8 diseases of pets that are carried to human nature facts

eight diseases of pets that are carried to humans pets are considered as important to a family as family members are people have special place for them owners take care of their food rest and cleanliness but a thing that's seldom ignored there are various diseases associated with these pets that can be transmitted to its owners some of them are mentioned here don't forget to subscribe to our Channel and press the bell to receive notification for our new videos if you want explainer or viral video content for your business contact us and Ammar at show animations comm number eight pets like dogs and cats who cruise themselves with woods can carry Lyme disease with them although directly they're suffering from such disease but act like a carrier of the disease number seven people fond of keeping parrots with them as pets might be victims of psittacosis it's an infection caused by some bacteria found in the dropping of birds it's also known as parrot fever number six people keeping cats as their pet can get the cat scratch disease it's normally caused by the bite or nail scratch by some cat it can lead to complications as well number five diseases known as Q fever can be transmitted from kettles kept at home as pets it's common in people who are appointed at farms to take care of cattle kept there the organism causing it can survive for a longer period of time number four dogs our most favorite pets be capped but people do not know that this most adorable pet can make them suffer from rabies it could be transferred from the bite of an infected dog owner must vaccinate its dogs so that it can prevent itself from getting the disease it can infect the central nervous system number three can't be low bacterio –ss is a disease that can occur to the owner of a cat or dog this happens when the owner is exposed to the stool of the pet although in normal cases infection is not severe and the person recovers quickly but in some cases it can lead to complications number two toxoplasmosis is also the disease that can be transferred from cats to their owner it can reduce the immune capability of human victims and can be transferred from mother to baby conceived number one kept no sight of fascia is an infection that can be transferred from dogs and cats it's transmitted by Pat licks or bites as the infecting bacteria resides in the mouths of the pet sheriff you like please comment which ever part you like most in this video we'll create separate more detailed video specifically for that

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