47 thoughts on “A Dog's Journey – Official Trailer (HD)

  1. A dog's purpose was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! I cried my guts out! I can't wait to see the sequel. It's such a beautiful and well-written story.

  2. I remember crying while watching the first movie.. I hope the 2nd want doesn't make me cry more…

  3. We Gotta Love Dog Movies Even Though Most are not great besides a few. A Dog's Purpose was bad so this doesn't seem good.

  4. I dont know what they did to make their daughter hate them so much, but i can already tell that she is an a** of a daughter. My heart goes out to the Grandparents, and Bailey for not getting to grow up with their Grand child more. ;( <3

  5. I love these books and I dislike how they changed some stuff for the movies but I know that I am just being nitpicky and I am still SO FLIPPING PUMPED to see this! It might be for the best that they changed things since I will cry if I have to see everyone die and Max almost die in the elevator. I wonder if they will deal with the eating disorder and the runaway stuff?

  6. I don’t like this cuz this implies that dogs have no souls and because of that they aren’t able to enter their heaven and find peace and thus have to be reincarnated to a new life

  7. Umm I think that movie is called Dogs Purpose not Dogs Journeys no offense

    Or maybe is st he second movie of Dogs Purpose

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