A DOG’S WAY HOME Official Trailer (NEW 2019) Adventure Family Movie HD

There’s one thing I know about the world. It’s not the little things that matter, it’s the tiny things. OH, do you want a TINY piece of cheese? Yes! Yes! Cheese is my life! My name is Bella and this is how I met Lucas. See those things. I really like you. Maybe that’s a sign her home supposed to be Don’t choose shoes though, don’t you shoot that one was his favorite Over the years we did everything together good we chased squirrel We went to work we even played a game called doctor doctor doctor gate Again everything. All right. Yeah Life with Lucas was the best but when he wasn’t around I missed him so much that squirrel again squirrel squirrel squirrel Duck looks like she needs help. Okay away the change I was very far from home, but I knew Lucas was waiting for me and I had to go and find him where needs Oh, look. A snack. Even better than a tiny piece of cheese. We all face things that are hard. The only thing that gets us through it are the special people in our lives, and I was NEVER going to stop searching until I found mine. That dog saved his life.

100 thoughts on “A DOG’S WAY HOME Official Trailer (NEW 2019) Adventure Family Movie HD

  1. ARMY Frogs are skilled and battle tested

    Long nights wide awake- unrested

    Marine Toads Bout Bare chested

    Gain rank after being selected is respected!

    Frogs are agile, fierce, competitive, and athletic

    EEL will shock THE WORLD…electric

    Cain Toad imply Viking battle apply tactic!

    Air Force Frogs– soar though the night on humming birds

    Warrior Toads communicate with Lizards using signs no words

    Air Force Frogs master the Bow –arrows hit the mark

    None is more Potent- than a Frog tag Dart

    Dart Frog can assassinate even when not there -solitary not one to share

    Once Dart passes through an area –traces of poison lingers everywhere

    Toads unearth precious stones –then, mold into medieval type weapons

    Hammers, Mallets, spears, – respond with aggression when threaten   

    no scream of “Get over here”! Ever spoken

    attack 1st when encounter Scorpion!  Ware out the exoskeleton!

    Defeat Rhinoceros Beetle!! Formerly, wear out the exoskeleton!!!!

    Horns protruding out of the armor Warriors of Ronan

    to visualize channels inner the Barbarian Conan!!!    

    Alongside their Alligator Turtle WARMACK– Fierce Toads live by way of Marines

    In battle verses piranhas– underwater combat, Warmack the submarine

    Confrontational, built for battle in physical stature

    Toad’s manner when in danger is Berserker

    Loud croaks seldom whisper – VICTORY of the enemy is part taker!!

    Toads construct armament using gems, stones, and mineral

    Both species are nocturnal –

    willing to sacrifice all — completely that is essential!

    Everything is Done for honor. Recognition and glory

    Conquer foe for trophy besides sustenance victory

    Fly through the air with an Eagle

    The Harpy is thought to be all powerful, intelligent, and regal

    To Toads the Lake is the size of an ocean

    Jewel tetra hunting fish – a reel life and death situation

    WIN– you are a Hunter !!– death is a real tradition

    Living in a vast rainforest – sounds dangerous

    Battle cries in every chorus

    The two species encounter

  2. The movie looks good but… In the book she doesn't run away because of a flipping squirrel! You'd think it'd be easier for them to go with what happened in the book than animate a squirrel, when they animate animals anyway. I mean look at the cougar!

  3. I would surely watch as this November 28 I lost my dog of 10 years with cancer it was so heart breaking for me, only an animal lover can feel,know how faithful it stay in one's life❤️

  4. The one thing that caught my attention, is that the dog narrates herself. Which, is what I dislike in dog movies. Another thing that caught my attention, is that the mountain lion, the animation, honestly sucks. This trailer literally gave away the ENDING to the movie. And tbh, it's not like I really wanted to watch this at all.

  5. I don't know if the people who constructed this trailer should be fired or applauded for saving a lot of us from whatever meager curiosity might have led us to pay to see another saccharine piece of crap about a cute dog.

  6. How does this thing have 39.000 likes??? The puma's CGI looks terrible, the dog's mouth doesn't even moves when he talks, and why did anyone think it was a good idea to make these awful talking dog movies for the big screen? They belong on direct to DVD

  7. whoever is saying the trailer ruined the movie is dumb- IT IS IN THE TITLE LOL she is supposed to find her way home, duh. and if you read the book anyway, its evident in the description. Point ain't the ending, its the journey.

  8. I just completed the movie. It was beautiful. There was some issues like awfully animated caugar in movie but i loved the movie.

  9. oh god looks like a bad movie even from the trailer, also the movie is summarized fully in the trailer so there is no point to actually seeing the movie!

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