7 SURPRISING Ways Netflix CHANGED Bird Box

Boy and Girl’s superpowers, whether the creatures
mean any harm and how they affect animals are just some of the crucial details revealed
in the original Bird Box book that don’t make it into the movie. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, I’m Jan and today
I’m explaining seven major plot points that the Netflix film Bird Box changed from Josh
Malerman’s novel. Obviously, film and book spoilers ahead! If you’ve seen the various Daredevil Bird
Box memes, you might have been struck by how the Marvel hero’s superhuman radar sense would
have helped him in the post-apocalyptic world of Bird Box. But the Bird Box novel actually explored a
similar idea in detail with Boy and Girl becoming extra-sensitive to sounds and super-skilled
at echolocation. In the book, Malorie ruthlessly raised the
two children to never open their eyes, and when they were babies she’d stand over the
pair and when they woke up, she would smack them with a fly swatter if they opened their
eyes or reward them with food if they kept their eyes closed. In the movie, we often see Boy and Girl indoors
with their eyes open. Although there is a very short scene where
we see Malorie teaching the kids to use stones to figure out how close an object is. “Listen.” “When they’re louder, you’re in an open space. Do you hear that?” “But if they’re softer, something is very
close.” But in the books her training is much more
extensive. In the book version of the river trip, Malorie
uses the children’s’ heightened abilities to help her navigate by identifying sounds
and nearby objects. In fact, Boy’s hearing and echolocation skills
are so sharp that he’s able to detect when one of the creatures is nearby and when it’s
moved on; and both he and Girl can also sense subtle changes in Malorie’s emotional state
just from her breathing. By the way, in the book, Malorie is so fearful
of the children accidentally looking at a creature that there’s a chapter where she
almost pours paint thinner into their eyes to blind them so they can’t ever be tempted
to see. Now, I mentioned how in the book, Malorie
and the children encounter one of the creatures while on the river. It’s a terrifying moment, because the three
of them have just been hit by a flock of suicidal birds and Boy has just heard that something
is right there with them. The thing moves around the boat and then it
starts to slowly pull Malorie’s blindfold off her face. Malorie is terrified but she puts her hand
on the blindfold and tells the creature “No. This is mine.” The creature seems to let go of the blindfold
and then moves away until Boy tells her it’s behind them now. This up-close encounter, which doesn’t make
it into the movie, raises the question of whether the creatures deliberately mean any
harm. There’s no doubt in the book or the movie
that gazing upon them is lethal to most people, but the novel spends more time exploring ideas
about what they really are. In the book After the creature lets go of
Malorie’s blindfold, she remembers something that Tom said which is that “Maybe they mean
us no harm. Maybe they are surprised by what they do to
us. It’s an overlap […] Their world and ours. Just an accident.” What Tom seems to be suggesting is that the
creatures are probably from another world, maybe even another dimension and they accidentally
arrived due to some kind of cross-dimensional rupture. Also, book-Malorie often refers to or thinks
of the creatures as “infinity” because, as Tom also said, “whatever they are, our minds
can’t understand them. They’re like infinity, it seems. Something too complex for us to comprehend.” In the movie, we get various hints as to what
the filmmakers maybe thought the creatures represented and they seem to suggest a more
evil, perhaps demonic-like force. Charlie listed a series of malevolent spirits
and entities during his speech about what he called the Endgame for humanity. And in the final scenes of the movie, the
monster seemed to be actively hunting Malorie and the children in the forest, which is quite
different to how it left her alone in the book when she ordered it to stop. Douglas is a new character created for the
movie and John Malkovich plays the abrasive role really well. Some of Douglas’s traits are inspired from
the book character Don who, like Douglas, is generally not keen on letting new people
into the house and opposes letting in both Olympia and Gary. However, in the books, Don later becomes friends
with Gary who tells him stories about people who’ve opened up the blinds in their homes
and suffer no harm. The pair ends up discussing ideas such as
“the creatures can’t cause harm to someone who is prepared to see them”. Book-Malorie is very suspicious of Gary and
snoops around his belongings discovering a notebook inside his briefcase. The notebook, like Gary’s drawings in the
movie, reveals his state of mind with Malorie finding sentences written left to right, right
to left, top to bottom and even in spirals. She also discovers some ideas in the notebook
that betray what Gary is really up to and indicate he’s likely already had encounters
with the creatures. For example, he writes: “To know the ceiling
of man’s mind is to know the full power of these creatures.” “But how to prove it to them? How to make them believe? I will remove the drapes and unlock the doors.” Gary ends up getting kicked out of the house,
however, we later discover that Don secretly let him stay, hidden away in the cellar. By the time Malorie and Olympia give birth,
Don is thoroughly brainwashed by Gary, and Don opens up the blinds in the house, which
results in the death of everyone except Malorie. Unlike the film, Tom also dies at this point
in the novel. By contrast, in the movie, Douglas is sceptical
of Gary throughout and even attempts to shoot him to protect everyone; however, he ends
up dying at Gary’s hands. Overall, the subplot with Gary runs for much
longer in the book and his reappearance when Malorie and Olympia give birth is a huge surprise
as they’d assumed he’d left the house a while ago. Something the book provides more detail on
is whether the creatures can also affect animals and there are some grizzly passages which
prove that yes, they can. For example, there’s an especially horrific
scene where Malorie and a dog she’s with encounter a creature and the poor dog kills itself. Another particularly bloody scene in the book
occurs on the river trip when a flock of birds see one of the creatures. The birds go insane, attack each other and
kill themselves which sends down a wave of dead, bloodied birds onto the boat, spattering
all over Malorie and the children. Given the movie toned down some of the more
horrific elements from the novel, I can see why these animal suicides also weren’t included. Birds coo when Gary arrives. Another detail the movie changes from the
original book is Malorie’s decision about who should look so that they can safely navigate
the river. The film spends a good bit of time building
up to Malorie’s dilemma of choosing which child will take on the potentially suicidal
mission of looking when they reach the rapids. It’s a heart-breaking moment with some great
acting by the young actress who plays Girl. “I’ll do it.” Though, of course, Malorie decides against
the plan and tries to figure out a way for everyone to survive. In the book, however, they don’t have to travel
through any river rapids. Instead, Malorie’s predicament is that she
needs to look when the river splits into four channels as she has to take the second from
the right in order to make it to the sanctuary. Book-Malorie actually plans to look very quickly
herself when this moment comes, but it’s just as much of a dangerous moment as what happens
in the film, because it comes just as their boat bumps into the creature I mentioned earlier. Although her time in the film is short, Malorie’s
sister, Jessica, played by Sarah Paulson, certainly makes an impact given the rapid,
horrifying nature of her death after seeing one of the creatures. Jessica’s early demise quickly isolates Malorie
and demonstrates just how high the stakes are. That works for the movie, however, in the
book, Malorie’s sister, whose name is Shannon, survives a lot longer as the apocalypse doesn’t
happen so suddenly. In fact, Malorie and her sister hunker down
at their home for several months until one day the corner of a blanket covering a window
comes loose and Shannon sees one of the creatures. The loss of her sister makes Malorie feel
vulnerable, so she drives to a home that’s acting as a “safe house” where people are
trying to survive together. The movie understandably wants to set the
tone much more quickly, so brings on the apocalypse in a very short timeframe, and, on top of
that, rather than a place organised to take people in for shelter, Greg’s house is simply
a normal home that a few survivors are lucky enough to find, more or less randomly. Bird Box ends on a fairly optimistic note
when Malorie, Boy and Girl arrive at the School For The Blind and discover that Dr Lapham
has also made it there. In the book, although Malorie and the children
do reach the safety of the school, the river journey has been even more harrowing than
in the movie, with Malorie getting slashed in the shoulder by a wolf and also passing
out at one point. And the book’s final chapter is also much
darker and bittersweet because what Malorie discovers at the school is that some of the
residents have gouged out their own eyes so they can’t be tempted by the monsters. In the novel, Rick tells her that many years
earlier the school’s security was much weaker and a creature managed to break into the building
resulting in many deaths. The community then decided to blind themselves
to avoid any further risk from the creatures, although since then they’ve improved their
security and now new arrivals no longer do that. By the way, the original screenplay for the
movie also had a different, but similarly horrific, alternate ending to the one we saw
in the final film, and you can tap here for all the details on that plus other deleted
scenes from the movie. So, what did you think of Bird Box? And if you’ve read the book, how do you feel
about the way it was adapted? Let me know in the comments below! If you’re new here and enjoyed this then do
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tap right for the movie’s alternate ending and deleted scenes. Thanks for watching and see ya next time. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers!

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