A dog just randomly came into my house [Dogs are incredible/ENG/2019.12.17]

(Where will dog training class be held today?) (A place with blue waves) (An endless horizon) (Right by the East Sea) (Gangneung) (The sun rises first on the east coast) (The nature in Gangneung looks so picturesque) (There are around 8,400 pet dogs living here) (They adopt many abandoned dogs) (A warm-hearted city) (The first dog they’ll meet) (In front of a busy road) (There’s a pet dog that lives freely) (Ttaengsuk, female) So her name is Ttaengsuk. Ttaengsuk. Ttaengsuk. (And there’s another dog) (Ttaengchil, male, lives in the yard) He’s tied up. – Is he a Jindo? / – I think so. (Why is only Ttaengchil chained up?) (What happened with these two?) (She isn’t on a leash) (But Ttaengsuk usually stays near a busy road) That’s a busy street. That’s dangerous. They have a lot of places in the countryside like this. A lot of houses built right in front of busy streets. (Cars keep passing by Ttaengsuk) (There’s no gate, so an accident could happen) That could hurt the dog and it could also cause a big pile-up. Cars usually try to avoid dogs. That could cause an accident. (There’s one place that gets Ttaengsuk sensitive) (She barks a lot near the fence in the yard) (Even when she was behind the house) (She starts barking when the staff tries to enter) (Ttaengsuk even tries to bite) She’s biting. Oh, dear… (Ttaengsuk bites a staff member) She’s scared, that’s why. She’s afraid… She’s being cautious. I don’t want to visit this house. (Hahaha) Their dogs bite. But you want to learn how to train dogs. Judging from her stomach, I think she gave birth. (Birth?) (Ttaengchil’s owner) Did you know this dog? You didn’t know her? I just named her Ttaengsuk. Because his name is Ttaengchil. So he doesn’t know this dog? (Confused) She showed up whenever I fed him. So you fed a strange dog. I was going to report her as lost, but I found her the next morning with puppies. (Puppies?) (I see…) Yeah, a lot of dogs do that. (There’s a reason why Ttaengsuk protects the fence) (Because of her puppies inside) Cats usually do that. I’ve never seen a dog do that. Dogs do it too. A lot of cats wander about after having kittens. Oh, my! Look at those little guys. When did Ttaengsuk have puppies? It was around a month after she got here. I told her to find her home, but she was pregnant. Then her stomach got a lot smaller. She had puppies. I bought beef bone broth for her. I feed them two eggs a day for healthier fur. I made seaweed soup for the first time for her. – They’re having so much fun. / – How cute! She had 4 puppies. Yes. Gosh… Does he know this dog? Is Ttaengchil the father? But they don’t look like him. My wife agrees with me. They have black feet, unlike Ttaengchil. I wonder who the father is. (Who is the father of these puppies?) Finding the father. (We got a tip about Ttaengsuk’s husband) (This guy!) (Challang, male) (a.k.a. Daebak) Challang. So it’s him. This is such a sudden meeting. – Challang. / – Hey, Challang. How did you hear about the dog that had puppies? – The wife… / – From the wife? Do you suspect that Daebak could be the father? She must’ve heard from someone that Challang was with Ttaengsuk. We always keep him locked up. Maybe he broke out in the middle of the night. So we have to find the father in this case. (Who is the real father?) Is that it? I’m so curious! I say it’s Challang. – You think it’s Challang. / – Definitely. I say Ttaengchil. – Ttaengchil? / – Ttaengchil? It could be a third dog. You never know. You’re an amazing girl, Ttaengsuk.

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