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okay time for my darkness team um an elemental is he gonna start with that first I don't know I think I'm good just going with this guy first like no matter which petit chooses because the fledgling warden Alan he's gonna go first like no matter which pet he uses and he's gonna be able to get off his wombo combo no matter what petty uses unless he wanted to doom balloon first of course alright I'm gonna go for a couple of savage talons to take him out oh he went into the air this will just straight-up murder oh he died to his own scorched err that's great okay this isn't a good matchup now this is my tech option right here the reason I'm running this crab is because elementals like they wreak nocturnal strike and I'm running this guy because I have water jet I'm of course going to set up called darkness first actually I don't need called darkness yet instead headbutt I'll go for a headbutt for the chance at a stun stun steeds in two turns I think I should be sighting at my called darkness now because I want that just in case I swap into either one of these other two paths and it hits harder no no it hits just as hard Wow all these abilities hit just as hard I'm not too keen on what breed I have like this was just the only version of this pen I had and I didn't want to go out and farm for the good breed so I don't really know what that is I would assume the power power because I want this guy to hit but also you know I plan on swapping into him and HH breed seems like it's the best idea for that yeah he's able to heal up no problem under darkness Twilight I should just be able to stay in on this guy to be honest because we have the same speed and I have hard-hitting moves against him like all of my abilities do 420 difference to him I just noticed that it is 420 damage how hilarious that's the weed number folks and doom Blum isn't a very good elemental it's decent like if I were to make a tier list I probably put doom Blum at tier two I guess like basically any pet that's decent but not tier 1 is tier two there's very few bad pets that are tier three you know I was thinking recently like if I'm gonna update the tier list eventually I do plan on doing that I want to make like a Tier one point five like I think that would be the best bet let's see who I'm faster I'm gonna go for the head but you know fish for a stun and then hold let's go for Twilight I can change the weather on him oh no I didn't mean to do that I didn't mean to use that no I meant to change the weather not I screwed myself it's because called darkness is usually at the to slide you can't blame me for that okay I can swap out or just sit still he doesn't hit me very hard like I have a good match of who he missed to okay looks like they didn't matter good thing darkness teams are still very good like even after the nurse the nurse they did was they basically nerfed the attack power of some of the common darkness pets but not all of them like the fledgling warden al he's still you know he's still doing strong they also did nerf any of the jungle leaks they basically just nerfed some of the crows and bone serpent but then again bone serpent needed to be nerf he was tier 0 like in the tier list you know tier 0 or pets that are so ridiculously strong with they're kind of overpowered and as far as I know I think only the Twilight clutch sister qualifies for tier 0 it's the same team again huh this time I'll start off with Twilight since he's still faster than everyone doom Blum this I can go for a twilight fire and then just swap into my crab the crab did really good against him I think this stays on him so I can swap out and I don't have to worry about my car no I think it stays on him but it affects my frontline pet so I'll go for head but just fish for a stun even if it does the same damage ooh there we go and yeah he gets stunned that's fine I'm gonna swap out I can just go into Twilight I don't really need the wombo combo especially since he might just set up emulation and swap out so I'm gonna Twilight fire him you know just to like weave my abilities okay here we go I'm gonna set up called darkness during the turn that I can't hit him that way I can surge of light him actually I'm just gonna go for a twilight fire to kill him because he has immolation if I remember correctly so if he swaps out he's dead he's gonna die anyway and the doom bloom comes out he's not affected by the the chance to stun is increased no wait this works actually now I'm thinking about it it'll stun him because it doesn't matter it doesn't affect the pent it's only like I need darkness to be out for this to be 100% see the reason these kinds of pets really screw with nocturnal strike is because nocturnal strike only always hits if the target is blinded and undead's elementals they ignore that because their racial which is usually useless is actually useful against darkness teams because it means nocturnal strike doesn't have 100% hit chance it only has a a 40% hit chance which is terrible this 40% in pet battle terms is like you know you're basically never gonna hit but surge of white only checks to see if the weather is darkness you know just in general it doesn't check to see if the opponent's pet is blinded which is the distinction here because if it checks that the target is blinded and they're unaffected by negative weather effects then what you may call it I don't know what I was saying surge of light works I didn't know that I do know that now this team is too good okay uh and because elemental pads usually gave me a problem with darkness teams I threw in this crap it's the only crab it's the only darkness pet which also has an aquatic ability I thought that'd be a really good counter to elementals and it seems to be doing good so far I kind of wanted to go and farm a better breed though but I think the HH breeds working pretty good like he's hitting hard enough and like cuz I build this pet like I want this pet to be swapped in two and usually pets while you're swapping in two you know like a hard swap you want them to be tanky and having an HH breed does make him kind of tanky like either tanky or they're able to heal up for a lot that's why the emperor cramp is a good pet to swap into because he can heal and he's very tanky despite not having very much health you know his self is decent it's still about 1,400 but a shell armor and killing wave with his high attack power value make him a very tanky pet so you can swap into him and expect him to live for a long time this pet doesn't really have any of that kind of protection just a lot of health which i think is you know good enough cuz he has like two hard hitting the abilities as well which makes me think you know a power power breed would still probably be better in this scenario or at least in H a health power breed I think this is the same guy he just swapped out a couple of ability it could be something different I don't know a business lots people use a business for some reason hmm another elemental pet pill that's scary I guess love is go Twilight Twilight it's a really good starter I found okay a business I'm just gonna go for Twilight fire right off the bat just in case he decides to immolation and swamp nope he went straight into meteor okay I'll use this turn to apply called darkness and I'll just use surge of light here to stop him for the turn apply Twilight fire and then swap out nice okay and it's an elemental pet so time to go into the crab my darkness crab let's see it has basically every breed available I love it when that happens okay I'm gonna go for head but first to fish for it a stun no stun but that did hit very hard oh my god is it so hard no way holy hell was that – triple hits in a row with who look twilight is a one point faster Twilight is one speed faster than the cinder kitten and he swaps oh boy this is fine I can just weave in Twilight fire Twilight fire is a really good diet and surge of light now I – I'm gonna weave I'm gonna keep weaving I was leaving under the assumption that I was faster that may have been an error on my brow he went for a heal he's not an elemental so that wasn't a good idea you know I probably should just save Twilight fire now I think about it I just use it right without thinking that wasn't a good idea cuz he's gonna die anyway so I could have just saved it oh we swapped oh my god that was dumb of that helped me so much oh thank god thank God he saw oh my god he went for Twilight meteor that was so dumb like if I was trying to lose on purpose right here that's exactly what I would do – oh like what it's locked and then Winfred Twilight meteor this is great I mean I guess that makes up for how ridiculously lucky he got with all those wrens you got to triple hits in a row and on the second one he crit on like two of them like what the hell kind of luck is that okay uh uh that's three matches right yeah three with three matches three wins all against I think the same guy it wasn't really a good matchup like none of those pets were very good but I didn't get to show off you know the shadow back crawler against an elemental which is why I included him so you know final thoughts Twilight um good like surprisingly good back in Legion when it first came out I didn't really consider it at Tier one because there were so many darkness pets in the game already that it's you know relatively lackluster attack really didn't make it stand out very much and once they nerfed all the other pets I mean you can still just run three fledgling warden owls instead look you don't need to run other pets let's see what else is there that can both set up darkness and use nocturnal strike that's strong I think it's just the owls and specifically the fledgling warden now only this one because they nerfed all the other ones yeah oh my god like super nerfed all of the crows oh my god that is pathetic damage I think they just kind of forgot that this pet existed because they specifically wanted to nerf call darkness and nocturnal strike and you know this was already one of the strongest pets I could do that and you can run three of them it is I think it's kind of difficult to get though no it's not actually that's real easy just wardens revered okay what is this pet his stats are bad dread lean yeah the dread hatchling used to be the strongest called darkness nocturnal strike user and they nerfed him when they nerfed all the called darkness when they nerfed the crows they also nerfed this guy as well which is great because I always thought about getting one of these like buying the WOD collector's edition just to get the dread hatchling I never did though because I was like he's only a little bit better than crows like yeah I don't really care that much so I'm glad they nerfed roof so now it's like yeah I glad I didn't do that because the warden al is better anyway so yeah Lea nerfed the darkness users and they left the jungle beats alone except this guy he's still just as good but since they nerfed all those other ones like Twilight shot up in usefulness because of that and it's more like it was always useful it just got overshadowed by other pets that were easier to use but really Twilight fire is really good it's also like part of the reason Twilight clutch sisters good part of the reason because it's a really good diet even with a 1 turn cooldown on it because it does you know like 75% damage and it has a dot which is stronger than normal dots I think it's like 25 percent stronger than normal dots so overall it does more damage than a basic attack when you apply it no I think it does exactly the damage of a basic attack when you apply it now that I'm looking at its numbers yeah whereas other dots didn't really do that but you know they you put a dot on them and then it applies for two turns which means three turns and dot terms because dots don't count the turn you apply them so it's three turns at 300 damage over it yeah if you just used this that's you know a basic attack in two thirds that's really good power of the board is that what's playing right now okay well you know I'm done with this oh also this guy right here I was looking at called darkness users and I found this guy and I was like oh my god that's perfect because usually one of the biggest counters to darkness teams back in the day was just a single elemental path because you could just swap into them and the nocturnal strike would miss and nocturnal strike is a huge reason why these pets were so good that's not really too much of a problem with Twilight because surge of light doesn't really worry about that it'll still stun them and as long as you go first cuz most elemental pets that people use regularly are slow and to 93's fast enough to outspeed everything except fast pets now this thing right here what's its fastest breed its SS breed wow that's decently fast the 325 on a crab huh I guess it doesn't really have cramp stats he just has normal stats because the power power breed is like standard power power 1400 health 325 attack 260 speed yeah usually crabs have like overinflated health values at the cost of speed this one doesn't though well he performed well I I like him I might try them on more darkness teams

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  1. There's a couple other pets with call darkness and an aquatic move but the crab deffo seems the best, hungering claw not a million miles behind

  2. Hey Hiru, I made a team a while back that I began using again and it still had a pretty solid win streak. Was wondering if you'd be interested in checking it out.

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