A Bald Man Gets A Hair Transplant

hi I'm Kane and I'm getting a hair transplant I don't know if you've all noticed but I wear a lot of hats I like hats but I'm also balding I've always known I was gonna go bald because my dad is super bald I always hoped and prayed that one day technology will be events enough where I could just get a hair transplant right now it's gonna happen when I was younger I never really thought about my hair it just kind of was there and I've always had a big forehead when I turned 25 I started seeing hair receding a lot faster it started from the side and slowly in the front I looked like a different person the middle was just missing it was like a crater right in the front I started feeling really insecure about it from then till now I never grew my hair out I tried other alternatives to hair transplant like putting on powder or like spraying on things and it just did not work out for me that's more to fill out here if you're losing it slightly mine is a receding hairline I realized I know nothing about hair transplants how they work is it safe what are the risk what's the healing process after talking more openly I know a lot of guys who are like I want to know what it's like it's a real insecurity that guys have hair loss terrifies me hair loss and Men is such a taboo thing this part I'm losing a lot of it and around 23 my mom made fun of me one year when I went home for Christmas at the beginning I was really uncomfortable with it around like 21 22 I started to really see it I'm only 29 right now I have like little mini crises let's sit on the floor like oh man I'm getting a wolf how is hair important for like dating or like social life this is one of the first impressions that you get it gives you the older vibe or a younger vibe it's been a source of shame my wedding photos and when I looked at the side I'm like I could really see that my hair was really thinning I didn't like those photos I'm like those are my wedding have you ever thought about getting a hair transplant to be honest I did I thought about him I would like to do hair transplants at some point do you know anything about the procedure itself I don't really I don't know if you shave it would it grow again like I'm not sure but in general I really don't know so much about it I think you can pull off anything if you're losing your hair I can do some sort of a style that makes it cool but there's nothing wrong with having hair I'm hoping that this experience will show other people if it's an option for them I researched a bunch of hair transplant surgeons in Los Angeles I found dr. Shawn venom and he's gonna walk me through the process dr. schaumband I'm board-certified hair transplant specialist I've been doing for the past ten years over 3,000 cases other genetics affect baldness it can't come from either the mom sorry that's right they're environmental triggers that push you into anything that increases the level of hormone called DHT significant I've stress stress can affect yes what you eat make you have hair loss faster or earlier novel gag chicken is pumped with a lot of progesterone to beef up the breasts so when fried chicken why chicken that's non-organic does Rogaine and other things like that actually help prevent hair loss yes but everybody's different you may be taking you again I affirm may be taking you okay now your friend may be a better responder to medication than you are an initial consultation it's also important for the doctor to evaluate if you are a good candidate for a hair transplant in my practice I don't do any hair restorations for anybody that's an age 25 who have the greatest and highest expectation and least disappointment hair solution is not magic you're not gonna look like Elvis it just frames the face gives you more hair to walk with is creating an illusion how would lo we decide to put a hairline I like to be very conservative above age 25 or 30 the facial features are changing and they need something that is more mature I rather than a hairline that makes them look like 18 this is call it that Saddam de it's actually a small microscope I will evaluate your hair for holes these are graphs with two hairs one of the most important factors is the consistency all the diameters are consistent then tht is not affecting this area as it is in the area with that you have inhale you will see the diameter and the color of all the crafts are at different stages of hair loss I don't do any procedures for anybody who's rapidly losing hair the doctor also showed me a bunch of photos of his past hair transplant the doctors have to know what they're doing but they also have to know what will look natural and what will fit your head shape hair transplant is a mix of science and art let's draw a headline I'm going to go ahead and measure from the latter part of the eye we go up and this is right here what kind of hair lines do you normally help you read the corners depending on where the lateral part of the eye sits as you grow older the lateral part of the temple actually changes position you have to really create a hairline that is age-appropriate at any age it should like to painting so how do you like to cool naturalness is asymmetry left side the rice are purposely won't be symmetric here's actually won't to be placed on a straight line you also have the choice between fue and fut fut they're taking a strip of hair from the back and moving it to the front the downside of that is Lucy a linear scar the process is a little quicker I chose fue because you're basically moving one hair at a time I felt like it would look a little bit more natural for me because I didn't want to keep the back of my hair too long and then we scheduled an appointment for two months later because he does only one hair transplant a day is there anything I should be prepared for night before no exercise no alcohol thank you so much thanks for coming set me home let me grow out my hair so it's been two months pretty freaking nervous don't know how it's gonna feel if it's gonna work I haven't grown my hair out this long in forever and the leaves scar marks in the back of my head which means I can never shave the back of my head change that I'll never people to go back on four hours I'm gonna have again surgery on my head I hope I'm making the right decision I get to the doctor's office at 6:00 a.m. this is my first surgery ever being so close to my brain I was afraid of anything going wrong when I got there everyone was super nice and calm the deductr buys me a bagel and love to speak um ah I get changed into this little outfit they wash my hair there's a huge emphasis on keeping things clean and sterile they do a few other medical related things lots of before photos are being taken and all different angles I start getting nervous I draw a headline thankful for about 1,500 bats we could keep going lower data line if we get more raft then he draws another line this is the permanent line and this is the one that I'm gonna have how many hours does a transplant take Italy takes about eight hours how dangerous are hair transplants coach esta noche triste at all he's like just going to a dentist having a doctor that does a good physical reviews house use medications is very important more lines are drawn in the donor area in the back of my head and then he shaves my head he uses a new shaver for every patient to keep things clean he then draws grids in the back of my head basically to map out where the donor hair will be extracted it's just didn't eat the areas that I want to go they sent me down for the painful part they had me to squishy balls I was like yeah I won't mean squishy balls boy was I wrong the area is numbed up it's done under local anesthesia could not know it's felt like I was being operated on by an alien after being abducted the best way I can describe how the numbing feels is a knife connected to a vibrating toothbrush cutting a smiley face on a jack-o'-lantern but on the back of my head this imagine a tree has a saddle of matches you just numb do with of the trees all this humming swish to all the batches after that everything was numb I was also given xanax so I was relaxed and getting pretty sleepy after I clear the sights Regan extracting the doctor went in and took out graphs one at a time 1,300 of them and put it on petri dishes I use a microscope individual here in the back of the scalp you want to make sure that it grafts are of utmost highest quality that's gonna be the last fooders of your life his assistants in the back would be separating them and then counting them to make sure that it's enough at this time I'm just sitting there in a daze I'm not sure what the heck is happening in the back of my head because I can't feel anything how long can aggress it outside the body his shortest the better for only a few hours I don't even know what's going on during this time I guess I was snoring and sleeping there were about five people working on me and my hair they were like machines each doing their part every once in a while I'd wake up and the camera guys would have a shot to look on their faces everything was meticulous the people at the other end of the room were looking through microscopes prepping the extracted hair to be put in later after a few hours they were done extracting hair from the donor area they set me up and spread a cool thing on the donor area this is called I mean you expect comes with inner lining of the amniotic positive incentive when a baby's born it comes in a stare-off fashion I felt like a cake being decorated I'll bottle $700,000 we're gonna use two of them for you today in ejected it goes in the grass it goes on their wounds in the back is it to help it heal yes I was told that whenever I needed to go to the restroom to pee let them know five minutes before at the first thought of it so then they could prepare grab my head yeah it was a nice note when I went to the bathroom I had to leave the door unlocked and sit in case I leaned it or fell hi feeling sir great Oh excellent you're gonna numb the top of the scalp I really wasn't expecting the numbing to be that painful and then I create the sights ten times magnification you could see so many things you can see with your naked eye the actual hair follicle the depth the rectangle and directions for yeah I wanted to go ahead and treat a small slip with a grasp it into that would take about one to two hours how bigger the slits very small it's according to the size of the grafts themselves I don't really even know what's going on above my head I hope yeah I want to know right now so five make ten sites who recount everything the number of sites and the number of grafts everything has to match after poking a ton of holes in the top of my head he shaves it it was originally left unshaped so they can tell which direction my hair grows after they're done shaving the wash my head again they keep me clean and wrapped up after each step and also when I go to the bathroom otherwise I'd probably freak out by the amount of blood they cream my head some more and prep me for lunch at this point were about 50% into the surgery as I'm about to take a sip of my coke the doctor swooped in grabs the coke because the caffeine would actually make me bleed more after lunch that was time for the hairs that were taken out to go into the holes that are made if you imagine like a fully grown tree and they're moving that tree with like the roots and everything grabbing and going into the new spot but 1,300 times and much more tiny I can't even imagine how patient you have to be to do this sidenote my mind is blown that this is even possible he said the some grass have between one two three hair the with three helps the recipient area look more full apparently I had quite a few that had three so that was good to hear at one point as I was sitting there it dawned on me that we are totally in the future but most of the time I was just asleep and hoping for the best three hours later it seemed like everything happened like that they cleaned away the last application of a cell and applied a new fresh layer they expertly wrapped my head again the doctor then sat me down and explained the aftercare instructions the first month after the surgery is pretty rigorous I wouldn't do anything dangerous oh no bungee jumping jumping from class oh yeah but didn't do that anyway I'm pretty bad at following instructions but I'll try my best well with three thousand patients have my personal cell phone number he puts a little blue cap on my head so I don't scare the people on the street he sends me home and I'm pretty much left to my own devices and then I realized this is only half the process so I just got home how I should have taken some pain reliever medication a little earlier because it's starting to hurt I'm also trying to read all the instructions for the next few days so I can make sure the graph state and also getting used to all the different medication I have to take like the antibiotics pain reliever and some other things ordered food some burritos in soup trying not to bend over but even something simple as I drinking soup I have to like keep my head up I hope it stops hurting soon my supposed to spray the solution on my head every 10 minutes I didn't look too bad they has sodium potassium electrolytes just like your own body to put into Miss mode you get very close to sweet these are little babies and this is organ trash so you want to take care of this is to keep my head from scabbing up and keeping it sanitized into my eyes for the back of my head I supposed to alternate between this thing called a cell and Vaseline every two hours I supposed to rub it into the holes so then it could close and there would be less scarring sleeping that night was probably the most painful night putting my head against the pillow since I'm a side sleeper for the next week I had to sleep on my back 45 degrees so pretty much sitting straight up it's kind of crazy to have here on that part of my head now you little one stay in in the morning I wake up and my pillow is covered in blood it looks like a scene from a horror movie luckily the doctor gave me hello cases that are disposable so a case that he gave so I can just remove it I should want the back I haven't seen the back yet but apparently the very holy a lot of holes this growth factor one has gloves and he's gonna help me spread it evenly am i rubbing the red areas I have tripped up over yes so then I'm afraid of the little holes I'm not super squeamish and you've done the bottle tube I sprayed every 20 minutes with the solution I said the doctor my photo said it's probably clotting a little too much I should have been spraying a lot closer and a lot more yesterday I switched out the bandages back in my head everything I'm doing is to prevent my grafts from falling out I can't take a shower under the pressure take a shower from the neck down at room temperature water because I started to smell bad with the blood and sweat and the dirt and the spray still haven't seen the back yet but I heard his gross I have to be careful not to hit my head on anything I can't work out I'm at the doctor's office again to see how everything is going my friend says kind of like taking implant cuz you're spraying water and hoping that it grows and I kill all the plants really hoping that that metaphor was not accurate thank you thank you pass and drop it it gets the Queen does that hurt upwards okay so that annual fix goes into the hole still haven't seen what the backlinks say yeah looks perfect you're gonna have some special tape and special massage to prevent swelling and bruising so draining that you see the swelling here yeah push that whole five times an hour and you're not gonna get slow which that to decide she does not get I need you I uh huh something about not having lymph nodes in the middle but on the side otherwise you'll get swine here and under your eyes I had no idea then your forehead and under eyes good well this is not strong yes but on YouTube here she has my face swollen your eyes shut you can't even open it make a spirit accidentally messing up all the graphs scratching it off under the shower head accidentally you're like pushing it all out doctors gonna explain how to wash this part for the first time basically take the baby shampoo on it shake it so it's for me mint and the rest with clean water and then perhaps okay as long as not too tight it's gonna check up and I picked up some protein shakes and multivitamin to encourage the hair growth gonna finish the rest of the medication that he gave you said is looking good there weren't any concerns the third night is when the back felt like fire ants we're climbing in the back of my head felt super itchy but I can't scratch it kinda like chickenpox supposed to just let happen I can't bother every single time so I've learned we're in the back of my head to put it I can kind of feel it because it's like a little bit more sensitive hopefully it works cuz stars would not be fun you can this I might get work done you just can't lift anything heavy it just felt like a massive migraine last night I just put all my bedding and clothes I got wet with blood into the washer hopefully tonight will be a much less bloody night I'll rub did I keep doing this for I'm Dave I don't like the pendants makes me feel safe my head just wants to tilt that way I like sleeping on my side I put this awesome to help me not rub my head all over my pillows I can wear hat again after seven days no one really knew unless I told them that I just had a hair transplant at this point you could still see red dots I was pretty insecure about people seeing it Grouse are getting super itchy hair is supposed to fall out by itself that's what's probably happening right now it looks very patchy and then there's like empty area saw photos of it back in my head for the first time looks like I got bitten by a ton of little ants or like shot with a bunch of little tiny arrows I'm glad I did because now I know what other people are seeing it actually isn't as bad as I thought kind of hurts around this area though I'm gonna try to sleep like a regular person tonight and I do the 45-degree angle because I don't think I could do another night of that I just want to speak normally day 10 today 15 either have a scabbing on top of the scalp looks like it's in patches my head started scabbing off it's like a mix of feeds blackheads pepper they were like really hard hundreds of them at first I was afraid of what it was and I thought it was the actual grafts coming off but they're just the tops of the grafts holy cow so gross but kind of satisfying I don't want to push too hard because it might hold the actual graph so so what I did to shampoo my hair was conditioned you had gently back to it and dad a figure passed you gently massaging his fingernails that would help the scabbing fall out more a few days after that it was all gone things were trying to feel really normal in my life my friends didn't really notice the back until they went really close I'm surprised a lot of people think that it's like an immediate thing it takes six months to a year to actually grow to how it's eventually gonna be a lot of people think it's like the next day it was so surprised that so many other men are worried about losing their hair when I told them that I was going through this process they kind of light up and are like wow you understand my insecurities hopefully just talking about it more openly guys will feel less alone and maybe even share tips about how to deal with hair loss since I'm still young I want to look that way I still want to look how I feel once after the hair transplant what should somebody expect to happen within the first one one all the hairs fall the hair that you see here is actually gonna all fall off this isn't the actual hair that I'm gonna have by about 4 to 5 months the hair start going in full results for about one year and thickness for about 15 months I can't tell you yet if it was all worth it it really depends how it looks in a year let me know if this was helpful to you super curious about all of your relationships to your hair and if this might be something that you would be considering in the future I'll probably do a follow-up video about a actual growth back period and the final before and after we'll see in that video and six months to a year thanks for calling my journey so far

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  1. Hey ya'll! Just wanted to say this is a unique behind the scenes view, from the patient perspective, this is a very comfortable experience. I slept most of the time and I didn’t see any blood at all during the procedure because everything was happening outside my view. The numbing was slightly uncomfortable, but after that, everything was completely numb and fine (which is what you would want).

    Thank you Dr. Sean and his team for being very accommodating, professional, and sweet! Hope you're as excited as I am to see results in a year! – Kane

  2. Buzzfeed laid Kane off so I’m doubting we will ever get a hair update video unfortunately. But his Instagram is @kanediep if you wanna check out his results!

  3. bro….ur still bald wtf that doctor jooked you he didnt want to put more cuz it was more work and he still got paid

  4. Wow a long and horifying procedure. As much as I am going to miss my hair when it all falls off I don't think I can do what this guy did.

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