34 thoughts on “A day in a Dog Cafe – Pawfect Life ?❤️ | Debasree Banerjee

  1. I know they are the best… but have u just looked at there reaction they r not happy even though they r been take care off… leaving at one place for the whole day…. i feel bad about it

  2. where is this location can anyone plzz tell.. me and is their any fees we have to pay while entering inside?????

  3. can't wait to go here! saw it like 4 times. can't get enough of it. please try to make a longer Video next time cause u looked so happy and the dogs looked soooooooooo cutee. Awesome editing Deb ???

  4. Hey.. this is Niharika from Pawfect Life.. this is like the best video of our pets ever… thank you .. ❤❤ and hope to see u soo..
    U actually made me cry

  5. i'm the proud guardian of a 4 year old cat; watching these puppers made my eyes well up. animals have the purest kind of love to offer; they are too perfect for us humans to ever understand.
    thank you for this video debasree. made my day

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