9 Ultimate Trolls Adventure Sets ! LOL Surprise Boy + Playmobil Full Video

cookies world's cookie can you do more Playmobil please you are the best youtuber ever oh you are so SuperDuper sweet and absolutely enjoy the video could ban whoa what is that is that a bird is jumping right into the middle of the action know where we a full set up the Playmobil trolls and dwarf set I'm so excited here we go blah I'm so excited to pump boy check it out look at who's flying in first whoa this right here is the flyer whoa they're coming the trolls are coming okay he's pretty cool so he's got a red really long beard he's got like these little hangers here in the back that we can actually put his slingshot which wait a minute does this really work he had pull back Oh slingshot actually works I was so cool though you can keep it nice and handy right here behind him he'd even hold things right here on the front pouch and what's so SuperDuper cool is that he comes up with this flyer piece there's dragons on the wings it actually looks like a pair of dragon wings so how does this thing work let me show you so he hops into the middle of it and hangs on to the two holders now I just need a running start and then I can start flying there he goes sure go ahead ooh punk boys gonna give it a try yeah alright hop in the middle hang on to the holders and give it a running start there he goes there he goes whoa this is awesome Oh punk boy better return quick because he doesn't want to miss the Kings where is he where is he all the King has his very own bags whoa here they come here comes the king so his two guards are carrying him on this extra big shield there is the king all dressed in gold look at his special shield that he has it has the biggest sapphire ever right on the front his crown even has a blue diamond make way for the king Oh your royal highness I'm so happy you're here oh he almost hit the king had a crash landing there huh but I'm all good I'm all good okay pump four he doesn't even realize that he almost hit the most royal of them all the Royal King he's gonna hop down from the shield whoa your shield is cool I like that blue gem on it hello your royal highness you are in much danger boy what does that mean what does that mean he just blew on that horn huh what's happening it looks like the king has called in at some more protection it looks like this protector rides a little pony we can get this guy all suited up he's got his chainmail on we can put a cape on him some chainmail gloves and his helmet on look at this cool helmet now this guy is definitely the King's top bodyguard so we'll put a little gem right on top of his helmet like that to show that he is in charge he also has this special shield whoa and look at how crazy cool his sword is too look at that with a little yellow gem right in the middle of it almost like it energizes it and a little tiny jewel on top so he is here to protect the King and this is one and only job he's a no pony we can get the pony all saddled up too in his armor snap on the saddle and his headpiece do not touch my pony whoa cool oh but here comes even more ponies they're pulling this cart this set comes with three guards this was a little animal helmet ooh was he keeping this pouch gold yeah of course they've got two little ponies that are actually going to be pulling at this cart so let's build it now teach it to the horses now they had their horses all hooked up and now they're really ready to protect the king Oh fire really fires get ready who's on their way who's on their way look at how poseable he is to this troll is so so so detailed look it's really big tape you can even see some loose spikes down his spine and again the fact that he's just like so opposable even his arms back and forth and guarantee to the side it makes him just like even cooler so this is really cool so he has his own writer we've got this warrior right here attached on some cuffs and the harness even has like these little bone pieces and a little basket now the rider can hop on ooh who else is the troll calling in public is a little baggie Playmobil we've got even more warriors oh yes we've got these three all ready to go and guess what is inside of this bag my trolls yes that's right we have even more trolls inside there this one space he's got two really big teeth he comes with this really really big giant mallet and we've got a helmet for his head and we have another troll inside of here this one's a dark blue one but as these trolls are so cool I can't believe it Playmobil trolls here come even Montrose you guys it's the ultimate troll set of them all this is good torque troll fortress right here this one comes with an ax warrants troll whoa whoa check out this fortress so he's standing here pounding on the drums we've got a little mini portable dungeon right here oh there's something moving around in there there's something trapped inside there's something definitely in there we can follow this bucket all the way up to the second story hope looks like we actually have a dwarf hanging out here look at he also has like a coin bag too hanging from his belt we can go up one more level so now we're at the very top may have a bird's-eye view from up here for sure of all of the action let's see what is inside there's something inside of here take it out let's see what does it mean what does it mean oh it's a sword but that is not just any sword notice the goldens order wait a minute the golden sword what does that mean what does it mean oh the gates the gates are opening oh and what is inside it's that orange troll release this orange troll is the only one who knows where the golden sword is under the ambulance only the troll is strong enough to uncover oh the golden sword that's hiding underneath this is what the king is after you guys there's also something else a hidden inside of this little mobile dungeon let's see if punk boys right open it up and hidden inside of here oh no there's another King inside ah there he is this one has a golden of Ruby shield ooh here he is how long has he been trapped in here too long come on quickly we gotta get you out while the trolls aren't looking I can't they'll just find me again they'll always find me no come on well what's the troll doing now what's the troll doing now the trolls got ahold of the fortress chains guys the troll is so strong that it can actually pull this whole entire mobile fortress with him all right cookie fans I hope you guys liked in this video I'm telling you Playmobil just gets better and better and better and I think these little sets are so cool with the dwarfs and the trolls and all of their accessories way way way awesome remember to break the chains of negativity and live the most positive happy life you possibly can today I'll see you guys in my next video well alright cookie fans who remembers how many ponies could pull this cart again Bruce it pulled by one pony two or three fans

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  2. Hi cookie, I was wondering if you could do a play video with your Breyer horses on honey hearts c. I have not seen the videos in a long time so yeah thanks.

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