100 thoughts on “A million dollars for a bird!?!! – in Doha

  1. This was the first video I had someone else edit from start to finish, as part of my plan to start releasing videos more frequently.

    What do you guys think?

  2. I just realized… The channel is called Strange Parts in the electrical component sense, but also because Scotty travels to many different parts of the world!

  3. This was great, as per usual! Although if I'm being honest, the scrappy editing of your videos is part of the charm.. this was pretty pro and sharp.. but also souless and "sterile". But the content is as interesting as always. Keep it up!

  4. That kid with the bird was amazing I'm serious he really is a special person. We all need to love and respect each other.

  5. i bet your subscribers will triple if you show less of your face and more of the surroundjngs.
    oh, plus better image stablization required!!!

  6. It’s not that hot it’s only 70 degrees FUCK ME IM IN NORTH WALES ??????? IN THE UK WERE LUCKY TO EVEN HAVE 20

  7. There is no one in the streets, because they are isolated from saudi , uae , bahrin and Egypt.

    Because the supported terrorist groups and plotted against other arab countries.

  8. It's usually very lively even around that time of the day, you probably were there on a Friday, on which people go to the prayer around that time.

    Hope you enjoyed your time in Doha, & come again soon! 🙂

  9. The way this boy speak remind me of my Qatari friends and make miss them now, make sure to visit them one day soon.

  10. wow. Its great to see a young person that shows so much respect and love towards anyone. Let alone a horse. Him talking about the horses like that is something you dont see anymore. N how he has such high respect for what they mean to his culture n forefathers

  11. Im living here in Qatar, this country welcomed us warmly, im 10 mins close to Souq waqif, but never seen this area so far. I have to witness this too. Thanks for this video 🙂

  12. First of all these birds are expensive and it’s special in Qatar second of all it’s a tradition and third which is last this is probably fake 100% fake like it won’t be that expensive like wth

  13. Can someone tell me exactly where he was at 0:50 and 1:48? Going to add Doha, Qatar to my travel bucket list!

  14. Qatar is the supporter of terrosits areound the globe.
    SInce the boycott no terrosits attacks in gulf and europian countries

  15. I love the genuine reaction of the guy who loves horses..the way his eyes lit up while talking about them.. great content!!!

  16. 4:17 honey it’s Qatar everything is extremely beautiful and expensive and how do I know well its because im Qatari and I live in Qatar and also Qatar is my home and family

  17. I've learned more about the true culture of Qatar in those 5 minutes with that young man than I've learned in a lifetime of media, news bulletins, and propaganda. Truly, priceless.

  18. Welcome to Qatar Bro,
    The most beautiful country in the world, living here more than a decade made me a fan of this country and people here.
    That falcon boy is amazing!
    I like your vlogs. Cheers

  19. middle east local people pay a lots of money for like falcon camel horse dog and if they want they can give that animal passport but 45% people live in middle east more then 72 years nobody talk about this case

  20. Falconry Is such a huge commitment and should be taken seriously which this guy looks like he is well informed. It takes many tedious years to train them and a lot of dedication on your part. Don't get into it then get tired of it because its taking to long, the rehab centers you give them too have to reverse the training to make them be able to live out in the wild on their own.

  21. Your videos are so beautiful, to an exceptional degree, as was this one, but I am sad for the falcons; those man-made bird helmets are horrifying to see on an animal.

  22. Within 100 years, there is no need for oil. And in fact there won't be any more oil in 100 years. So the Arabs have about 100 years to build up their infrastructure and knowledge and commerce to compete when there is no oil to live on. But instead of investing wisely, they ended up buying birds, weapons, expensive cars, and basically throwing all the resources away JUST FOR FUN.

    In 100 years, their grand children will be beggars, just like their grand parents before the discovering of cheap oil in their backyard.

  23. I’ve been to Doha, Qatar as well and made the mistake of going to that same souq on a Sunday and it was a ghost town. Great video, my favorite part of the souq was the falcon shop too.

  24. That shot where you put the camera down, go back and walk by the camera feels to insincere, I would recommend against it.

  25. The reason why the market is empty is because its time for Friday prayer….we close all shops and business on Friday to go pray then we open up

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