7 Signs It’s Time To Get A Dog

– Oh my God!
– How are you? It’s so good to see you! – So good to see you! Hello, I missed you too. – Dating standards change – I really think you should
go on a date with this guy. He’s so cute and so nice. – Ahh, I don’t know.
– He has a pug. – What’s his name? – Jake, I told you that. – No, the pug’s name. – Oh. – You’re overly helpful – We’re suppose to head
out of town this weekend, but I still haven’t been able
to find anyone to dog sit. Kinda, kinda gettin’ worried about that. – I can do it! If you, if you need a
dog sitter this weekend. – You’re constantly distracted. – I’m gonna be late, I’m gonna be late. – Oh my God! – Look at the little, cute little – Every time, come on. – Doggie, so cute. – Hello. – You clog social media timelines – You’re constantly falling in love – No one understands you – I would totally be a pug, but like, the really soft,
really fat kind of pug so I can just snuggle it. – And if you can’t find your own… – You can always find someone who does – Music: Jalopoes/Frosted Window – Warner / Chappell Production Music – Sorry Dogs
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81 thoughts on “7 Signs It’s Time To Get A Dog

  1. Me: Doctor i have all these signs shown in this video, should i follow what they say?
    Doctor: U should ask a dogtor.

  2. "For the well-being of my dog, I am ready to waste all my fortune."
    If you love sincerely your dog, please, take this:

  3. If u can't get one then just adopt. Adoption is the best ??. My mom once allowed me to get a dog so what I did was I adopted 18 dogs at once. So my mom couldn't do anything other than accepting them and it's been 2 years ???

  4. This is me,Ive wanted to adopt a German Shepherd but my parents are still against it after knowing for years

  5. Park two cars side by side. Put your best friend in the world in the truck of one car. Put your dog in the other trunk. Come back in one hour… and see who wants to kill you, and who is overjoyed to see you. FYI: I would never do my dog that way.

  6. They forgot awkwardly going up to strangers in the street/on the beach/wherever just to pet their dog. I did this at the beach. Felt weird, but I've been 8 (almost 9) years without a dog. Long story, but we have wood floors and no back fence. I've begged/hinted so long, I've basically given up on the idea. Sad part is, I'm 34. If I lived alone and made enough money, I'd probably have at least two by now. Unfortunately, I'm stuck living at home. I rant about it everywhere on Youtube.

  7. Roses are red,
    Bartolomeo Cristofori invented the spinet.
    But nobody here knows that a view counts after half a minute.
    Roses are red,
    violets are violet (not fricking blue).
    Kids who say "First",
    are the definition of worst.
    Roses are red,

    one of the moons of uranus, is called Cupid.
    "Small" YouTubers who advertise, are the definition of stupid.

  8. What if you already have a dog?…. they say cats are like potato chips but i mean come on… dogs… dogs….

  9. I can't be the only one that turns into an terrible person when it comes to dogs
    Like, is there a dog on the street? "OH MY GOD HE'S SO CUTE HI BUDDY WHAT YOU DOING COME HERE PUPPY"
    At someone's house? "Yeah I'll pretend like I'm listening to you but really I'm trynna get your dog's attention"
    It's terrible and it's a problem
    At least I have the least bit of impulse control when it comes to service dogs.

  10. The problem with a dog is they cost money. Sometimes they cost up to $50 a month to feed and people have been known to spend almost one thousand dollars ? in vet bills for the life of the dog. Just not worth it for a dirty animal that poops ?

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