6 Week Old Pitbull Puppy

this is my six weeks in three day old pit bull terrier pup she's all Brown dark brownish the white Ches see you like Jess and you're not doing it right now oh she doesn't know you can see it a little bit right there yeah she's nice pretty small I don't have a say a pretty small but she is small too the ones that I had before she sleeps all day I was gonna start updating it like daily let's check out her progress every week I'm upload or something yeah this is Callie her name is Kylie by the way she cool super cool she doesn't really bite a lot either you know how the pups like to bite everything she doesn't like to fight a lot amazingly which is good but yeah this is Callie I keep got up some more updates you know weekly say hey you say hey you say your paws up close yeah you can see our standing that before before we go yeah this is kind of six weeks in three days yep I'll keep you updated

16 thoughts on “6 Week Old Pitbull Puppy

  1. Mines 6 weeks old too but he looks so much smaller than her does it have to do with him being the runt of the litter?

  2. I had a ferret named Kali. Kali was the goddess of destruction so the name fits yer beautiful girl perfect. She looks just like my new boy who I also believe is 6 weeks old.

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