8 Secret Signs Your Pet is in Pain

Sometimes it’s obvious when pets hurt, but
other times they are really good at hiding their pain, unlike Meg, who was ejected from Disney World again.>>Meg: They were all robots!!! [crying]>>Voiceover: And now, the vet who makes Dr
Dolittle look like Dr KnowNothing>>Voiceover: Dr Andy Roark! People get really upset if they come in to
see me for an an annual examination for their pet and I have to tell them that their pet is
in pain. Often they miss the subtle signs at home. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to you
and your pet.>>Stephen: I take my pets to a witch doctor
when they’re in pain.>>Meg: I thought you took your pets to Andy.>>Stephen: I do. Here are the secret signs that pet owners
often miss. If your dog or cat’s hair coat is greasier
or messier than usual, it may be because they’ve stopped grooming.
We need to ask ourselves why. Often, it’s because they’re experiencing pain, either in their back or in their neck and it hurts them to groom so they’re not
doing it. People tell me all the time that their dog
has gotten grumpy in his old age. I guess he does things like bark at the squirrels
to stay out of his yard, or play checkers at the dog park, or watch Fox News. No, no…it’s the news. With real live foxes.
They love it. Seriously, sometimes older dogs and cats just
don’t have the patience that they used to. However, pets that are
becoming grumpy or aggressive often are uncomfortable. They cower,
growl, snap because they either hurt or they are worried
about being hurt. If you had a painful back and someone, whether
a human or a dog, sat on you, you’d probably hurt as well.>>Stephen: I sat on my hamster’s back one
time.>>Stephen: One time… Shallow rapid breathing is one of the main
signs of pain that I look for in patients. It can even progress
all the way up to panting.>>Meg: I guess pet health inspired a lot
of songs by R. Kelly. Most pet owners think that panting means their
pet is hot or tired. This isn’t always true. I, however, am always hot. And usually tired. If your dog is panting or breathing quickly
at times that don’t make sense, he could be in pain. Rapid, shallow breathing
is also a sign of pain in cats. However, if your cat is panting, grab him
and go to the vet right now. Panting in cats is bad news. If your dog used to jump up onto the bed and
has stopped, or if he used to follow you up and down the
stairs and doesn’t do that anymore, that makes me suspicious
of arthritis or other possibly painful processes.>>Stephen: I stopped walking up the stairs
years ago.>>Meg: I really wish you would stop making
me carry you up the stairs. The same thing is true if your cat stops jumping
up on the counter tops, climbing the cat condo, or generally getting
around like he used to. There are lots of reason that pets lick or
chew spots on their bodies. One of the main ones is pain. If your pet is always licking one spot, especially
if it’s a joint or an area that’s been wounded, there’s a good
chance that it hurts. Pets that get up and down and circle and just
can’t get comfortable and settle, may be hurting. I hear people
say all the time, “Oh he’s old and he doesn’t sleep so well
anymore.” Often these pets are old and thin, and so
there’s no a lot of padding on their bones, and it’s uncomfortable for
them to lay around. If you have an old pet that just can’t get
comfortable, we need to make sure he’s got a bed that’s soft, supportive,
and full of padding. If he still can’t get comfortable, we need
to look a little deeper. Some pets just don’t want to be picked up,
and I get that.>>Meg: I don’t want to be picked up.>>Stephen: Well how do we get you to move?>>Meg: Use your words! If your pet used to be fine being picked up,
and now he cowers, runs, cries, or bites when you reach for him,
I’d make sure he’s not in pain. Older pets can have housetraining accidents.
Sometimes it’s just a slip, but other times it’s painful for them to get
up and move around. Also, I see pets with back pain that are struggling
to get into the right posture to go. In dogs, this can
lead to constipation. In cats, it can lead to spraying outside the
litter box.>>Meg: What causes them to spread litter
everywhere outside the box? Aliens. [Creepy scifi sound] Thank you so much for watching. Please, help me to help pets by sharing this
video with other pet lovers and by telling me what topics you’d like to
see covered on the Cone of Shame in the comments section below. Until next
time, let’s be the people that our pets deserve. [Music]

30 thoughts on “8 Secret Signs Your Pet is in Pain

  1. Another good job Dr Roark.  Keep up the good work educating Pet Parents.  How about a video on Dental Disease, since this is National Pet Dental Month and all…

  2. Tsk, tsk, tsk Meg…..and let's not even talk about the demise of the hamster! Seriously, thanks for the info, it is hard to tell when our fur babies are in pain sometimes. 

  3. Tiny amount of constructive criticism? First let me say that I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS and newsletter and am proud and thrilled to share them with my friends and clients!!! The one thing that bothers me slightly is the amount that you wave your hands around while filming your videos. I know you are excited but it slightly distracts from your excellent message. So, sit on your hands for part of the filming and keep up the excellent work!! Love you BIG KISS  -Dr. Dianna Shattuck, High Ridge Animal Hospital Stamford CT [email protected]

  4. Wish I had seen this video a few months ago. Adopted a beautiful cat from shelter that was recovering from an eye infection and URI. He was on way to healing and was fine til 10 days after bringing him home. He then stopped eating and was lethargic and not having bowel movements. Was dehydrated within 2 days when I brought to vet. Had an IV and steroids and antibiotic but it was found he had heart murmur. Had to syringe-feed for another 10 days but he would not start eating. Decided bringing back to shelter so they could do daily IV's and other immediate vet care and the next day improved slightly. Then 24 hrs. later he started panting and breathing fast and the vet had to put him down. He was said to have heart disease–he was 8 yrs. old and I only had him a month. He was so affectionate and forgiving even when I had to force feed and give medicine. My only wish was that he hadn't spent the last 2 days of his life back in a cage wondering where I went and was put to sleep without me there with him. Cats are so hard to know that they aren't well as they often sleep a lot anyhow and mask their pain (part of their instinct to not let predators know they are ill, so they hide when weakened); you often don't know how sick they are until they are very ill. I thought he was turning a corner and going to improve and didn't want to stress him out more by returning to the vet right away, but I should have. Will never make that mistake again, but that doesn't help my little guy, Marty. I also have to say, I never really experienced sick cats before either as my prior cat just passed away last fall after 23 long, healthy years!

  5. Fantastic tips to help owners pick up on signs of pain.
    Unexplained panting in our dog was due to an enlarged spleen, which may not have felt great. But his spleen was so large it was making it difficult for him to breathe. You said panting in cats is a sign to get the vet immediately, but would that hold true for dogs too?

  6. excellent information Dr.Andy.–  How about more information on senior dogs(Im talking 16 yrs old) and dental issues. I know he has issues etc, but my vet told me he may not be good for the anesthesia anymore. What to do?  ps. he is a bit grumpy and a nipper. even mama.   🙂

  7. I wish I'd seen this video a few weeks ago. My dear cat of 8 and a half, Seussie, had to be – well, it was determined that he had bilateral metastasis in both lungs and was suffering terribly, and we had him put out of his misery on Sunday, February 22nd. He had been panting off and on and breathing with distress for a week, but I thought it was as a result of his almost swallowing a Christmas ribbon which was pulled from his throat. An unfortunate, unrelated coincidence.

    The most tragic part of this, I suppose, is that Seuss had just had his annual physical, on the 9th – his vet had not heard anything in his lungs at that time, but the X-Rays indicated it was clearly at least Stage 3, if not Stage 4.

    Cats are masters at hiding symptoms of illness: it's part of their evolutionary survival mechanism. Unfortunately, it doesn't help us, their human caretakers, when we want to keep them healthy.

  8. Love this Dr Andy! Keep up the awesome work. You are educational and fun! And pain in pets can be so hard to know. Thanks again for all you do. #iheartCoS

  9. Like to see a video explaining to people what happens to overweight pets and how easy it is to keep pets from becoming ov.erweight.

  10. My cat is an excellent groomer and he isn't overweight.  He's like 10 months old or so.  Lately his bottom has been messier than usual.  I get a view when he walks with his tail up.  More dried poop than usual on his bottom.  That doesn't mean he's in pain right?  He's acting normal and eating normally and constantly looking for ways to get in trouble as usual 😉

  11. Dear Dr Andy, fortunately our wee dog is not in pain, I'm fairly sure. But what on earth makes her frantically want to lick my bare arms and legs, then have a bout of heavy panting, then stop. All I was doing was reading a book in bed. I had to push her off and be cross with her. Then more lick, lick, lick – more scolding then settle quite happy & snuggle down next to me  & have a snooze. Its bizarre. She is a ten year old toy black poodle. All other behaviour & habits are fine & normal. I'm stumped!

  12. Great information.  Too corny to take seriously tho.  Not something I'd re-share to others.  Your furry family in pain is nothing to joke about.

  13. I'd love to hear you discuss preventive care and what dog owners should do to ensure our animals are getting just enough preventive care, but not too little or too much. Thanks!

  14. My cat it awesome. She survived living out in the wild for a whole month! She also survived a possome attack! (she doesnt have rabbies) AAAND she is high ranking in the cat gang on my block. :3 amazing right?

  15. I love watching Cone Of Shame. Thank you.
    P.S. I think that when the litter is kicked outside of the box that they are training for the Kitty Olympics – litter toss. Check with your cat, I think that I am correct. I have one that is working on bringing home the gold for the USA.

  16. Hey!! Suggestion.  Lost my Chow mix to GDV. Died in a flash.  She was a food gobbler, and I fed her from raised bowls.  I Now know both are bad.  But had never been told. I've had Dogs all my life.  Maybe a vid on the signs and something about cause. Thanks

  17. Funny.. don't know how I haven't seen one of these videos before. I'm always watching animal/pet videos (I have 21 cats of my own and take care of a small feral colony and do volunteer work for shelters, etc). Wish this vet was near where I lived, he'd be getting frequent appointments from me and my kitties 😀

  18. first time viewing very cute, very informative
    but the peanut gallery shlould go walk the dogs??
    MOON ?

  19. Gr8 videos. I am a cat person, only because I don't care much to listen to barking, but found that if I treat my cat like one would treat a dog, like taking him for car rides, taking him camping, playing fetch etc. they respond accordingly. I call them cogs, or dats.

  20. more and more pets are being exposed to mold. owners need to be aware of the symtoms. i started getting sick with exposer to mold but my pets are even sicker. they can actually die. thank u

  21. why people are so selfish???
    To kill dogs when they are old? you think its for their betterment? no it's not for their betterment, its for your betterment. for you to live hassle free, since you cant find additional time to take care of your dog when he is old. Have you ever asked him if he wanted to be killed???? Dogs biggest dream and only wish is to live atleast one additional second/minute/hour or a day with their families, DESPITE OF THE PAIN THEY ARE IN…………..
    you like, throwing a waste shit, you wanted to kill him by injecting venom. its harsh.
    let him die, naturally. natural death is not killing.
    Remember, that He was there for you when you needed him and now it is the time when he needs you but you wanna to kill him.
    huh, justifying as its to ease his pain….. good for you, if you think so.

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