40 thoughts on “A Bunny's pet?!°Gacha life°[gay love story]ep1

  1. Me : how do you Pronounce there name ????

    Mom : what’s the problem
    Me I can’t say it ?
    Mom :uhhhh calls for dad
    Dad what the problem
    Mom she can say his name
    Dad : uhhhhh I’m done
    ME: XD

  2. Every time Kiyo says little guy to koshi aim like that’s cute but aren’t you the little guy since I’m measuring your heights it explains that he is the little guy but I love it sofar♥️♥️??????‍❤️‍?‍??️‍??️‍?

  3. Hey Kiyo, I got some of that 10 gallons of water you order about a week ago since you're so thristy!?

  4. Kiyo: Such a cute little guy Looks and probably is shorter then Koshiro
    Me: Yeah such a cute so called little guy ._.

  5. Why do people put in the title “gay love story?” There’s not need to put that in there. Nobody puts in “straight story” so why should we put the title “gay?” We can just figure it out on our own! It’s a little bit sexist if you think about it.

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