6 weeks 3 days, no heartbeat ? ?

it's so quiet yeah can you just jog looking here you know clear to see the pregnancy sack that's in here that was here the last time and it does look like it is has grown some I see this little area in here and that probably represents what's called the yolk sac and that's what would typically feed an early pregnancy I don't know I don't think I'm seeing anything that I can definitely say looks like a baby in there yet doesn't move because you move you has change around yeah but that is me she's not far long enough to see anything you know the options are possibilities are that again you're not as not quite as far along as what your cycles suggest and that does look like a yolk sac they're just a little thing here and there you know definitely is a change in you know what we see from the last visit to this visit I just can't I can't tell if if there's something right up in here or not these little look blackish areas here on blood vessels in your uterus and again I see some movement of stuff but I don't see anything that I can say looks like a heartbeat I know I see that too it's like I don't know if I'm seeing you know I think that's just I think that's not a baby's heartbeat because I can't definitively focus in on anything but again if it's up right next to the wall the uterus sometimes it's hard to see so like I can't tell if this area in here ism is a baby growing or not it is somewhere around there well that was six weeks I don't have to tell him so I'll started my period April 18 I mean 11 I had sex April 18th and that was the only time so it it had and just absolutely had to have happen that day and you calculate that out so I just can't tell for sure well um can you do like is it too soon to do them that's how you do the thing and they'll try to take out the parking yeah you have to see it Nora so not you just get

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  1. I'm 6 weeks pregnant and still spotting…yesterday I got my transV ultrasound I heard my babby heart beat but the ob said it's only 108 BPM the normal is 120BPM please pray for my baby and safe pregnancy… After 2 weeks follow up transv for baby cardiac… Hope is well…

  2. I went to the doctors today and got my ultrasound done I am 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant and heard no heartbeat.. I am sad because i am also spotting. Hopefully everything is okay??

  3. Hi i feel You Now sad it is last year i have miscarriage for 7 weeks no heart beat too and its painful. Now i am 6 weeks pregnant please pray for my baby.

  4. Please pray for me i need your prayers im 7 weeks pregnant and im on bleeding and my baby has no heart beat ?? Please pray for me guys thank you ?????

  5. today date 25 feb 19 iwas 9weeks but my baby heart beat stop already and ultrasound said the baby was 6months when it stop so the doctor told me to do DNC but i refuse and said i wnt to continue lets see more chance n she told me lets see for and week after aweeks lets check it agai….so everyone who sees this pliz pray for me this is my second pregnancy failure…

  6. I'm also in 7 th weak pregnancy I also not heard my babys heartbeat so depression for me this is my first baby I'm waiting more 10 days Pls pay for mY baby

  7. This happened to me and I also started bleeding I was 6 weeks they couldnt see a heartbeat they thought I miscarried but I did a blood test to check my hcg level it was still high and I came back at 7 weeks and there was a heartbeat so dont lose hope .. I'm now 22 weeks with a little boy.

  8. This Happens When You’re Still Early So You Might Have Been About 5 Weeks Instead Of 6 , Keep Your Head Up ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Glad I came here because I literally just walked through the door coming from the hospital. My HCG levels are above 15,000 but no fetal pole or heartbeat and I must say I am heartbroken, upset, disappointed, let down, & discouraged just to name a few. I have a horrible migraine from the crying. This is a small speck of hope. I'm so scared because the doctor expressed concern due to the levels being so high.???‍♀️??‍♀️?

  10. Same thing happening to me??…. I had usg today and dr.can't find heartbeat and also he told me that baby isn't developing as it needed to be. According to last usg I should be 6 weeks 2 days pregnant bt todays usg showed only 5 weeks 3 days???
    Plz pray for me don't want to go through same pain(m/c)again after all these 5 years

  11. I was looking at the video .. and said to doctor in the video you idiot I defintley see a heart beat was he blind or something !!! Scare you for nothing

  12. I. Miscarried at 6 weeks. I didn't feel down like most would as I felt it was still cells forming. If I had been like 12 plus weeks then it probably would've been different..so I couldn't mourn a "possibility". That it could've been a baby. That's just me though.

  13. My sac was measuring 6 weeks seen small foetal pole and couldn't find heart beat (go back in a week and my hopes are high I am sure all will be fine and this vid gave me hope) Glad all was ok in the end xoxo

  14. Hi! Me too. 5wks no cardiac activity and still bleeding for 1week. ? I don't want to miscarriage. Hope someone can same my Situation but there baby alive to hope and be relieve ?

  15. I’m so sad. I had my first ultrasound 2 days ago and to our surprise they found twins. I’m supposed to be 9weeks 6 days but they measured at 8weeks 3 days. No heartbeat for either. OB wants me to schedule a D&C or take the pill to induce the miscarriage but I want to wait. It’s so tiring emotionally waiting and I see another OB tomorrow.

  16. I'm 6 weeks, and I am expecting to miscarry. I am trying not to be negative about it, but I don't wanna get my hopes up, but something tells me I'll miscarry. The thought of it upsets me, but if you hear the heartbeat at 7 weeks, it makes me feel a little better, I just want to be able to see the little guy for a ultrasound in a few days

  17. i had a miscarriage at 11 weeks and that is my 1st pregnancy. i feel so sad ….and depressed….plz God bless me for next time.

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