, I bet you
didn’t know you were coming to a beauty salon. [laughing] Thea is green now. Oh. But we did a really
thorough job of getting all of the rotted away shell. Dry environment is the key. No more water. No more water, no more
water, just lots of lettuce. Well, I’m going to go home
and get rid of her water dish, because she has too much
moisture in her cage. And just reduce the moisture
so it won’t happen again. I’m very happy, and I think
she feels better now too. Long day for her. [chuckling]

28 thoughts on “A Tortoise Spa Day | Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER

  1. Worth noting at the end, lettuce isn't that great of a staple diet for tortoises. If anyone wants to know why, just ask me or google it, don't want to spend thirty minutes getting links and stuff for it

  2. I had a red foot tortoise once,but a burglay broke in my house and took her thi is the third time I got robbed

  3. Call kenan. When it comes to tortoises he's the expert. Also, I wouldn't take away the tortoise's water dish, just reduce the amount of water

  4. Omg. I have this type of tortoise, and he's just a little bit bigger and even has a really similar pattern on the head.

    Also redfoots actually live to be about 80 or 90. And I've dealt with my baby getting a tiny patch of shellrot before, all you really have to do is put teatree on the affected area, let him sit out until it dries and then, add a large amount of new, dry moss for their habitat. Do NOT wet it. It absorbs all the moisture in the air anyway, plus the entire point is to provide some dry.

    Redfoots naturally live in the rainforest so they actually need very high humidity- the problem arises when you add TOO much humidity, and it's an insanely fine line.

  5. Hi Dr, i need your help, last night one rat bite my tortoies`s leags and shel tortoies get injered and blod came out. Sir can you please guide me how i treat with tortoies and also suggest for medicine.

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