7 Cool Dog Accessories 2018 & Gadgets You Must Have

all work and no play leave your dog bored frustrated and anxious like kids your Doug needs exercises and your company so what should you do when you know that you need to spend all day working hard and what's the best way to offer your dog the fun stimulating and exciting exercise that she needs well we have an easy and super exciting answer to these questions now meet wicked bone a bone shaped interactive gaming device that performs like a truly smart fun and wonderfully wicked companion of your dog it couldn't be more exciting really wicked bone is really easy to use just download the wicked bone app and connect by a bluetooth and you can start playing with your dog move it with its virtual joystick wicked bone feels just like any other video game wicked bones 9 preset motions are able to constantly keep your dog highly focused the interactive mode is perfect for the moments when you're busy doing something important when the interactive mode is activated it is wired to guide your dog to play with it wicked Bo acts responsibly two different types of touch based on its original emotional system all wigs in a playful manner that keeps up with your dog's mood and reactions wicked book lets you choose or set different modes to play indoors and outdoors and you could even play it without looking at your phone the FDA class material of wicked bones body cover and the tires are certified safe for humans and pets okay Marley hold on I'll let you up one now Marley you want to come back in what I have to teach you how to open that door now you can teach Marley how to open and close the door with auto slide fit it to any of the sliding doors in your home Auto slides k9 option allows you to easily set the door to open and close for Marley whenever she wants to go out or come in you can set it to open to the width of your pet and with this pet toggle it will only open for Marley and no other animal visit auto slide comm to discover the endless possibilities when you're sliding doors open for your pets family if we're all honest about it it's what really matters the most those special times together around the meal and even if one of us is a little late or even if things don't go exactly as planned we all try to help each other out and with the pet net smart feeder it's easy to do just that though we all have busy lives places to go and work to do we still do what we can to make sure our families are healthy and provide the love and care they need to live happy lives and sometimes when we're away we still find ways to check in to stay connected and take care of one another that's just how it is and when everyone comes back together again we pick it up right where we left off because that's what families do the pet net smart feeder healthy pets happy owners you when you can't be with the one you love Peck you bytes can just fill up with your best friend's favorite treats so when you leave playtime begins with built-in to a speaker and microphone you can talk to and hear your pet or practice that fancy new trick you've been working on and when they ace it fling a treat now that's a good boy and when they're not so good petcube is there to sound and motion alerts let you know there's trouble so with more petcube cameras you can follow your pet from room to room turn silly moments into shared moments and instantly share your best clips to friends and family because some things are too cute to keep to ourselves they're there for us waiting be there for them too with scheduled treat times they'll know that the one they love is just around the corner and you'll know they're taken care of until you can be with your pet again we'll be here helping make homecoming even sweeter and sharing love from far heck you designed for happy reunions designs for her parents there's a special society out there its members don't need an alarm clock to wake up they don't need an inspirational poster to remind them that every day is an adventure it's a society of athletes and explorers with members who aren't afraid to get dirty for them sit stay and roll over aren't commands their password and in this society everyone knows the handshakes and even when this society is unable to meet they can count on each other they are always connected always close by always looking out for each other because they are linked by a bond that cannot be broken

35 thoughts on “7 Cool Dog Accessories 2018 & Gadgets You Must Have

  1. There’s a product that cleans your dogs muddy paws. It’s also even portable! I really like it. Very convenient after letting your dog use the bathroom, and they come back with muddy paws…

  2. Autoslide isn't that great if you're worried about someone coming into your house. A dog will most likely run to the door the intruder is coming to and the door will slide right open.

  3. Looking for a toy that will exercise a dog while im at work. I have a 3 story home and live alone. is there a gadget that will make the dog hunt inside the home to keep him busy while I'm away?

  4. C'est horrible, c'est surtout des inventions pour ne plus s'occuper de rien. Pour ne plus vivre ensemble, quoi. Et les autres, c'est pour entourer les animaux d'ondes, de lumières, etc. Tout ce qui déjà nous rend petit-à-petit fous nous-mêmes.

  5. I’m thinking about the wickedbone, it would be perfect for my dog. Since my family is so busy, nobody plays with him. We really need that.

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