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Oh, hi– hi– hi. Look. Look look-look–
look over there. Today there’s going to be
some pedicures and pampering. There’s going to
be some nap time. But it’s not for me. It’s for these little guys. Meet Kerry Brown. I’m going to spend the
day at D Pet Hotels to see what it takes to
give their furry clientele the full luxury experience. I put her to sleep
with my massaging. Could you believe that
George is single now? We’ve become fast friends,
just in this intro. I am in D Pet Hotels with
the most adorable little dog ever in my lap in a pink chair. What happens here? What is this place? This is New York City’s most
luxurious hotel for dogs. We offer everything
from overnight boarding, grooming, daycare services. We have private chefs. We have– You have private
chefs for dogs? We do. Our most luxurious suites
have a full-size bed, a 42-inch flat-screen TV. What do you put on TV?
“Lassie”? Exactly. Dog movies. “Scooby Doo”– – “Scooby Doo”!
– Yeah! (SCOOBY DOO VOICE) Huuuuh? Maybe that’s the voice you need. Oh yeah– I see it works. It works. You guys really know
what you’re doing. So what exactly do
I get to do here? We have one of our
regular clients named DJ, who’s coming in for a makeover. You’re going to be doing
a treadmill workout. You have a gym here? We have a gym called “PANT.” That’s fantastic. And then we’ll do
a story time too. I can do a story time? Once upon a time, there was an
amazing television show host. KERRY BROWN: You ready
to meet your dog? Yeah, I’m ready. Let’s rock this. I don’t think you’re
ready to get up. We’re not ready. Just maybe five more minutes. Please. So what am I looking at? This is the window
into Dog World. KERRY BROWN: This is our
medium-sized dog park where all the
medium-sized dogs get to play and run around all day. Which one is mine? KERRY BROWN: DJ is the one
right at the top of the slide. She’s so adorable. And I like it– she’s on top. KERRY BROWN: She’s the
queen of the castle. JASON: Yeah, absolutely. So when we go in there, it’s
going to be a lot of barking. All the girls are going
to be like, “Oh, my god! That’s Jason from HGTV! Arararararararararararararara
ra!” Right? I can sign autographs. – Let’s– let’s see.
– Let’s see? Or maybe not? Maybe not. So you’re ready to go in there? So ready, I was born ready. Let’s go. Yeah! That’s your girl. I wanted to have everybody,
but it was just so hard. Hi! You look so chill. Look how cute! All day. Coolest job in the world. Pardon me, little buddies! So what am I looking at here? KERRY BROWN: This
is our grooming tub. What? Yeah, you got to talk loud. Use your hands, too.
– Yeah, yeah. KERRY BROWN: This is the tub.
you wash her, make sure the temperature is good. You’ll keep one hand on her. And you’ll just
start getting her wet just like you would wash a car. JASON: OK. Let me get them pits. Sometimes you go
get in the pits. KERRY BROWN: Yeah, big
yellow bottle there, squirt it on her a little bit. And you’re just going to start
working it through her coat. And you can massage her. It feels good on her. JASON: Welcome to
the Salon de Jason. Can I get you a coffee
or something, ma’am? She fell asleep. I put her to sleep
with my massaging even. That’s it. Let it out! You ready to get
blow-dried, little buddy? (LADY VOICE) “Yes.” She said yes. We’ve patted dry with a towel. Now I have this amazing
sort of giant dryer. Tell me that I get to use it. You do. She’s still pretty
damp, so we’re going to give her
a nice brush out, and use the dryer to just
make her look fabulous. On five. Ready for glam. Three– she’s ready. Vogue. Here we go. Give me glam looks. [music playing] Ah, so warm. KERRY BROWN: You did good. JASON: Yeah, thank you. But we’ve got our
professional groomer here who’s been through years of school. She’s going to do the actual
clippering and cutting. Fantastic. You’re going to
be the grooming arm. All right! KERRY BROWN: So give
me– show me your arm. Look at you. Perfect grooming arm.
– Thank you! Thank you. You know, I had to go to school
for a long time for this also. KERRY BROWN: We’re giving
her a Mohawk first. So we’ll start
with the clippers. Oh, fantastic. Are you ready for that? It’s just what you asked for. KERRY BROWN: And DJ actually
has fabulous lashes. So we always make sure
that we keep her eyelashes. Her mustache– we’re going to
go really tight along the sides with the scissors. And then we’re going
to keep this area here– that’s awesome. JASON: I like your
Mohawk so far, DJ. KERRY BROWN: It looks– awesome. JASON: You’re looking
pretty rad, pretty punk. It’s got that New York
street right there. KERRY BROWN: She’s ready
for her final touches. She wanted a pop of color. [pop noise] Pop of color. And it’s purple. Poppin’ purple. JASON: Oh, it matches the leash. So I’m just going
to paint it in. KERRY BROWN: Yeah. JASON: This is going
to look fabulous. Totally fabulous. KERRY BROWN: These are
all vegetable dyes. And that’s important. JASON: It’s all edible. In case they decide to eat it. KERRY BROWN: They
could eat it, yeah. JASON: It’s already
looking pretty good. KERRY BROWN: We’re
going to let this sit. Meantime, you’re going
to give her a pawdicure. “Pawdicure”? Oh, yeah, lookin’ glam. Totally glam. Could you believe that
George is single now? I mean, you know, he’s on
that weight-training program. And I just think that
he looks so good. Am I right? Totally glam. KERRY BROWN: Now we’re
going to head to PANT Gym. JASON: The bikini body is built
in the winter, am I right? Am I right? Now, George, here’s the thing. We’ve got to talk about your
weight and all the biscuits you’ve been eating. All right, come around. We’re going to put
you up on the– yeah! He knows what’s up. KERRY BROWN: We’re just start
him with a slow walk, OK? You’re on the wrong size. That’s for the
tiny dogs, George. You can’t be on the small
one and watch the big one go. This is not how exercise works. This is very much the Soho
workout you have going. OK, if this is what it’s going
to take to lose those calories, George, we’re going to do it. Are you ready for this? [royal fanfare trumpets playing] OK, George, I want
to see some panting! It’s a dog-eat-dog
world out there, George! Sometimes you’ve got to work
it and get those paws up! I said paws, not pause! I’ve seen cats that can
train harder than you. I want to see you
get up and run. This is the PANT Gym, George! This is my gym! We sweat here. And if we don’t sweat, we pant! You ready to hit the showers? Hit the showers, George. George, showers. George– George, your
focus level in this workout has not been what I wanted,
but I did make a new friend. Awesome. I think that’s important. Thanks, George. I feel super relaxed. I really appreciate you letting
us come out and hang out. George, where are you going? Where you going, buddy? It’s not even over yet. I actually think you
did an awesome job today. Really? You can give it to me straight
if you don’t think I did. The biggest thing for us
is making sure that every dog is completely loved. And look at them. They’re, like, all over you– I have a lot of love to give. Look at this hair. I did this hair, Kerry. You nailed it. This is one punk-rock DJ
if you’ve ever seen one. Am I right? Yeah. Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, glamor. Once upon a time, there was an
amazing television show host. He was so smart and so
handsome that all the dogs wanted to be his friend. He gave out the best
treats, mainly because he was so smart and so handsome. (AUSTRIAN ACCENT) I am George. I work out. I feel strong every day. Every day I do stretch. I get down and I say,
yes, today I work out, get strong, make bikini
body for the winter. Look. Look this way.

11 thoughts on “A Day at a Luxury Dog Hotel – See J Work – HGTV

  1. This was such an inspirational and preciously cute video! I honestly love Animals more than humans. Unconditionally love until they leave this world of ours. . Love the the purple in the hair! D.J. And all of the dogs at this luxury hotel are all so adorable and huggable! Definitely, Cuteness Over-Load, all the way! Sweet! Thank you so much for HGTV for sharing your super Uber story! Peace, light, and doggie kisses! Susan from Canada!

  2. My, dog, Pierre, was a Chihuahua, had him for 18 years and passed away. He was my son, never had kids, he was my everything to me. He slept with me, I went to the corner deli and had the butcher sliced deli meats for me, gave him bottled water, went on road trips, he was my partner in crime. He's in heaven with my baby sister, who just passed away, She,love him, too! RIP Linda, Pierre, mom/dad and Frances, all my friends and relatives' who have join everyone upstairs.

  3. If you see this do you know if DJ is a golden doodle she looks like a smaller version of my grammas golden doodle named Jackie.

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