A day in the life of an animal technologist

One of those pink gowns very fetching just through here through there before we have a look around, what do you do in a normal day? The staff have got different rotas to do. So, some will go and do the rats, some will go and do the monkeys and some will go and do the rabbits.They are all checked first thing in the morning, all the cages are looked into to make sure that everything is healthy. and then we check their food and their water. and then all the cages have to be scraped
out and they have to be washed and saw dusted and put back into the rooms ready for us to use again. What changes have you seen since you have been working with animals? Has there been a reduction? There has been a big reduction since I have been here. We used to years ago use many larger animals, We used to have baboons. and macaques. Cats and dogs we don’t have anymore.
So there has been a change like that over the years. and also within the actual use of rodents, there has been a decline in the number of animals because the licencees have refined experiments,
there is new technology out now sometimes the computers can take over where we used to use our live animals before, we are now using computerized images. So things have changed over the years, definately. In this room we have roughly 400
mice and we have got 2 rooms like that so, 800 mice in this unit at the moment. and what you want to use them for? These are destined to be used by the dental group they are looking at salivary glands. So, apart from cleaning out the animals, we also need to check to see if they are pregnant. In this box we think that we have a pregnant animal, so we will just see if she is allright. We can see that she has got a nice big round tummy. and so therefore she is definately pregnant. She is probably about 2 weeks pregnant, so she has another week to go because mice are three weeks before they have their babies, 3 weeks gestension. Having been happy that she is still ok we can put her back nicely in her box and leave them to it. The male stays with the female he won’t attack the babies, these are quite amiable, mice. So, who are these fellows then? This is our rat room and these are couple of friendly rats which we use for training purposes. We use the animals quite a bit and they are friendly and I thought they might like to say hello to you today. If you are not too frightened to handle them?
You are happy for that? Jolly good. Okay, they are up for it.
There you go. I have got both of them. Not sure if I can handle this. Allright There you go, these are Lister Hooded rats. They have got a black hood that’s why they are called Lister Hooded just another strain of a typical laboratory animal that we use here. They are very friendly Is he very calm with being held?
A lot of people give rats a bad press. A lot of people don’t like these tails but, it’s going to go in your hair. If you just move to the cage, she will jump in. There you go, well trained. Amazing. So, what is what is the difference in terms of how
often you feed them? No difference at all. They are fed exactly the same as the mice are, 2 or 3 times a week we top up the food. Their water is topped up 2 or 3 times a week. They have the same sort of bedding, materials, except their tunnels are obviously a lot bigger than the mouse tunnels, but other than that they are treated very much the same as the mice. If we lift this off, just take it off you might see a big fat guinea pig. and what what do you use these for? These are being used for respiratory work. They find out they are studying Asthma.
All the years we have had guinea pigs we have had one escape. and it spent all its time sitting in the food offer
and it didn’t go anywhere at all They are not the brightest of animals but nevertheless they do do us a favour again because they are good for research.
These guys are being used for heart work. They are looking at making them as if they got heart trouble. They are on high fat
diet at the moment their diet is a normal diet but it has got a high cholestral in it,
mixed in it. What made you want to go into this kind of work? I didn’t really want to do this work to start with.
I wanted to work in the zoo or be a Vet, but I saw this advertised and I came along to give it a try. When I first started I didn’t really think that I’m going to stay here It was admittedly 40 years ago that I started and in them days we used to have quite a lot of dogs and there was chap that used to look after the dogs and he never bothered cleaning them up or anything like this and they were in their own muck and mess and I said to him, why don’t you clean the dogs out? His answer to me was why bother they are going to die anyway. I thought that was a very terrible thing to say and I thought I can’t abandon these animals now,
they need people here unlike him. They need people here that are going to care for these animals and I’ve stayed here ever since, doing that very job looking after these animals. I feel as if I’m doing my bit for these animals. If I was really pushed to answer; do I believe in animal research, no I don’t. I don’t like it. I understand why it has to be done, I accept why it has to be done. I’m hoping in the years and years to
come, there will be no research and animals won’t have to be used. That would be great but all the time they are being used Lets have people in charge of them who care.
At the end of the day, all these animals are doing us a big favour. If they have got a white bit showing there that is their tummy They have got milk in their tummy so therefore we know that the mums are feeding them. milk in that tummy. All the babies are being fed nicely.

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  1. Poor babies, at least they are being well looked after before the experimentation/vivisection begins – that's where the torture starts. Of course this was deemed too unsavoury to show. I don't agree with animal testing, but I also don't agree with violence against the animal technologists/scientists who conduct vivisection. Peaceful protest, boycotts & research into humane testing methods are the way forward. Please visit tinyDOTcc / fq1jq to sign a petition against animal testing in cosmetics.

  2. Animal research is not torture. Why would scientists keep an animal in pain? It would yield no positive results for their research, since a stressed animal doesn't produce valid information about any of the procedures or drugs you're testing.

  3. These people bring about an increase in animal welfare too. Let us not forget the countless drugs that are used to save lives everyday that wouldn't be about if not for these peoples work.

  4. We might have won the battle, but not the war. Remember that. Humans will get what they deserve for destroying this planet and it's creatures.

  5. Do not brag about your lack of heart and conscience. If a hundred creatures are tortured and die slowly, painfully and alone in a cage in order to save just you, you should ask yourself if it was really worth it. You will die one day no matter what, believing that you deserve to live more than another living creature makes you a monster with a God complex.

  6. Animal testing, (A.K.A. torture and death) to find cures for humans… Dying is normal, and unavoidable. Killing a hundred creatures in order to save just one makes no sense. We humans think we are all powerful and dismiss everything else, we destroy our planet and it's creatures, 'because we can'. Disgusting. All of this is going to turn around and bite us in the ass, I hope.

  7. 'Why' indeed… They don't care about the pain, they 'throw them out' when they are no more good to them, (dead). Animals go insane from isolation in there cages and feel stress, pain and heart-break every moment till the time they die, which comes fast at least. Look it up, you will see what I mean, and really look at the reports when the research companies are NOT aware that they are being filmed (PETA often sends undercover 'spies'), that's when you see the real face of animal testing.

  8. Really? And you're gonna trust PETA? They kill 90% of the animals that show up at their shelters, because in their minds killing them is a better alternative to the "slavery" of animal domestication. Fuck PETA.

  9. You obviously don't have children yet. Your attitude will not be so naive when you do and if they get sick.
    Animal testing is unfortunately the law and whilst this is so, there are animals who need to be cared for by people who have the courage to care. I have been an animal technician for 30 years and I am happy to show/discuss anything I have ever worked with. The "real face of animal testing" can be seen by you anytime you want to come and visit me. We have a "Total Transparency" policy.

  10. Ah the old 'wait until your children get a horrible disease' card…. like all animal researchers have pictures of diseased children hanging in their lab and do it to save the poor children.

  11. Oh yeah, the old "I protest against animal experiments therefore I am not entitled to reap the benefits because of some weird sort of 'you need to be ridicously consisten' opinion". It is perfectly acceptable to take medicine when there's no alternative AND in the meantime voice your opinion on how medicines evolved by animal testing, in what way, in which numbers etc.

  12. Dear CEM9Z… If only you would read what people post and limit commenting on that and refrain from blurting out some semi-random stuff based on what you think the other person most likely also means in your mind… I'll leave you with the challenge of pointing out where I state animal research has had no benefit. And comments like 'people like you' after 1 or 2 posts is rather silly as well…

  13. l am completely against animal testing/cruelty/abuse. l work'd before in a shelter and srtopped working there do to the animals l had to bring in a specially room, after they were euthanised… could not do the job anymore and l felt very bad everyday so l don't understand how anybody whit a hart and feel emphaty can do such a job for such a long time and sleep's good at night. sorry for the bad grammar it's about animals, not grammar

  14. Animal experimentation is both cruel and has no basis in science. The world's largest drug regulator, the US FDA said: '92% of new drugs prove dangerous or ineffective for people in clinical trials, having proved safe and effective in animals.' 8% are approved, in spite of animal experiments not because of them. Correlations of animal and human data only come to the surface once retrospective studies have been conducted, by which time it is too late. A non predictive process is pseudo-science.

  15. Those drugs are tested safe on animals and other methods. Even 88% of drugs passing phase I trials in humans fail in later stages – this is not something animal research can be blamed for.

  16. Your job, as I understand it, is to convince the public that animal experimentation as a pre-clinical testing regime can protect human clinical triallists from ADRs. This, as the FDA has explained is not possible. It doesn't work because experiments on rodents, dog and/or monkeys are not predictive of human outcomes. Phase 1 trials only seek to determine safety, not efficacy.

  17. People who are involved in the process of preparing animals for experimentation ie torture are not worthy of God's blessing. They might ask for God's forgiveness since they are engaged in a process which culminates in so much pain and suffering to produce data which have no predictive value for people.

  18. You was once a child and almost certainly you were saved by drugs. Hundreds of creatures were sacrificed to save just you. Nowadays you can do very smart things, such as using Youtube to discuss about animal experimentation. A thousand mice could never do that. If you want to equal them to human beings, I respect you, but don't pretend I agree. And if believing we shouldn't ignore our power to make the world a bit better means having a God complex, then I'll live with it. I'm atheist anyway.

  19. Unfortunately there's no god saving you when you're sick, you can only rely on science. So shut up and accept that if you can write your whiny preach here it's because of science that allowed you to grow up.

  20. Your last sentence marks you out as a sucker who's fallen for either Ray Greek or Andrew Knight's pseudoscience. Experimentation, hypothesis-testing, safety testing and prediction are entirely different things. The way the scam works is to "straw man"and say the scientists are looking at prediction, then cherry-pick their evidence, then either put it in a book (no peer review) or submit to an non-science journal e.g on ethics.

  21. Sorry. You lost me at 'sucker', which in the context of animal experimentation is a leech that draws valuable financial resources from the research grant gravy train and then squanders them on non-predictive, animal-based modalities of research. The drug companies and those who seek to regulate them have known for many years that ADMET studies and the disease models upon which attempts to determine efficacy have been based, are incapable of predicting outcomes in humans.

  22. The current trend is to outsource human clinical trials. More and more of them are being conducted in developing countries such as India where desperately poor/illiterate people 'volunteer' their services, often with catastrophic consequences. In a recent 4 year period, 1,725 people lost their lives trialling drugs passed safe on the basis of pre-clinical studies on animals. Try Googling the Declaration of Helsinki. Its protective protocols have been circumvented by the drug companies.

  23. HOLD UP!! She wanted to be a vet but instead hurts animals for a living………she wouldve been the worst vet ever… f*** animal experimentation!!!!!


  25. Yes , she may be treating them humanely , but there's no need to test on an animal that wanted to live. I pray for these animals. As soon as I can , I'm opening a shelter that saves animals , goes undercover , and please everyone , please tell you friends about animal cruelty. Speak for those who can't. If you really care.

  26. So even though they are treated in a good way i DO NOT support animal testing under any circunstance. I wouldn't be Ok knowing that the animals i take care of are going to be for testing.

  27. Its weird because i am studying to be a vet tech my job is to care and provide assistants to the vet when needed, in learning how to care for the pet we use real animals to test on, and we call it a research lab. As a student i am not really sure what happens to the animals and it does make me sad but to know one day I will be able to help animals feels rewarding 

  28. ive noticed that there are a lot of animal technician jobs available 
    i just completed my animal care courses and im finding it hard to find any animal care related jobs 
    but watching this video i noticed that the routines they do are exactly the same as the ones i do at collage i think ill apply for a job as animal technician or ill try to find an apprenticeship 

  29. What kind or research facility have their "technologist" handling animals without wearing gloves and a face mask. Have you ever heard of allergic reactions due to exposure to rodents or rabbits? By the way, research animals are not to be handled by anyone outside the research facility.

  30. This is an amazing facility! I wonder if it is because it's in Europe? Here in America there are some great facilities too. Facilities that give the animals the biggest cage possible, enrichment items whether required or not (mice and rats are not considered "animals" by the usda so their requirements are despicable) but sadly there are still some facilities that give the animals the bare minimum. These animals in the video are treated amazingly!

  31. No matter how they dress this up it's not like this in most cases, this video is such BS.  We have no right to do this to other animals.  I will never accept this.

  32. @Jena Troelsgaard  i'm sorry but the fact that you actually believe 'we have to test on animals for now' is the most atrocious and disgusting thing i have ever heard. we DO NOT have to test on animals. there are thousands of make up companies and cleaning product companies that do not tolerate abuse to animals. how dare ANY human being believe that the life of an animal is any less valuable than ours. if you seriously believe that there is 'no other way' than animal testing – you are ignorant and extremely mistaken, and i'm ashamed to share the human race with such ignorance and absurdity. 

  33. People who moan about animal testing for MEDICAL research are such hypocrites it's actually funny.
    When they or a loved one are sick in hospital, do you think they'll say "oh that drug came about because of animal testing, I don't want that' ? Of course they won't!!

    Any militant animal rights nutcase should be banned from having any medical treatment that ever came about due to aniimal testing. Then we'll see how strong their views are.

  34. There is no need to use animals on experiments & research. And why are they treated so horribly?Surgery without anaesthesia, pain relief denied, being beaten – no justification. Why aren't laboratories monitored? Humane respectful treatment of ALL animals is the least we can do

  35. Test on pedophiles, killers and the real criminals. They can repay society, and they have a voice. Why practice on something that cannot understand its suffering? As opposed to people who just ignore their health warnings. Granted I don't tar everyone with the same brush, with some it's a born condition or rare. We won't realise what we have done to the natural world or its inhabitants, until it's all destroyed.

  36. Please don't ever pick up a rat or mouse by the tail. It's not designed to support their weight and you can break it by handling them like that.

  37. For all haters: If you are against animal experimentation. Than also do not use anything that was tested on animals, like:

    Food or medicine for your pet
    Any medicine, including painkillers
    Any other heath treatments, including vaccines
    Anything with plastic in it, like pens, combs, spoons or whatever
    And I can go on for some time.

    That basically means you will have to live in a log cabin, and you will not have a long lifespan. I am not in favor of animal experimentation, but it is necessary. This does not mean everything should be allowed! Labs have a lot of rules and the people working in them try to prevent all forms of unnecessary discomfort.

    If I had the choice being an experimental animal or someones pet, I would go for an experimental animal. No kidding! I hear worse stories from veterinarians than from researchers. People that refuse to put their dog down when it is sick as hell, because 'it has no pain'. Being really sick is a lot worse than pain. Or even worse, people that wants to put their healthy, young dog down, because they want to go on a holiday.

    It is easy to should you are against it, but accepting all the products it has provided.

    +Understanding Animal Research Great video! finally someone that shows the real deal.

  38. Great video. Very informative and truthful – refreshing to see the bright and positive reality that is the use of animals in research. Where would we be without such amazing research? we'd still be dying in our 40's of treatable illnesses.

  39. The same people do mind control experiments with microwave technology in their race for transhumanism, so hurting animals is oh vey to them. Ask any good Kabbalah Rabbi and he will admit human souls are inside some animals. By then purgatgory will be a bitch.

  40. In the islamic hadith, Prophet Muhammed tells the story of a woman sent to hell because she did not give a cat a drink of water. What will God do then to those who experiment on them? Probably the hottest furnace in the seventh hell, the guardian of 19 angels.

  41. I love animals so I decided to join a team where we cruelly torture them to death.What a bunch of horse shit. People like this woman deserve to get a good head shake. How is letting children torture these creatures any good for us? Thank god I dont live in that country.

  42. I genuinely believe that animal testing is obsolete in this age of supercomputers, virtual reality and ever more increased understanding of the physiology of animals, including humans. Furthermore it is even more unethical as it used to be, when our knowledge of physiology was still limited, and there were no other options available. To continue using animal experiments is basically saying "I'm either too lazy to make the switch, and/or i'm too heavily funded and I'm affraid they take my funding away, and well what do you expect me to do? Search for a new position or job? No thanks, I'm lazy!"

  43. I do not understand why in this day and age we are still testing on animals. It is barbaric and completely unacceptable. There are far more ways to test and are not only cruelty free but far more accurate then using animals. Humans are not rats, Humans are not rabbits. Humans are humans with completely different genetics to these animals. Its absurd to think because what can be cured in a mouse can be cured in a Human. Animal testing needs to end and needs to end now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I couldn't do this job for love nor money. id end up crying ? one of those rats has lost both eyes. this sickens me how people could be so cruel….. MURDERERS ?

  45. Whoever's paying 'grandstanding' animal research to produce these videos isn't getting any value for money. More follywood than Hollywood, featuring 'hypocrisy on legs' prepping animals for torture so that someone else can take a stab at mining animals for data which cannot be extrapolated to humans. More tort-ology than technology. Remove the pink garbs, the clinical setting, and the cringingly awful pretence, and you should see this for what it is.

  46. those complaining in the comments below – did you watch to the end of the video?! (from 4.40) – she recalled the story of a coworker who didn't bother cleaning up the dogs because 'they're going to die anyway' which she thought was terrible, and thought to herself she can't 'abandon them now'. she then says she wants experimentation on animals to end, but whilst she knows they are continuing to be used she wants to be the one to look after them because she cares about them. she is literally ON YOUR SIDE. she is NOT your enemy. the argument that if no one did the job out of protest, the practise would end – no, facilities would just hire people who don't care, like that asshole with the dogs. social reform doesn't come about from giving hate to fellow animal lovers and protectors at the bottom of the institutional food chain. her job is hard, and sad enough.

  47. These facilities are disgusting their is nothing for them to do no stimulation and the size is disgusting using these animals is abuse

  48. I think one really should find the middle ground. Even if left of center usually, ban private ownership of monkeys, that sort of thing, I don't have a big problem with lab animals if treated as humanely as possible. But the other side of the ground – y'ain't getting your hands on my sweet and adorable Stuart J. Mouse.

  49. wow the stupid people in the comments are obviously aren't bachelor graduates. they are basically spouting out nonsense ignorant things that they think is morally right. if yall want to not support animal testing then dont consume any medication or treatment because they are most likely to be a product of both animal AND human testing. Yes humans are also tested after animal is deem safe. Yall are clueless, animal testing is not the final step to continue to the public market. Once animal testing is done, it has to go through many many human clinical trials (which are in fact human experiments with consenting subjects) before it can be deemed safe to be release in public. But even if it is already in the market there will still be ongoing research.

  50. ????????????????????☹☹☹☹☹??????☠☠☠leave alone animals..testing in your self…idiots..

  51. God will judge you all in due course. I wonder how well the old classic "we needed to torture animals because were doing science " excuse will do. Jesus said, "if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off, for it is better that you enter the Kingdom of God with a hand missing, than for your entire body to be thrown into hell". If your cancer research causes you to sin, STOP DOING IT, for it is better that you enter the Kindom of God without a cure for cancer, than that your entire body be thrown into hell.
    The ends don't justify the means. evil is evil.

  52. What's more disturbing than this lab are the comments (ooo, they benefit human medicine) this is cruel! Go cruelty free

  53. Animal testing and experiments are cruel! How would you like to be tortured by a much bigger species only for them to “justify” it saying that it was saving their lives? Please, please, please stop animal testing and experiments! Please shop cruelty-free (using Goodsearch, supporting an ethical, animal-friendly cause, buy a cruelty-Free guide off of the BUAV or your country’s equivalent)! Please don’t support charities that use animals in experiments and research (e.g Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation, Alzheimer’s Society, Motor Neorones Society or whatever they’re called and others)! Before you accuse me of being against sufferers of these illnesses and all cancer research, etc. I do donate to cancer charities and charities that help people, just not ones that abuse and exploit animals. Macmillan Cancer Support, Marie Curie, CLIC Sargent and others all don’t use animals in research…
    Thank you ?.

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