7 Things Your Cat Wants On Amazon

it's weird right the humans obsession with our poop I mean just look at the lengths they've gone to harvest this stuff have you ever noticed how excited they get when a dog goes number two all we know for certain is that our feces must be very valuable why else would they have invented this this crazy high-tech du parvis tea machine fancy odor absorbing crystals and then once you're gone it's special robot brain can sense it that's when their cyborg dung Butler breaks her deposit into its harvesting box I don't even remember where my poop smells like anymore it's like a part of me doesn't exist every few weeks a fresh tray of crystals automatically shows up to keep the whole system running they've built an entire infrastructure to whisk our pool off to an undisclosed location in an armored tank but have you ever stopped to ask yourself why open your eyes people they're using us for our poo they using it to weave this strange floppy outer skins are they fueling they're moving couches with feces do heart deuces keep their faces hairless they're they're always staring at their hand rectangles could it be that humans are harvesting our turds to trade with other humans on their secret black turd market buying and selling pallets of our poop all day long and if our bio waste is this huggable it must be worth billions or even Millions it makes you wonder what are they collecting our hair balls for scoop free self cleaning litter box a high-tech robot machine that harvests your cat's boobs so you can sell on the black turd market and make billions or even Millions cats need fresh water to stay hydrated this helps reduce the urinary tract infections and ensures proper kidney function the flower fountain has three appealing water flow settings to satisfy picky drinkers with a fresh new look and a brand new flower accessory your cat may prefer a large water to air surface or long streams of water with a bubbling top and if that's too exciting just add the flower bud quick and easy the Kadett flower fountain takes up little floor space and it's opaque design keeps water fresh for longer it's raised organ Amish drinking surfaces at a comfortable height for adult cats and even kittens the 3 litre water reservoir holds a dual action water softening filter this filter removes excess calcium and magnesium from hard tap water while retaining stray hairs sediment and debris for optimal purification and pump performance the Kadett flower fountain has a simple build which is easy to disassemble and clean combined with the Kadett multi feeder for a complete dining experience the Kadett flower fountain simple compact and three and one drinking solution Kadett quality design for cats my kitty dawn is a curious little furball she climbs runs and snuggles there her favorite things to do she enjoys having fun all around the apartment but with limited space floor-standing cat furniture is out of the question I recently discovered the award-winning hangin cat condo by K H manufacturing it's the answer to all of my cats mischievious little desires as its name suggests the hanging cat condo hangs on virtually any door thus freeing up valuable floor space just unpack it and hang it on your door using the enclosed brackets and adjust it to fit snug and stable with multiple connected levels your cat will hop in and explore up and down each floor choosing which levels are best for surveillance and which are best for nodding off the candidates hang in cat condo fun for cats no wasted floor space super easy installation multiple levels for sleep and play now that's an idea to wrap your paws around the catalpa cat tree from the refined feline redefines feline furniture the catalpa replaces the embarrassing carpeted cat tree with a stunning design to please you and your cat your favorite feline will love to climb up this 5-foot tall tower onto each of its extra-long branches perfect for a cat nap each platform is covered with soft berber carpet that is not only comfortable but also easy to replace and for the cat who loves to scratch they can sink their claws into its durable sisal scratcher the catalpa solid construction and weighted base keeps the tree stable even for the most voracious of climbers by expanding to a third platform set purchased separately this tree is perfect for multiple cat homes to give everyone their own space to perch no more hiding your cat furniture in a back room have your cat front and center on this elegant cat tree that comes in various colors to match your home's decor the catalpa cat trees simple yet elegant design is the solution for the stylish cat enthusiast who loves their cat and their home

50 thoughts on “7 Things Your Cat Wants On Amazon

  1. Wonder if my dog would run on that cat wheel….

    Nah, he would probably just knock it over and try to eat it.

  2. Yea sure lets buy a crap plastic ugly ass fountain instead of a room fountain with the same effect and better look. I mean who needs aesthetics nowadays.. ?‍♂️

  3. What if your cat was in the cat motel and you came home and opened the door and squished you cat every thought of that

  4. Cat reallh needs…

    (Water they dont need like they font really drink it u kno)
    Space for rest
    Poo poo space

  5. With the thing that has treats and the cat needs to get it out, can’t the cat just tip it upside down?

  6. I have alot of cats but they are half stray but comes to chill at our house for food. And when I go near the they just run away, but when you put food they come. XD

  7. 'I don' t even know what my poop smells like…Time to poop elsewhere in the house.' That, well that were my cats reactions to an automatic litter.

  8. Did this video show up on my recommended because I watched Rylands video?! Number 6 and 5 was featured in his recent video!

    EDIT and number 2!

  9. If you're gonna judge me for my kitty's ugly carpeted cat tree you can gtfo my house i ain't paying $300 for that giant shoetree-gallows looking monstrosity

  10. I think that the fancy cat tree is for the type of person that chose their cat, making sure that its fur matches the interior decor of their condo. Brown furniture….OK let's buy a brown Savannah.

  11. The cats in the beginning sound like republicans with their conspiracy theories ???

    Alex Jones of the cat world.

  12. I wonder why am i watching this….

    I don’t even have a cat.

    But i still like this vid

  13. I am sure my cats would enjoy…..the boxes any of these things came in while ignoring the items themselves.

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