A Man Rescued This Blind And Deaf Kitten, And Her Transformation Shows What TLC Can Do

a man rescued this blind and deaf kitten and her transformation shows what TLC can do they I'd knew that something was wrong with watching the kitten her eye sockets were empty so her blindness was obvious but she also wasn't responding to noise in deeds and came to realize that bocce's blindness wasn't her only disability however she would soon undergo a complete transformation today ze'ev lives in Egypt with his cat bachchi but he wasn't always watches human in fact she used to be a stray her story began when she was just a kitten hiding out and struggling to survive I found her when she was about two weeks old they odd wrote on reddit in January 2018 she was living on my apartment building staircase we have a load of cats that live in it however there was something noticeably different about voci lavake was several weeks old it seemed that she still hadn't open her eyes they odd suspected she was suffering from an eye infection I opened her eye sockets to check but there was nothing inside he told love meow that's when I knew that she was completely blind they ought explain unfortunately he couldn't adopt her at the time in fact he already had a cat living with him and his home situation wasn't ideal to make matters more complicated lachchi wasn't eating properly her mother stopped breastfeeding her and she barely ate ziad said the poor kitten was in danger of starvation because she couldn't find food they odd started feeding Bochy every day buddy had to take a break when he went on vacation they odd was only away for a week however he found a heartbreaking sight when he returned machi was outside his apartment and she was in a terrible state with no one there to feed her she'd come close to death and didn't have the energy to move I returned home to find her laying down on my doorstep they Audrey called she was just skin and bones looking a lot dirtier than she was before what's more it looked like another cat had taken its anger out on the blind defenseless kitten in time machi grew stronger but it was at this point that ziod realized that she had another problem she didn't react when he called her name nor did she respond to any other noises she didn't seem to be startled by any loud jarring noise the odd said my other cat would immediately start running away if I started the vacuum or blender sad said machi gets startled super easily if someone touches her even slightly when I snap my fingers really loud next to her ears she wouldn't even flinch or react in the slightest in view of this it gradually became clear that machi was deaf neither of her disabilities seemed to stop her from getting the best out of life though in fact she might even enjoy the little things even more the sense of touch is one of three senses she has left so I'm sure she loves the sensation of being petted even more than most normal cats they OTT explained on reddit indeed she loves to greet new people what's more vajjis limitations don't stop her from navigating her surroundings according to ziod she got used to her new home far faster than he had anticipated in fact she was exploring the house with all the confidence of an able-bodied cat in no time at all Xan told love meow the more strength she gained the more she started exploring everywhere she even found a few favourite sleeping spots and tight spaces around the house all the tender loving care did bachi a lot of good – you should see her now machi has grown into a beautiful calico cat with an endless supply of gratitude for her big hearted hero they explained on reddit that now she's in good health and a little older he no longer needs to do anything for her bachchi does have one unusual habit though the only disadvantage might be that she's a tenth too loud they odd said she constantly meows for no reason but I attribute that to her being done regardless watch's human loves her all the same it sure was some journey from barely being able to move to then being the most playful cat I've ever owned they odd continued but vajjis adventures don't end there in fact she'll soon be moving into a new home with her human no doubt she'll adapt to her surroundings quickly though adopting vaji was one of my better decisions in life I loved her so effing much now ziad wrote and she's living her life as any normal cat would and absolutely loves the good padding you

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  1. Egyptians venerated cats in the era of the Pharoas; this story indicates that some Egyptians still do!

  2. Blind and deaf wouldn't stop me. This baby would have to suffer a lifetime of hugs and kisses inside a loving home. There is no such thing as a ugly baby,…only ugly people who see it as a reason to withhold affection.

  3. I must sound like the most negative person in the world but my thoughts on watching this video was that it might of been kinder to put her to sleep so she could go back to heaven where she came from ‘coz I couldn’t see her having any quality of life! And fancy going on vocation and just leaving her surely he should of known what would happen, if that had been me I would of expected to come back and find her dead! Okay she’s improved now and seems a lot better which I must say I’m pleased about, the only thing is I’m worried that if he could of been stupid enough to go off and leave her to her own devices while he goes on vocation he might do it again!!! She can never ever be left alone I’ve got 2 able bodied cats but I would never leave them alone, I don’t use cattery’s anymore because my cats are getting older but I have a reliable cat sitter who is also a qualified veterinary nurse who takes care of my cats if I have to go away, yes it’s a bit pricey but it’s well worth it because my cats Tom & Rosie are very important to me.

  4. This is the first video this guy has narrated that I could watch the whole thing. He actually stuck to the story instead of talking about a bunch of unrelated crap. Finally!

  5. I'm very happy that this guy rescue her and give her a chance to live and be love I'm very happy that she is doing awesome with a good forever home ??????❤?❣

  6. This is such a heart warming story and the man is awarded a medal for 1st call humanity * I adore good news such as this .Thanks

  7. That little Furr ball. Reminds me of, The time my brother an I went to. The park with the. Kids. We ?.
    2 ?. Leaving in a hole. Let's say this. That's how I got my.
    Momma ?. Which was also a
    Very lucky. After finding them.
    It rained for 3 days.

  8. Thank you for caring for such a precious tho vulnerable little kitten. You are her everything! God bless you both ???????????????????

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