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[Big O]
I’m givin’you poverty.
I’m givin’you the slums.That’s where I’m from.
So I put it all in the music.I’m lookin’ for
Wink Harris.
Who? He’s supposed to be here
with Roy Darucher. Oh, I think they’re
all down in Studio “B.” All right. Thank you.
Mm-hmm.[Big O] I did anything for free…
anything for the exposure.[D.J.]
No doubt. Big “O,”big ups
and congratulations, playboy player.You finally got your record on the radio.
How does it make you feel, man? Oh, man, that’s much love.
I want to thank you
andWJ LB, man…for lookin’out for me
like that, dawg, so much love.I’m tryin’to put Detroit…
the east side, for sure… on the map.Know what I’m sayin’?
And we gonna do it for real.We’ll get a pipeline
to come through here, and
the industry’ll look at us…and they’ll sign all of us,
man, we’ll all be eatin’.[Big O] Whoa, whoa…Wait, wait, wait…
Jimmy! Stop it! Stop it! I’ve seen you flippin’ burgers,
baby, I know I have! [Chuckles]
Yeah, I did that, man. I thought I recognized
your face, baby. [Alex, Screaming]
Stop it! Fuckin’ stop it!
Please! Please stop. Stop it. Jimmy, stop it!
[Grunting, Groaning] – Jimmy…
– How long you been
in the game, baby? – Aw, man, fifteen years.
– [Grunting, Punch Landing][Announcer, Rapper’s Voices
In Distance]It’s an honor for mejust to come on WJLB
and have you doin’this for me.I really appreciate it.
No problem, baby.You know, wejust here
to represent the “D.”You know, and take care of
our artists and take care ofhome.And I hope you have a successful career,
’cause I know you puttin’it down.You represent real hard
for the 3-1-3. For sure, man, I’m doin’ it.
I’m doin’ it for y’all, man. This is for Detroit.
3-1-3, baby. Love.

6 thoughts on “8 Mile (2002) – Rabbit Is Betrayed Scene (8/10) | Movieclips

  1. I did this to my ex's girl when I saw her cheating on me she was kissing her. N I didn't hold back I beat her up. Like Eminem did. Than walk off went home.

  2. How much nonsense is that rapper talking in the next room. Yeah baby all lurv baby im doin it im doin it its for all the love baby for detroit baby I'm doing it im doin. Worlds worst podcast ever.

  3. She cheats on the games on my system by reading it and not playing it when it is actually the opposite you are supposed to read it if you frozen by the creators that are evil masters to you the prime is ironic here it is for them not me type of thing.

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