as much as I’m relieved that finals is
over and for the next couple weeks, I could enjoy my family’s company, I am so tired.. and I have a long day ahead of me. it’s my fault for having stayed up and I really tried to power through for that December daily. I got everything
done in like five hours, but publishing was so much slower than usual, the Wi-Fi was killing me and there were two failed upload attempts ? and by the time I was 3:45 I could not make it anymore and now at 7:30 so.. I got.. yeah I can’t do math right now, whatever sleep that is… I need to finish packing, and that’s crazy
because I was trying to be all prepared this time so in the morning today, I didn’t have to pack but here I am again. but thankfully, a couple days ago I
already started packing the big stuff to end the weekend, I am going to do a
little bit of packing! and it’s another suitcase from away, so thank you so much to away for sponsoring this video today. I got my luggage tag. so this came in a
week and a half ago and with my cold and everything, I just didn’t have the energy to unpackage it . now I’m really in the mood to just start some packing so that I don’t have to do it the night before I’m leaving the morning after my crit. the main reason I needed a big suitcase is
because I’m going skiing, and I have a lot of large coat and sweater like items, so I definitely needed something with more room I decided to go for the expandable suitcase, and this is in the dark green. there’s a pocket in the front with a flap and a small zipper flap over here too. I have a big pile of stuff that I’ve
already picked out because I cleaned out my closet the other day as I mentioned
before, THAT has been the pile that you see on my couch. so I’ve got a lot of red going on, and some green. the other thing that I have been using- you saw this everywhere, is the everywhere bag. I took this to New York last month when I went there for three days. if I’m actually able to pack lightly, I can put
everything I need in here , and I like that I can sling it over my shoulder and it’s durable, the surface of it doesn’t dirty easily, they have a weekender bag, but this is much easier for me to sling around my shoulders and walk all over New York with- which is actually what I did. and.. this is just something very
special for me that I wanted to mention they have a pouch here that separates your umbrella from the rest of the bag so that nothing gets wet and dirty, and this is waterproof lined. what I really enjoy is actually using it to
store my straightening iron. it would also fit a curling iron. it’s not made for it but this is just like one of my favorite little bonus things about this bag. and I just don’t have to worry about this
getting tangled up with everything else, like the cord. just make sure that it’s cooled completely. do not insert it while it’s still warm. after the New York trip, I managed to unpack it completely. you can see how many pockets there are so this is my travel buddy when I go on the airplane. the 15 inch laptop fits in here and that’s not something I put in my little suitcase. if you have to ride on little jets- like I do to get out of Providence- they don’t even have the overhead space and they put it in the hold. the little open pockets here is where my ID and my passport will go so it is a very easy grab I’ve mentioned before how I was confused what is this for??? and it slides into the handle of your suitcase and because the suitcases have four wheels, you don’t have to lug it behind you and in the airport it is just a smooth ride, and it’s lovely. all the suitcases come with the lock combo on the top so especially for checked bags, I appreciate that extra security. do you remember this sweater those from that thrift haul? my Christmas ugly sweater, and I thrifted this dress in LA.. two years ago. this is a simple tweed miniskirt. it doesn’t hurt to have one of those more classics silhouettes I’m not sure what I’m going to pair with this very sheer blouse, but I haven’t worn this since last October on my birthday. this one is a beautiful dress I thrifted
the same day I got the dark green skirt. I’ve never worn it because I didn’t find
a chance yet! because it’s short sleeved, and this romper that I haven’t worn
since I got it.. embarrassing- I forgot I had it because I hung it up on a fancy-pants hanger and I just completely forgot about it. these are my lovely ski pants that I found that savers! pretty sure I found this in the children’s
section. can’t go wrong with 14 year old girl clothes. I’m gonna put in my doc martens. perfect and I think the ski helmet should fit. Bambi! and my last ski clothing item is my scarf- this isn’t the cutest, I got this I was very desperate when I was skiing with
Tyler. I’m gonna count out the exact socks and underwear later on, another day. I’m just gonna get the big things out of the way. so my pajamas, fuzzy socks. Wow so I have yet to figure out what I need
to put in the front here. probably will know once I do some last-minute packing and realize that I need a lot of more stuff. Oh probably the presents because I have I have that bag full of secret stuff that I can’t reveal right now but I’ve been saving for my friends and family, so I’m gonna pack that away. the expandable zipper- is along the back. so it gives you about an inch or two of extra room. this is what I meant by the trolley slip. that is all the packing I’m gonna do for tonight. She Used to Be Mine by Sara Bareilles it’s happening! Harry Styles album is out, finally listening to it for the first time! luckily the SUV is available next to it so I got an upgrade.. ugh! time to go to Lilith’s! sorry… I’m sorry that you get the.. you just seem less adaptable… we’re here. she says “I am holding a poop in for you” replying: ‘outside.’ I’m gonna miss you guys all right? gonna miss you. prairie, love you you have a speck of a litter on you.. do you wanna take him? take him
-come here! get prairie -good boy! your space looks good! -oh no, the kitchen’s so ugly! always in the kitchen.. he keeps scratching it until it bleeds, he’s very impulsive so I got this wound wash I normally brush their teeth but I don’t
want to put you through that so you just put this gel- wow, Fitz is so fancy here. got an upgrade! bye bye! bye bye bye bye! now I’m rushing back to return this car, I hopefully can make everything just on time- it’s always like this, kind of stressful, but yet I feel like if I perform as planned it should be fine. so I shouldn’t stress out, but thank goodness I am all sorted out with the luggage. I got up early this morning and finished. when I get back I’m gonna change. I have to bring my bike upstairs because I don’t want it to be snowed under and then call an uber and head to the airport. “they took me down to a black diamond. and I was a good skier, I’m
telling you… I just couldn’t handle it. so I tried, I was going, you know, over and through the moguls, it was like one on top of the other! so I actually pulled off to the side, took my skis off and walked down to the next section, and then I skied the rest of the way.” I went to a place in Maine, and we basically went up thinking it was green but it was actually blue and accident so we had Ski Patrol help us we were brought down in those body sleds like strapped to it -no way!
-yeah I’m finally here! Tyler came to pick me up at the airport. we’re okay? we just found parking nearby, we’re gonna
grab dinner because I am.. what’s the word.. I am…. ravenous
-ravished ravish is not…you mean famished?
-famished! that’s the one I just combined the two i’m ravenous! it’s so funny cuz I was waiting for the luggage and… this is my first time using the suitcase and I’m pretty sure it passed me by three rounds -really?
until I realized it was mine.. because I knew I had a dark green one so
I kept thinking of a very specific green and then this one is actually more like
a dusty gray green so I got up close and I saw on the tire on the tire?? on the wheel, it said ‘away’ I was like like ‘Oh!!!’ Dinner was so yummy. I ended up loving what Tyler ordered so he gave the rest of it to me it is some sort of eggplant puree along
with tomato and other veggies so it had a nice sweet surprise to it and my Chana Masala, although that’s normally my favorite dish, it did not have a lot of sauce to it it was mainly chickpeas, so I was craving something with more of a curry feel. now we’re almost home, so I’m gonna see my family finally and tomorrow we have the start of a weekend out, so that’s exciting. I’m all in the dark.
Tyler: uh huh, I have plans. I meant I’m actually in the dark
*laughs* -OH literally and figuratively in this case
-yes! snowflakes are so cute. much better than on the metal part like before
– yes -good job!
-you’re welcome so fancy. hehe we’re home! hello! grandma: oh you’re home! mom: look at him! aww! he’s purring! aww omg toby! *gasp* b!! sister’s coming home who is it? dear Tyler and Annie, may the wonder of Christmas fill your heart with peace and joy. very loving and blessed Christmas. love, mom and dad thank you! look at this bed head. I’m so happy to be home. Tyler and I are gonna head out for a
weekend trip away. I’m going to do yoga with my mom very quickly and then… -hey! I’m almost ready I’m just gonna say goodbye. you’ll see a lot more of my family in the coming weeks. my aunt and cousin are flying in next weekend so it’s gonna be very fun. I hope that you enjoyed this travel vlog, thank you so much two away for the luggage and this opportunity. take care until I see you. bye!

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