100 thoughts on “A speech pathologist taught her dog Stella to ‘speak’

  1. That’s really AMAZING! ❤️ Dogs understand us on a very deep level just as we understand them. We just have never before been able to “talk” to them. That is, not until now! ? Thanks Christina for your contribution to the development of greater communication channels between us and our best friends ? ❤️??

  2. id love to be able to read the subtitles CNN, you stupid fucks. hiding it behind a ticker. put your shit under the video not on top of it

  3. I would use snoop dogs voice and turn my dog into a gangsta …….with gangsta slang and curse words.
    Snoop dogs voice : fetch me a snake bitc*
    Snoop voice : fuc^ it's the po po
    Snoops voice : get me a mother fuc^in treat bitc^
    I would have sound bites aswell.
    Dang it I want one now

  4. CNN is running out of material especially in this political climate.. and by the way I am also a speech pathologist. Interesting but let’s talk about Joe and Hunter Biden more!!

  5. Okay I'm very glad that mainstream media will show something happy, but you have words over the text for the dog. ?? Very awesome video though!

  6. You'd need to shift a few words around to make this suitable for cats. It'd have like 4 buttons: food, outside, hate, and die.

  7. Most people are too impatient to teach their dog something like this.. most people don't even know how to read or understand their own animals.
    Look at how many people fail miserably with their human kids.. no manners, lack of proper attention and understanding, lack of patience or teaching respect and right from wrong, etc..

  8. I’m a linguistics student, and something catches my attention. Stella speaks in SVO word order, just like English. If you watch her other videos you’ll get more evidence for that. It would be insane to think that she actually learned SVO from listening to English, not just from training. That would be just like a human.

  9. My fav video is when the beach button broke and they had to remove it and Stella then said come water outside or sth similar which kinda describes the beach!

  10. ok I have a dog named oliver that is around 10 years old now, and hes gotten old enough to understand to make noises in response to things ill say to him. The thing thats so crzy to me about this dog is that its only been alive for like 1 year, and if my dog can go from never making noise when he was younger to making certain noises in response to things I say now, i cant even imagine how well this dog is going to be able to communicate once it turns 8+ years old

  11. I hope she makes her learning program available for all dog parents and make the money she deserves for her brilliance!

  12. Subtitles sure are useful. How else would I have known the dog said BRUISJSHDEIEBIEOSJHR NE IDJENYIAIHFHJNEJHNF CHE DONNFUHSHIUND?

  13. Last time I checked, a lot of dogs have the intelligence of a 5 year old child. So, This does actually make some sense as to why the dog can do this.

  14. Does this lady have her own YouTube channel? I'm looking for more!!! It's all just other people's channel riding her wave

  15. And our dogs can understand words: food, mom, outside, go for a walk, lets go to sleep, come here, sit, roll, lay down, pawn. Really generic stuff

  16. A cat will go up to the buttons, and then stare at you disappointed that you can't read it's mind.

    Dog people: "lol. Stupid cat."
    Cat people: "We hear you loud and clear." (Cat succeeds in communicating.)

  17. Its actually because of these same practices that they incorporated school bells into classrooms so we've all been subjected to this "educational" technique in one way or the other…

  18. The video’s captions are a complete and utter JOKE. Not only does this violate CVAA, FTC, and YouTube regulations, but it looks like someone slammed their fucking head into the stenotype machine, for Christ’s sake! Not even somebody with the highest intellect will be able to decipher ANY piece of information relating to the video. Even worse, the captions just end a minute into the video? Did you give up or something?! I’m appalled at how inaccesible this video is. If ? the ? content ? airs ? on ? TV ? you ? need ? to ? caption ? it ? on ? the ? Internet ? too!

    Whoever looks at the captions and approved them for this video should be fired. OH! wait! That’s right, nobody does that and as a result, these “captions” are SHIT!

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