A fun night with 3 ferrets and a sugar glider | MicBergsma

29 thoughts on “A fun night with 3 ferrets and a sugar glider | MicBergsma

  1. I'm glad I saw this cause I've had sugar gliders and I just got 2 ferrets and the older ferret doesn't seem to eat meats as much as weve tried different kinds and even making a meat soup he just don't eat it but I let him and one of my most calm gliders check each other out for a min I was surprised that they didn't seem to mind each other id say my glider was more interested in the ferret so I might try it again today lol

  2. You idiot!! I don't even have a sugar glider and know more than you!
    1. They have really fragile bones the ferret will crush it.
    2. Get a bigger cage!!!
    3. You are being selfish, that sugar glider is scared of the ferret

  3. fuck me u are an actual retard i would happily punch u without stopping and clean ur room u fucking scrubber

  4. this is not true actually. In throwing a glider you risk seriously injuring the animal. They need to estimate the distance themselves, and then commit to the jump. They aren't like birds and don't fly when tossed, they glide from place to place. whoever told you this was a joke. And in this video the glider was clearly uncomfortable with the ferrets, it's clearly shown.

  5. That's why supervision of these animals when they play is extremely important. Most ferrets get along fine with dogs and cats but you never leave them alone with those pets either. Same with sugar gliders. As long as their owner watches them, it's not really all that stupid of an idea unless it's one of the ferrets natural prey like mice, rats, and snakes

  6. @marshallman99ful Hey, Mookie died two days after thanksgiving last year 🙁 we don't have ferrets anymore it sucks

  7. @micbergsma do you still have mookie? because my ferret's name is mookie and i adopted him from some people who had to move back to texas. he also looks exactly like your mookie.

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