9 Claw Machine Wins Secret Life of Pets Plants VS Zombies @ CiCis Video |Claw Therapy| Smith Sisters

In this video we win Secret Life of Pets and Planets vs Zombies plush from the claw machine at CiCis’ Pizza Buffet Smith Sisters Claw Therapy Back a little farther i think back back back back back, I don’t know if it drifts or not we’re not sure right there yeah try that it went straight down but it didn’t close yeah you have to get something with a big head or something
whatt about that owl right there did we get I don’t know yeah see that is wide enough That’s like the
only thing you can get out of there Good Job Sheridan okay Samantha your turn lets see Sheridan lets see Okay Samantha go ahead I am going to go for Sweat Pee maybe go for well He is going to be hard because he Right there Daddy the front of his head the heaviest so you wann be okay try that
to see how it goes to see how the claw goes you don’t know Okay so it turns slow I don’t know yeah see how heavy is okay try one more time but its heavy so i don’t think its going to carry him to the shoot . If there was something for him to roll of off but he going to just slide down further I think go towards his head more yeah try that See he just rolled farther and farthe down I think he’s in the Dead Zone now Try for the Planets of the Zombies thing What Planets thing The Pea Shooter thing This thing I like that You have to go around his legs I think that’s the best place to get him Right there, yep that should get him it closed right around his legs yep you got it okay lets see that thing Pea Shooter let me see he’s upside down okay Okay, what are you going to go for that I want candy right here right there right there are you gonna drop it down make sure it’s on top of something maybe
right there oh I got one yeh, I got one I think it’s got a monkey int it Sophia that will be pretty funny for you Daddy can I try one more time okay hold on okay go for another turn go for the necklace okay where is it Samantha its right there oh okay the yellow let’s go try for this yellow one Samantha says it has a gemstine necklace No forward right there no forward ok we moved it right the last second so
we’re not going to get it Oh hold onto it we got one Right there looks good yeah might be too far back I can’t tell I should have checked the side Oh that’s in the box it might not let ig o though hopefully it lets it go Oh man, hold on hold on Doh guys Sheridan It cracking its fine We will get it I almost got it off right now there we go no we have one turn going we got like 4 second maybe we can get this other one Had to use two turns almost there Oh hold onto it oh man no that ones hard to get No she’s buried under there what are you going for? Go for the Mel what you can rake him I don’t know, well you can rake him a little but lets see how it drops on him Oh that moved him now you can rake him in Samantha lets try that okay lets try raking that thing Is the dolphin from The Secret Life of Pets no the dolphin is from Finding Dory yeah I can’t rake Mel I will Dead Zone him Just drop right there I think you ruined him Raked in Mel off Camera You’re going for what Nemo Right there daddy forward a little bit maybe got to close to the oh maybe if it hold on to it yeah I think so I got Nemo!!!! Got Nemo!!!!!!!!! Right there Daddy Yep Oh it might have got around it Awesome That was easy its not going to fall out though There you go got baseball guy You want me to rake Domo you’ve got to get around this side of him I cant rake him Yeah you can maybe you can pick him up now with the three prong grab If it doesn’t spin bad and stabbed him in the back that would have been perfect if it didn’t spin You want to try for the rainbow Giraffe He’s so big I don’t know if your going to able to get him Right there If thats as far back as it goes Okay now you have to get it Hold on First see if you can rake him If you can get around him I think you can Oh seriously get in there oh you got to be kidding me we are ruining him 🙁 there you go again and see if you can
get the rake a little just just need to a little bit farther Oh its so close just barely misses It Might ten seconds try there Okay that’s in there he’s holding something I thin that going to get him Perfect lets see him Thanks for Watching be sure to like and subscribe for more Claw Machine wins

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