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Freddie and I met in church we became best friends we did everything together we got engaged shortly thereafter when I met Kay she and I both were chunky monkeys I was 450 after we got married I was 550 and it steadily rose 708 35 and then from 8:35 got to my highest weight which was nine hundred and twenty pounds from that point on I began trying my best to diet I have lost about 325 pounds I'm now around 600 pounds it is still very difficult to do this daily task if I'm not losing weight I'm losing this battle as Freddie is reaching his goals and slowly losing weight through watching his calories doing his exercises we are seeing him get his life back I'm not gonna stop pushing him I'm not ever gonna let it go back to the way it was music and singing and playing the piano is my life I do it every day watching the doll down pretty and I have two dogs both basset hounds one precious she's 12 years old one pumpkin she is five years old and I'm playing the keyboard and singing they get to Hallett and hollering and around here that is what we call choir practice without case help about the only thing I can do with the dogs would be half our practice that's about it can you push me that's normally the way things go around here I handle everything go into the bathroom and get in the bath and getting prepared for the day most people can do that by their self all right lift your arm here I have to have Ches help sort of like Kay has care for her big baby dry yeah sometimes it bothers me to do everything sometimes it gets really tiring when I know he could help with certain things and he just wants to tell me what to do that gets really old as freddie is losing weight this is the time for him to begin to do more for himself do more around the house I mean the key to his success and the key to our freedom is weight loss today we're going to the pet store I am so excited I'm going to Japan hey birdy hailer good Martin can I hold it she's nine weeks old they happen to have some puppies oh my you are beautiful yes you are I am a dog lover and I love puppies yes you some sleep okay we'll take it we'll take it he's confused I'm sorry but we're not taking it out today we've come to buy some toys and some treats we're gonna look around no dog today I understand that you want a puppy you know gonna take care of it liar how about I prove it you take a lot of proven you ain't never done nothing for the two we got show me you can take care of a dog Oh we'll see come on now I do not want another top the two dogs that I have plus taking care of Freddy it's all I can handle okay let's don't get a dog let's gonna get dog let's get three we'll take all of them how about that you don't understand what it takes to take care of dogs I mean I take care of the two dogs that we have at home I bathed them feed them walk them I am I'd do it all on top of taking care of the house and taking care of you how can you ignore this no we need walking out of here with a dog today do you not comprehend that oh I don't comprehend it usually baby it's time to be doing some work around here and not just me you're all about getting another dog handle the – you girl I'll feed the one with you know handle the – you got fatal well what I need to do show me what to do you've watched me every day I don't even know where don't do that I don't know where no spoons is I don't go over there I don't never go past that side either I'll get you what you need okay me you feed the dog I got this I got this sitting up I don't think it's that much work to have no puppy I think Kay's blowing out of proportion never tire nuts dog foods you just need one I only do one mm-hmm you feel their dog food up there bowl up with dry the only mix half a can which side is it going huh whichever do we go one full scoop on the whole thing or just one full screen each Bowl one full scoop in each Bowl okay then did any more now no but the first one needs a little more it what you doing eyeballing it yeah is that is that a half-pound no little more that matter and that's probably okay we have had precious for 12 years and Freddie has absolutely no idea how to feed her I mean it's crazy you have closed him home have to get the full experience I'm gonna breathe some of those I can't stand this layoff yes I'm sure I can do this all right Oh anyone ever told you that you have a flair for the dramatic oh the most horrible part of feeding the dogs is popping the top on that disk stay here what do you do how do you put it all in our what time you know you ask a lot of questions to have had dogs for let's see precious is 12 years if you ain't never had to actually take care of them and they they like the ground you're gonna have to actually tip it over and tip it over to look at any of the cans one thing but to watch it going on a little bit more Oh like I've ate it give it a good thorough stir every day's I got to do this case stop it what happened it's the whole food thing am i bleeding no precious and pumpkin stop it y'all better stop it get over here with all this chaos I'm wondering is this even worth it to have to sit and watch this and now I'm gonna have to clean it up too I should have just done this myself is this sufficient for the day for these doggies forget the help how much help is this really so Freddie asked me can we get another dog and my response to him was as soon as you show me that you can help take care of the two dogs we've got I'll think about getting another dog Hey Freddie's first attempt was feeding the dogs it was miss what you doing playing with now what you doing I believe that it's it's time to clean them wash the stink off get them smelling good okay I hate to say that I don't have faith in him but I'm pretty confident that I won't have to worry about it and we will not be getting another dog you've only got a little bit of daylight left we've left this to the end of the come on precious you're working on a tiny marriage here please hush I'm trying to work I managed to get this done in about 15 minutes oh yeah you gonna brag now huh I'm just saying I'm gonna prove I make this thing happen cuz I want my dog I want me a puppy hold on hold on sisters so I set him up outside and I tell him I'm not gonna help you with this you don't have to figure this one out on your own hey you is making this real hard on me honey I'm not the one that wants another dog y'all gonna cooperate ho ho oh hey what is wrong this money I've been soaking wet it's probably freezing death on them you know I try not to look and I think to myself this is a disaster waiting to happen but I'm determined not to help her god help me hammer poopie I'll get you first us I know you hate the cold weather lord have mercy I hope you all that passion fruit honking this ain't nothing to eat y'all don't need that and make you sick huh please stay back come on now come here miss thing this don't hand a word girl come on work with me oh forget hold on me come here quick ringing oh nice the water got soaked there they go make you sick hey get over here you can't keep on drinking water like that imagine trying to hold two dogs and wash them all at the same time it's difficult let Daddy shut this off Oh washing them too basset hounds is one of the hardest things I ever done and I'm just gonna miss and all I can think the whole time is hey she don't love us no more dick I've got soap all over myself I'm soaking wet my tennis shoes are soaking wet my pants are soaking wet momma thinks is a big joke you better stop it what about a girlfriend you better stop it are they dry they are not dry and they are not soap free you're gonna have to go and get the soap off of them you didn't successfully finish the task if there's so wall over than ours so what you're telling me is I'm gonna have to take the dogs inside and rinse the dogs were soaked he didn't even attempt drying I knew that they were gonna have to be rewashed it's more of a burden when I'm trying to make things just a little bit easier and that's just making things harder I don't think he's trying to do it on purpose I just don't think he gets it and that is so frustrating not so bad is it quick and painless okay yeah baby darling what you need turn it please hold on I'm almost done in here washing the dogs I realized payments have a pretty big load on her shoulders because that's just the dogs not to mention everything else that she does she does so much and I don't even think about it this whole situation is bigger than the dogs can take oh my are you upset with me what what gave it away it's a whole lot more than just the dog thing this who I've been living with him taking care of is Freddie the patient and I really want Freddie my husband it has definitely been a long few years I'm sick of him being sick I'm tired of it I'm tired of it for him I'm tired of it for me but I'm not gonna let up pushing him I'm not click on screen for more videos of extraordinary humans you

35 thoughts on “600 Pound Man Struggles to Care for Pets | Heavily Ever After | Only Human

  1. How do people like this always have a house,land,car,and the ability to buy enough food to get like that?!
    If I did not work at all for 3 weeks I’d probably be homeless and hungry,or nearing it….
    These extra plus size people seem to have found a way to make a good living doing nothing….at all.
    What’s the secret ? I must be missing something HUGE!

  2. There so lucky they have basset hounds omg I would kill to have dog like that!! I have wanted one since I was like 7

  3. ? So you’re telling me that a man that has eaten himself into immobility cannot properly care for another living being? You’re telling me that a man that relies on his partner to bathe him like an infant has never had the responsibility of feeding his own dogs? ? I don’t buy it. It isn’t adding up.

  4. So let me get this right.The wife OBVIOUSLY doesn't have a satisfying sex life or none and her baby husband can't be reliable on ANYTHING ! Damn what a miserable life!

  5. They need their own show! You guys are so rough with comments, like really, can’t y’all think of anything nice to say at all, they seem like a lovely couple!

  6. If a can of dog food grosses him out, he is NOT ready for a puppy. Having a puppy is practically like having a new baby.

  7. I hope he was putting up that front just for the show because at 600 lbs a puppy should be the last thing on your priority list.

  8. Beep beep beep. Anybody else hear my gaydur going off?. Why can’t his caretaker see that he’s so gay?. She’s just a caretaker and enabler. He could stuff envelopes, work at a call center something. He’s beyond ridiculous, lazy, spoiled and entitled. Wake up woman and find you a real man.

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