A Story About a Bird.

Hi. My name is Brad and I wrote a story for us. It’s called The Songs Birds Sing. It’s kinda scrappy, the drawings are messy
but it’s just something I felt like I needed to get out into the world. Maybe somebody else needed a pep talk, too. All the birds sing beautiful songs. it’s what they were made to do. But every now and then, like us, even birds
forget that too. Meet this little bird named Rodney. He’s quiet as can be. He has so many songs to sing, but he’s just
hiding in his tree. He listens as the other birds,
with their voices fill the air, wishing he could also sing like them without a care. One day a squirrel who is Rodney’s friend
climbed up and asked him, “Why?” “You stay in your nest and seem so blue, bird
friend, what makes you so shy?” Rodney the bird lowered his head and softly
begin to cry. “He said, “It’s time I told you, here goes–you’re
my friend–I have no reason to lie. All the other birds sing with such ease,
like Claire, Cardinal, James. But I could never sing my song, you see,
it just doesn’t sound the same. I’m really into hip hop,
laying down sick beats. The squirrel looked a little bit confused. Rodney said, “Here, let me show you what I
mean.” So Rodney the bird pulled out his microphone
and hit play on this tape machine. Then began to put on a show like nothing Squirrel
had ever seen. Rhymes that filled and shook the branches
lit up the tree that day, the sound of which all the other birds simply
couldn’t look away. “What is Rodney doing??” said one bird. Others asked “Is something wrong? I’m not sure what I’m hearing, but I don’t
think it’s called a song.” “Did he just sing a piece from Cardinal mixed
with a piece directly from Claire?” “I think it’s called a remix,” said one bird. The birds had never thought to share. Some of the birds were upset. Some left and yelled nasty tweets. But many of them hung around to hear even
more of these strange new beats. Rodney hadn’t realized how far his sound had
spread. For all these years, he’s had these songs
locked up inside his head. Now all around him, birds were dancing as
far as his eyes can see. That’s what happens when you’re brave enough
to sing what you were made to sing! So sing on, little birds. Sing right now. The songs that must be sung. The world needs your new different music. Dear birds, you’re the ones. Don’t keep your songs locked away! For fear other birds you might annoy. The world’s in need of brave birds who say
they’ll bravely sing with joy!

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  1. My co-worker and I often use your Kid President vids as rewards for our middle school classes. They love them and need to hear the positive messages! Thank you for your work and efforts to spread joy! You would be surprised how much each video is used and what lives are touched. 🙂

  2. Brad please keep singing your songs because you have something so special. This is magic and you are talented beyond belief. I am in awe.

  3. This is really great! Something a lot of us need to hear and need encouragement. Thank you for the continued work you guys do each and every day!

  4. First, those drawings were beautiful. Second, I am going to share this video because your song needs to be heard. Thank you brad, love world.

  5. Really lovely! I love the "ishful" art – especially squirrel-ish 🙂 The message is universal and delightful. Bravo. #RodneyRocks

  6. That was an awesome story Brad…really! I liked the drawings too. You really should publish stories like this. Children need to hear stories like this…and so do adults like me. 🙂

  7. Thanks Brad! Just shared with with my middle school classes- (toughest age to be yourself) and they loved it. In fact they clapped after. Thank you!

  8. This was so beautiful! You are an endless stream of inspiration to me and I'm so excited to see more content like this from the workshop!
    With endless admiration,

  9. This made me smile. Please continue to create and share! The internet can't afford to lose your positivity! 🙂

  10. Wow. Wow. Wow. Thank you SO much for the encouraging words, messages, fan art and more. Can't believe we almost didn't post this little story. Would've missed out on hearing from so many of you. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. More fun on the way. CHEERS!!!

  11. Congratulations. You just wrote an amazing children's book. Time to get it published! I would happily read this to my preschoolers.

  12. This was wonderful! This is the first time I have EVER posted a comment on YouTube, but I had to say thank you! I can't wait to share this with my students!

    Well done!

  13. I love this little story. I think that you should make it into a book for young and old. Very very inspiring.

  14. Wow, so amazing! Wish I had this when I was a kid. You've just created a Children's Classic in my opinion. You should look into getting this published, if publishers aren't already looking into you! God bless brother.

  15. THIS IS A BEST-SELLER "waiting in the 'wings'"!!!!!!! Find a publisher… I like your illustrations, but heck, maybe color added?

    paulajoy.cdbaby.com ((I'm a singer/songwriter and I love birds!!!!!)

  16. Thanks for sharing your story – despite the fear. Just what I needed to hear. Please keep sharing – your work makes my world lighter and more joyful.

  17. man thats so cool i love hip-hop and others aare like u caan listen to that or sing that caause its baad but it isnt always this video is super cool

  18. Brad, thank you for sharing this. Thank you for realizing how powerful kids are. Their unfiltered honesty and intelligence speak to me everyday, and giving them a chance to do something this great is absolutely incredible and important for our generation to see.

  19. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…..I want to share it with the world. Thank you for all your gifts to the world in the form of Kid President and beyond…thank you!

  20. Thanks, Brad. What a great video and lovely illustrations too. Looking forward to more from the Montague Workshop!

  21. Brad, amazing as always. Anytime I have a day where I don't feel important or that what I do matters there you are in a tweet or video telling us all that if we keep on our path we will make a difference in a BIG way! Thank you!

  22. So beautiful! Thank you so much for taking the chance. This will be shared a million times by me, without a doubt!!

  23. Oh my goodness. I am so happy I found you. This brings me such joy and I can't wait to share it. Keep on inspiring. You are amazing. <3

  24. thank you so much for sharing this today at the CUE conference at ACHS!!!! i loved it so much….so glad i got a golden ticket to see you for storytime too!!! 🙂

  25. Sharing this at our school district convocation to help remind teachers of the importance of letting all of our birds sing!!!

  26. I love this! As a retired librarian, I so want to read this to children!!! What a great story, sharing a simple yet complexly layered message. Be you, be brave, embrace and share you …and make a beautiful addition and difference in your world.

  27. Wonderful. Lovely. Great. Beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes because it reminded me of a special friend. I sent it to her. Thank you for sharing!

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