6 Ways to Save a Cat’s Life

Da, da, da, da, da, da. Stand by for a special
bulletin from the cat cave. If this were a true
mojo emergency, you would be notified. Da, da, da, da. It’s a true mojo emergency. Standby. Are you ready to
catify the world? It’s crucial. Let’s go. I want to tell you
about what happened to me just a few weeks ago. I was on the plane. I was in a pretty crappy mood. I was overworked. About four hours
into the flight, I had to go to the bathroom. So I’m walking up the aisle, and
the flight attendant stops me. And she goes, now, we
have to talk about my cat. We start talking about her cats. In the meantime,
there was a guy– and he was obviously
a flight attendant himself– and his name is
[? Knoll. ?] Says here, I want you to see something. And he pulls out his phone. This is my cat. My cat would be dead
if it weren’t for you. Turns out, that through
watching “My Cat From Hell” and being a part of team Cat
Mojo, went to the shelter, picked this cat up,
who would surely have been dead if
it weren’t for him. And man, pow, just knocked
me off my feet, man! In that moment, I was
absolutely validated. All of the years that I’ve put
into this, a lot of sacrifice, personal life, my
aspirations as a musician, in that one moment,
[? Knoll ?], you put my life back in perspective. And man, I could not
thank you enough. If you’re watching this, I want
to see a picture of your cat again. I want you to send
it in so I can show the rest of
team Cat Mojo, OK? Now, let’s talk about you. OK? Because of course this is
a special message to you. You have saved a life probably. But it’s important to know that
you can save so many more just by lifting a pinky. Well, if we love cats, let’s put
our money where our mouth is. What can you do today? I’m talking to you
guys, to team Cat Mojo. Because you are the
ones who will help us turn this corner,
to never kill another animal just because of
the crime of not having a home. And you can do that just
by telling your friend to spay or neuter their animal. Can you foster an animal? Give money? Find an organization that
you really get behind, that you really jive with, and
help them spread their mojo? And get involved with
TNR, trapping, neutering, and returning community cats to
the places where they belong. Go volunteer at a shelter. What if you shared
your expertise, that one the micro
specialty that you work in in the real world? Website designer, marketing
specialist, interior designer. Everything that you
do can translate into something that will
save thousands of lives. So do it That’s your
homework, folks. Do it. Be that angel. It doesn’t take as much
as you think it does. And I’m telling you,
the payoff is gigantic. There’s another part
to your homework. Folks, if you have an
animal in your life, and you know that there’s
a person out there responsible for that animal’s
life, I want to know about it. We all want to know about it. Calling out all
mojo angels, man. That’s your homework. Bring those mojo angels
to the forefront. I want to know names, and I want
to know if you have a picture. Or I want to see the
picture of the animal that this person saved
so that you can say, just like I’m saying
[? Knoll, ?] thank you. You can be Knoll,
and you can be me. Boom! We’re done. Folks, I’m out. Don’t forget, you can
find me everywhere in the social stratosphere. Please do find me.
#TeamCatMojo, #MyCatFromHell and I will find it, OK? Until next time, all light,
all love, and all mojo to you. Love you. Oh by the way, just
a little plug here. Peaceful Valley
Donkey Rescue, folks. Adopt yourself help
a donkey today. And also a little shout out
to my friends at Catster. Hello, Catster. Really important
information that comes through this blog every
single day, Love these guys.

100 thoughts on “6 Ways to Save a Cat’s Life

  1. 2 years ago I went to the SPCA to look at the cats with a friend. My beloved Siamese had died and I was not interested in having a cat right away. I needed to grieve. The Vice President of the shelter told me just to come in and look at the kittens. I didn't have the time, money or energy for a kitten. Then I met their mother. She just looked up at me and won me over. And to make it more perfect, she had to stay there till the kittens finished nursing and then she was getting spade. I immediately put money down and Momma was mine. I like to say she saved my life. By August I was ready to welcome a cat into my heart and my house again and she moved in. That little time from me meeting her to her moving in gave me time to heal. She owns me and the house. We love you Jackson.

  2. I know this is years late but I always watch your videos before I help my friends pets because they always have me come over and help if any of there pets are having problems. Ever since I was little for my birthday every year I have my friends bring money and cat food to my party instead of presents for me. This year I’m turning 15 and I am rescuing a kitten that would’ve gone into a shelter for my birthday #teamcatmojo

  3. My family fostered (and wound up adopting) the cat in the user photo. We've had her for a little more than 2 years. Ultimately SHE saved herself by telepathically telling my mom her name (when mom heard her name she knew we had to foster her as she couldn't not do so since she knew her name!)

  4. I have two animals that would be dead if I hadn't come into their lives. An American Bulldog with cancer and arthritis that's now 8 years old. A kitten with a mysterious illness that causes him to have explosive diarrhea on a regular basis. Both require extensive supportive care and frequent vet visits. Being on a lower middle class income, it is difficult to pay for all their special care but they repay me with endless love, loyalty and friendship. Both are extremely patient, loving and kind with my toddler (who is still learning how to pet nice and be gentle) which is a huge bonus. They are both teaching my 20 month old son how amazing animals are. He loves his pet friends so much. He looks forward to interacting with them every morning when he wakes up. He gets more excited about kisses from the dog and cuddles from the kitty than he has ever been excited for anything else! That compassion for animals rubbing off on my son is something I couldn't put a price on. I will never give up on these precious creatures because they've never given up on me or my little boy, even with his tantrums and occassional rough play. These creatures are so beautiful and pure despite their health issues!

    Even on a lower salary, you CAN save animals. You CAN afford it. You CAN be the difference between an innocent animal living a happy life or dying a cruel and unnecessary death.

  5. My parents saved my cat blankets life they adopted her from a shelter after being told she was fine with other cats but as it turns out she wasn’t this caused her to have litter box issues but instead of returning her they worked with her and they managed to reduce the number of times she went outside the litter box the next thing they did for was when I got my apartment and was looking for a cat they offered blanket to me cause they knew I adored her and I could give a home where she was the only cat they made a big sacrifice doing this cause they loved her so much mom mom was very attached to blanket but she knew giving blanket to me was the right thing to do as proof of this she hasn’t had any problems with the litter box since coming to live with me I thank my parents often for being willing to give blanket to me cause she has quickly become my everything

  6. My cat is dying she's vomiting a lot can't keep her food down I took her to the vet and he prescribed meds and iv drips. And I'm doing what he told me but she's dying

  7. I lost one of my beloved cats to heart failure yesterday. He was only 11 and put to sleep in the kind hands of my vet while I cuddled him. It all came unexpected and suddenly. Sparky, I loved you dearly and will always miss you. I had 12 cats, now down to 11. All except one are rescues. My latest 3 additions were a semi-feral girl who'd been living on the streets for at least 2 years. Got her in November. She was skinny and her fur a mess (she's long haired) She is now very beautiful and fluffy but still a little shy. In the last 6 weeks I acquired a lovely black and white kitten who'd been abandoned in the snow. I was then given a gorgeous ginger and white kitten who'd been passed around like an unwanted parcel. He is so sweet and loving I cannot imagine how no-one wanted him. Both the kittens (now 7 months old approximately) have been neutered and microchipped. My oldest cat is the only one who is not a rescue. She is a grand old lady of 20 years. I help with our local Lost & Found and would urge everyone to make sure their cats are neutered and microchipped. There is no better feeling when I scan a stray cat and there's a beep from the scanner and that cat and their owners are reunited.

  8. My old neighbor was going to put her cat down (a blue tabby named willow) because Willow constantly fought and hissed with everyone in her household. I watched your show for years and because of that I knew it wasn't her fault. I begged my neighbor to give her to me (even though I wasnt in a living situation to have a cat) eventually she gave her to me and now we have a home of our own. As I'm typing this-she is purring herself to sleep on my chest and I'm so thankful to have her with me. If it wasn't for you she wouldn't be here

  9. I saved a cat from getting euthanized when I had an internship at a shelter, unfortunately he recently got hit by a car and died… I cried so much when I heard the news, I was lucky that I was visiting my parents so I had our cats to support me. Immediately when I started crying our 16 year old baby girl jumped into my lap and she just stayed there until I was finished, it kept me grounded. He was an abused and abandoned cat, most likely a "summer cat", he was so scared of people he wouldn't leave the litterbox but I spent days just sitting by his cage, occasionally petting him, and he then one day just got up and came out of the cage. I was the first person he trusted in so long and I just… I was so happy, he was saved because I took my time with him, because whenever there wasn't anything I could help with I went to him.

  10. You don't just have to give money. I have donated beds, cat carriers, bowls, food, blankets, toys. Plus I have been adopting cats all my life. With 3 currently in residence (and very calm despite all the equipment for my disability) I have no more room or time. But I do what I can.

  11. My sister saved my cats life. My last apartment became toxic. I saw her getting sick, depressed, anxiety…. Just like me. I asked her to take my cat until I got another place to live. I could go somewhere and she'd be inside. So sweet, giving me tons of kisses and such a good cat. A "MOJITO" cat, for sure.
    She took her to the vet and she has hyperthyroid. Then we were holding breath to see if it was cancerous. Meanwhile I was living anywhere. Mostly the angels of Airbnbs around here.
    My sister Kathy Stevens is an angel. Her husband loves kitties too. He doesn't like me but took my cat anyway. That's kitty heroism
    I now have my cat. After a year agonizing without. She will need her medication every day. She's 14. She's a bit arthritic…
    The carpet is what I believe to be a contributing factor to her hyperthyroidism
    Old carpet has a chemical that has been linked.. My carpet was 12 years old and the owner refused to change it. Dick. Made me have neurological issues. But no carpet now. I love it.
    I'm so grateful for the time care and money they spent with Sweetie Pie. It just makes me cry tears of humility.
    In may, I will just start dumping money into her PayPal account and not tell her. I want her to feel happy and know I'm conscientious.
    I'm 51. Not able to work anymore. But when I get a car again very soon I will be making money. It's all going to be so much better this year.
    So that's my story

  12. Hi, Jackson!
    My baby boy kitty is a rescue. Mom and I were visiting my Sister-in-law at a place they were trying to get her walking again. On the front porch, a gray kitten was scooting from under a chair to under a table to under another chair. I reached down and managed to grab him, then held him to my chest. That's when I lost my heart! Mom & I drove around, knocked on doors, asking, "Is this your kitty?" Everyone said no. So finally we drove home, the kitten laying on Mom's chest, and kept him. I named him Perry Mason because we found him in Perry County. He was so loving to Mom! She held him on his back like a baby and tell him the story of how we got him, and he'd purr like crazy! He was the last cat Mom ever owned, and he brought such joy to her last few years! I miss her, but Perry is still around to bring me joy!
    BTW, love your shows!
    Peace, Susansmr

  13. I find it very interesting watching your videos. They have helped me out trying to work out the problems with my rescue cat that I’m struggling with now. I have worked for many years rescuing cats love them. ? I had a Serval that was everything to me. He was so kool. I saved him from being put down at the shelter. Because they had no clue how to care for him. He was terrorizing everyone and they where going to put him down. I went out of my way to get hold of him and 11 years later when he finally died. He was the most loving wonderful cat you could ever imagine. He was super smart and very well trained. In 2007 I ended up with cancer. I had just got hold of a baby Bob cat that I rescued from a fire, 3 weeks old. I lucked out with a old friend of mine from out of state who came down to live with me. He was a animal lover like me. At first he was very intimidated by the cat but within a month or so he was flying along great. Cause within a two month period I was barely alive the cancer was spreading bad thru out my body. I begged him to help me see my cat. He went and took me home for a two hour visit twice in one week so I could lay there with my baby kitten. He literally expected me to die holding my kitten. But all I kept thinking was who was going to care for my shelter cats. I fought like a dog from 2007-2016 with cancer. I still am fighting with it. Many operations and I’m still hanging in there. I have a new rescue cat now for 3 months now. He is a Asian Leopard cat sweet as can be. But he has a lot of psychological problems he was very badly mistreated and beaten. If it wasn’t for caring so much for cats and wanting to help all of them. I would of given up the fight with cancer along time ago. I had to give up working with shelters my immune system has crashed. It has really weakened me and I just don’t have the strength to work with animals like I use to. I really believe the cats have helped save me. I started to get to the point where I was counting my medical arm bracelets from the hospital ever day. Wonder how many I would have before I die. They said I was better 3 different times and no more operations. I was really starting to go to a dark place. I was getting messed up in the head trying to fight this myself. I really think my one cat could sense things wheren’t right with me. Because she would stay real close and always wanted to be held or lay across my shoulder to stay close to me. Miss Penelope also lost the battle to cancer last year it was really hard for me to deal with. It still is something I still can’t let go.

  14. My therapy cat(fully trained) was saved by a friend at the age of 2 days.She never lost all of her wildness. She was given to me to replace my 27yr old cat put down the week before. That wild kitty saved my life because I could not make it alone after my loss.
    My cat is now 12 and still has her wild spirit. I never tried to tame her , just love her.I belong to her bond by love and trust.my friend that day saved me and a cat that needed special love.

  15. Hi Jackson I lost my cat Steve in November suddenly he passed away suddenly we have no idea what caused his death I'm probably going to take Oreo to the vet soon just to make sure she is okay

  16. I love cats they are my life I have rescued two cats so far I will keep rescuing cats whom need a home rescue mom for one kitty cat Oreo and one we lost Steve in November suddenly he passed away suddenly I'm lucky to have adopted her she is my princess

  17. My Kitten is sooooo cute. It’s the first 6 week old kitten I have ever owned and he is so tiny…..I’m afraid I will break him ….he speeds around the house and my other cats are hissing and growling at him so I made base camp in my bedroom…we are site swapping and …I was hoping you could give me a few tips on introducing him to my two older cats without them harming him….he’s 7 weeks old now but so little…..any advice would be great….I’m going to have him neutered as soon as he picks up size and weight….thanks so much #catmojo

  18. We rescued both our kittens and I truly believe they know you rescued them and love you back even more because of it 🙂

  19. I have a cool story where one cat brought us to save another cat, I was too young personally to remember this, but my mom has told me.
    We were at Lollipop Farm looking for cats, we found two that we absolutely loved, named Mia and Ari. We put them on hold for the day so we could prepare the house. We come back and they tell us, “We’re so sorry, Mia has gone missing, would you like to meet some other cats?” We were disappointed, but agreed. We went into a room full of cats, and sat down to meet them. One small black cat came to me, so I started petting her, but when anyone else tried to pet her, even the worker, she shied away. We still have her today and I’ve developed a very close bond with her.

  20. Thanks for the video, I don't think I would have gotten my cat Cheeta if I hadn't watched this show. Her mother and all her kittens had fallen through the roof of a place (mom left) and my brother's friend had taken all 9 kittens (only about a week old at the time) who were surprisingly fine. She stayed up for three nights not getting any sleep to feed these kittens who needed to be fed every 2 hours. There's no shelters in Denver that will take kittens as they would have been euthanized so she talked to everyone she knew who take these kittens and take care of them. I took Cheeta who was the smallest kitty and bottle fed her until she could eat on her own. She's about 2 years old now and really healthy

  21. It costs a lot less money to get a pet from a shelter than a breeder. Adopting Max for my austic son was one of the best choices I've ever made

  22. Thanks for your videos and I got another cat after years without one.
    It is an older cat and I didn't know if it could replace my last cat but this new to me cat loves people and never hides anywhere as if it knew that would upset me.
    I really didn't think I could ever find a cat as cool as my last cat but this cat proved me wrong.

  23. My girlfriend and I have 5 rescue cats. We have a spacious 3/2 home with a screened in patio playspace. We have each fostered and volunteered before we met for no kill shelters. We support trap and release for cat colonies. My girlfriend is a property manager so she is really able to do that on a large scale. And we support our local no kill shelter, Peggy Adams, when we have a little extra. This shelter is in north Palm Beach county Florida. They accept help in many ways such as play volunteers, cleanup volunteers, foster homes, vet and vet tech volunteers (though they do have a full staff extra help is always welcome), cash, food, toys, and they do catch and release. Had we not let our newest rescue Glenn steal our hearts we would have either brought him there or fostered him until we found a proper home for him ourselves. When I say rescues for our cats I really mean rescues. Two of our babies should be dead if the emergency vets had predicted correctly. Glenn being one of them. He is only 5.5 weeks old. He fell into the swimming pool at the community my girlfriend works at. She didn't see him when she reached the pool so she used bolt cutters to open the drain filter and he was there drowning. He had swallowed a lot of chlorine-filled water and being so young the vet said he probably wouldn't make it. Yet here he is with nothing wrong except a lazy eye with slight discoloration. That eye is green now while his other eye is blue. Our other biggest success is Bria. She is about the same mental age as Glenn. She still gets excited when she discovers her hind legs or her tail etc. When Bria was first brought to the emergency vet she had a large cyst bulging out of her neck and was pronounced DOA. They managed to revive her and drain the cyst. Unlike any of our other cats her bloodwork did not come back with good results. She was born with both feline leukemia and feline HIV. The vet recommended she be put down. But that's not what was done. He said she wouldn't make it a month. With treatment Bria had her first birthday this past December/January. Izzie was abandoned and found while I lived up north in the winter. Loki escaped an actual house of horror where cats were being raised for their meat. And Lana was abandoned near busy streets. We know about Loki's story because it was one of the first evictions my girlfriend had to do. She also found 2 starving dogs who sadly didn't make it. Loki was the only animal who lived of the few they found alive. Sure it means pheromone diffusers in every room and 3 litter boxes with 3 changes each per day. And while we don't do raw (I know that's best) we do grain-free organic. They love anything with duck, liver, giblets, or rabbit in it. While that last one makes me sad, I know it's natural. I love your show and we do our best to follow your advice. Keep showing people how wonderful cats are. So many people still just don't understand. They are so loving if you know how to love them.

  24. My cat was part of an unwanted/unexpected litter – the owner of his mother wrote on Facebook to get rid of these 4 kittens… I shared the post on various cat sites and adopted one of them. If I had the space, I would’ve adopted one of his brothers with him, but I don’t. I don’t have the possibility of making a cat highway or “catify” too much of flat – I do however try to get permission to do more and more here.

  25. Hi, i don't know if you'll read this but I need your help. My cat has been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney insufficency, and she's been on Ipakitine for 10 days now (0.5g in the morning and 0.5g in the evening) and she's only had Renal/diabettes cat food to eat. The bad thing is that she's not eating as much as she needs to and she lost weight. I need advices with what else am I allowed to feed my cat. All the vets in my town say "only renal/diabettes food, and that's it!", but the fact is I'm feeling I'm starving my cat and I can see how she gets from bad to worse each day. I've had blood tests and visited 3 vets with the cat and over 10 with the blood results, and they all said CKI and only Renal food…and nobody says that my cat can live more than 2 months or that she's allowed to eat anything else. My cat is 7 years and 9 months old, indoor, not neutered and 1.7kg now, she never was heavier than 2.2-2.3kg Initial blood results showed an increased BUN 185.8 mg/dl, GLU 184 mg/dl, T-pro 8.31 g/dl, GPT 30 IU/L and Cre of 6.8mg/dl, ALP 49 IU/L Second blood (after 10 days) result : BUN 139.3 mg/dl, GLU 255 mg/dl, T-pro 7.22 g/dl, GPT 67 IU/L and Cre of 6.5 mg/dl, ALP 54 IU/L, Ca 13.04 mg/dl, WBC 5.7, LYM 1.7, MONO 0.5, NEUT3.5, EOS 0.0, LYM% 31.3, MON% 6.1, NEU% 62.1, EOS% 0.5, HGB 9.1g/dl, HCT 23.3, RBC 5.34, MCV 43.6, MCH 17.1, MCHC 39.2, RDW%19.4, RDWa 30.7, PLT 151, MPV 9.8. She has fresh water in all her favourite places and I'm even helping her drink, she urinates 3 times a day on average and poos once every 2 days. I especially need help with what else can I feed her but any kind of help is more than welcome. I'm aware that CKI isn't curable, but I want to make my cat feel better and live for as long as she can. Thanks in advance. PS I found and rescued my cat from the streets, she had a lot of problems as a kitten and I thought almost all of them were rezolved…and them this happened… pls help!

  26. Sir…!!! Actually my cat is in deep trouble right now… She's releasing white odour from her mouth, on daily basis. I think she's not well, and don't wanna lose her . Could you please help me ?? With our contact information like Email, WhatsApp, Instagram,etc anything might work . I wanna get in contact with you as soon as possible. If someone else is reading this, could you please help me get in touch with Jackson Galaxy Sir……. Please!!! Please!!!!

  27. My first cat we adopted from a shelter where he had been rescued from the street, my second one is one from a family we fostered and the third one I found as a kitten on the side of the road! They're all sweethearts in their own ways

  28. While I was living in Japan we had a really bad storm during the summer. A few days later one of my coworkers at school took me to see a little kitten he had found. The kitten's mother and siblings had all died from the storm. All the teachers played with the little kitten but then unanimously accepted that the kitten would be dead soon. I didn't. I started using my work breaks and free-time to come check on the kitten. I did research and bought what the things the kitten needed. I played with her and fed her and showed my coworkers how to do the same. By the end of the summer she was looking so much stronger than she had and they asked me if I wanted to adopt her. As a foreigner living alone, I absolutely did. I needed her and she needed me. We've been best friends ever since. She'll be 4 years old soon. 😀

  29. I picked a 4 week kitten from the street , she stayed only for 15 days as she was diagnosed with calicivirus and our local vet could not treat her..any suggestions to treat URI and calicivirus.pls suggest.

  30. Please help! This wasn't really what I was hoping for but my 9 week old kitten named Luna fell off the side of the stairs and for a second I thought she was dead! Shes still alive but she has a nosebleed and is not interested in playing. Shes sleeping more than she really ever has.. Please help, shes so young and means alot to me!
    Edit: Her nosebleed stopped but she's sneezing alot and is more quiet than usual.

  31. I know cats are typically nocturnal. Is it o.k. if that sleep cycle is reversed? My cat isn't allowed inside while I'm at work during the day as per the roomie agreement, so she waits to sleep in my bed when I get home at night.

  32. My cat is a rescue, an x- freind found him outside her apt. He was 2-3 days away from dying of starvation due to extreme abuse and neglect. She couldn't keep him because he was an Alpha personality, and her cats ( all 4) are submissive personalitys. She was going to toss him back outside if I didn't take him, which I did. The first week and a half to 2wks I had him, every time I went to pet him he would bite hard enough to draw blood. But with a little discipline, and lots of love and patience, he has become a little lover cat. If u want to see him, I have a video on yutube called smokey the mouser, check it out sometime

  33. i saved a kitty (probably around 1-2 weeks) from drowning after he fell into a deep and big drain. He cant even open his eyes and we tried so many ways to make sure that he drinks. Took care of him for around 4 months before he went missing 3 days ago. im still crying 🙁

  34. You've gotta be careful with the TNR. You may find, like my wife and I did, that the captured cats will realize your house is nicer than the outdoors when you try to release them. I still have 2 of those cats with the clipped ear living in my house, one in my parents house, and another with a friend of my wife.

  35. When I moved into my house I noticed several strays in the area and I TNR 1 and my neighbour then adopted him. A while later I tried to do the same with another, he was all hagged looking so I called him Hagrid, and gained his trust and eventually trapped him and had him taken to the vets, we said to the guy who caught him that we would like to adopt him as we had grown quite attached. They called me up at 1pm to say he’d come out of his neuter surgery fine and that they were jus waiting for some test results. Got a call back at 3pm and they said they had put him down cus he had FLV. we were very upset cus we didn’t mind if he was sick we already loved him. It often bothers me cus I don’t know if keeping him alive would’ve been the best thing or not. I hear varying opinions on the issue of FLV

  36. I have three cats and one is died my daughter is crying and crying she is not eating food what can I do?

  37. Both my cats are rescue cats. My first one, Sophia, followed me in the middle of the night in the street. I thought she was a very cute baby, but she wouldn't approach me so I got home. The window was opened, Sophia jumped in cause she was very hungry and lonely and never left 🙂

    My other cat, Atlas, appeared in my backyard and there was blood everywhere, so I immediately got nervous. He was very weak and thin as a walking bone but managed to hide under the car. When I got to him, he hissed at me, but I saw that his paw was weird, a bit twisted, apparently necrosed, the bones were all exposed and muscles in that area did not exist anymore… there was fly larvae everywhere. I took him immediately to the vet, crying out loud with him. He had several issues, such as sporotrichosis (very common in my state), urinal infection, he was becoming blind of an eye, he wouldn't eat for days if I didn't force feed him with a syringe… Now he's amputated (which increased a lot his quality of life), sporotrichosis is getting smaller everyday, he loves eating and gets really excited when I go to his room to put his meals. I'm very excited to his total recovery, so he can stay with Sophia. I saved my cats from the streets, but they saved me in every other way and I can't thank them enough. Now my plans are obviously to get more cats, but I think life will get in the way and send me more cats needing a loving home 🙂

  38. i feed, give waters , and love and toys to 2 stray cats in my backyard,after 2 weeks, they are living in my backyard now..i made two houses for each of them outside…and the love they giving back to me is so wonderful, they appreciate me more than my family appreciate me

  39. Two years ago it all started with a feral cat I named max ? I was able to build his trust ! A very special guy ! I female followed him home ??I started feeding her! Lol she was pregnant ???lol!!! At 4 1/2 weeks I started feeding and socializing them !! Brought them inside my house took them to the vet ! Trapped the mother?mother had her spayed and shots brought her back home ? found a good home for one kept the other two ??Indoor only they have been spayed also !! Unfortunately something happened to max ? miss him so much ? But I have his girls and they're very special I saved 4 ????they're amazing ???

  40. I just saved the life of a kitten a couple of days ago. He is so young; can't be more than a month old. I didn't get him from a shelter: I found him alone outside. He was filthy, had burrs matting his fur, his eyes were crusted over from infection, and was nearly starved to death–his ribs and spine were visible through his fur. He's well on his way to being "better"–but it's not over-night. I'm so happy the little guy's survived. His name is Henry and he's white and grey–he has a big, grey spoltch over his left eye. It makes me smile because I have an eye-patch over my left eye (I'm blind in it). It's like that little cat is meant for me.
    Still, no matter how many cats and kittens I take in that are in such a sorry state of affairs, it still breaks my heart to find them, and I can never leave them like that.
    It makes me think of the first time I saved an orphaned kitten. His eyes weren't even open all the way. He was a grey short-haired tabby named Gary. I was only 12, but I had been watching my parents take in cats and kittens all my life and knew what to do. I nursed him with a bottle and…eh…wiped his bottom to help him "go to the bathroom" since he was too little to do that himself. He lived 6 years until a massive tumor in his intestines took his life. It still makes me misty-eyed to remember him, sometimes. Gary thought I was his mother–I'm certain of it. He waited at the door every day for me to return home from school and would follow me to my room, hop up on my bed, and spend the rest of the day with me. He passed away 11 years ago, but I miss him still.

  41. #TeamCatMojo i just saved a cat who was hungry sacred and thirsty…. my mom couldnt let him in and i was angry but im actually giving her comfort.. pls gimme more tips for the cat

  42. Two years ago on a snowy January a stray kitten showed up on my doorsteps. I took him in immediately and warmed him up, fed him, and now he's my sweetest baby.

  43. Hey its very argent ..a adult cat harm my little cat..what to do now??? Plzzz tell me ..the cat is very sad..the adult cat harm like very dangerously ..plzz I need suggest..

  44. I know this isn’t about cats but I just wanted to say I donated $55 to a duck and goose rescue and adopted one of there drakes 🙂

  45. I also rescued my cat Mena, who had been returned to the Humane Society three times. I am proud to say i have been owned by this 12 year old cat for the past 9 years.

  46. My cat named Jerry went on a two-week trip and returned but she was really sick and required about a week of full care and attention but she's fine now.

  47. My cat got out of the house somehow and was missing for 2 months. I thought he was dead. I had missing flyers all over my neighborhood. Asked the local news station to post his picture on their FB page. I got a call from a neighbor who said they had seen my flyer and they're pretty sure they had my cat. It was him. He had lost half his body weight and he was badly jaundiced. The vet gave him a 50% chance of living. After some huge vet bills, tube feeding every 3 hours, he pulled through. If my neighbor hadn't called me, he would have died. Winter was coming and he would have never survived in his fragile state. I'm so grateful for them and to my vet who worked her ass off to help save my cat's life.

  48. 1. How to save a cat's life: pray to god kitty will be okay
    2. How to save a cats life: * bring them to the vet*
    3. How to save a cats life: feed them a lot of food
    4. How to save a cats life: give them medicine
    5. How to save a cats life: do not hurt them

    idk if this thing method works but…You can try it… :/

  49. I know I'm late on seeing the video but my buddy found a ginger kitten down the street from my apartment at a gas station, he couldn't keep her and he didn't wanna leave her outside it was the middle of winter so he called me and I took her in. The next day I took her to get scanned…no chip, I went on social media to tried to find her owner…no luck, after a couple of weeks I decided I was gonna be the owner. I got her spayed got a her vaccines and I have had her for almost 2 months. She's the first cat I've ever owned. Thanks for the tips Jackson.

  50. I like to think that I saved my cat Henry's life. When I found him, he was nearly starved to death with every bone in his tiny little body visible through his fur and his eyes were crusted completely shut. He had fleas and ear-mites. I honestly wasn't sure if he was going to survive. I worked hard, and now he's perfectly healthy, neutered, and has a happy, indoor-only life.

  51. I manage my family's doggie daycare and we regularly have donation drives for our local cat & dog shelter. It makes me so happy to know we’re helping all those dogs & cats, totaling a few thousand dollars a year ❤️ and my partner regularly volunteers at an animal shelter as well

  52. I have had a volunteer job at my local shelter wen I was 20 (5 years ago) and I met this awesome cat who would be put down because he wasn't friendly. I met him and he was just a really nice guy but very scared. So I took my extra time with him and he got his MOJO back and he got adopted. He still has a special place in my heart.

  53. It’s funny how I never thought about it but I have two cats one I adopted at the shelter when he was 3-2 months he’s a tabby and is named coco. Coco is my pride and joy but soon adopting he had a lot of worms and with out thinking over how much the bill would be I still went through to taking him to the best vet and get him checked. It was then I found out his story was when he was 2 months the shelter found him in a trash can during the summer with fly’s and flees all over him. It broke my heart thinking how can someone do that to the sweet cat I have in my life. Now he’s close to 3 years old living the life of the king in the house along with my mom cat which they get along just fine. It’s funny I was scared my cat would hurt him but during that same day my mom brought her cat home from the shelter they both got along in seconds they eat together and even at times sleep together

  54. Several years ago my husband found a 3 month old kitten abandoned in a pile of scrap metal at his work. We brought the kitten home, got him fixed up at the vet and started the process to tame him. He was completely feral, anxious, and fearful after his ordeal. During this time period I had found My Cat From Hell on Netflix and was routinely watching episodes while feeding and cuddling this kitten. I was able to take a lot of the advice in the episodes and use them. I had two other cats at that time, and needed to integrate both of them to this fearful ball of fluff, as well as bring the kitten himself out of his shell and out from under the bed. Using play time and providing safe/cat appropriate perches for him, he started to come around. Fast forward a few years and now he is happy and healthy- spending most of his time sleeping in various cat trees, wrestling with my other cats, and demanding scritches. He isn't quite as keen as the others to be held or petted by strangers, but he does enjoy cat napping in his tree while watching when we have company over.

  55. Without your videos , my cat would be off the wall! ?
    Adopted a feral kitten and needed to learn SO much. Shes doing awesome ! Day 30 and shes roaming around the house, and is less scared of the other animals.

  56. My Skylar came from a horders home. He was 1 of at least 30 cats. He had given up at the shelter after being there almost a month. Saw him and got him out of the cage, he clung to my head to the point I couldn't see and was breathing cat fur. Tears sprang to my eyes and I adopted him. I saved him that day but he has saved me many times.

  57. I am buying my cat supplies and program medication and giving advice on Facebook I love my cats but 4 cats equals 400 a month but if people have money time go to saving a life it’s worth it I saved 4 cats ages 14 11 and our latest birthday boys Almond Pecan Happy Birthday 10:years, now I know why Blue my rescue Siamese died, at neutor,surgery at Banfield

  58. My Cat from Hell!! I saved most all my animals but My son Saved Our Cat JAKE from College! He was abused by the foot ball team as a kitten! They Smoked and blew it into his face and it wasn't cigarettes! they threw him back and forth like a football. My son seen this and saved him and brought him to our farm! I call him our Little rehab miracle! He has alot of crazy days when he first was brought to the farm! But he has come a long way 5 years now and Jake has a good home and will never be abused againI do have videos of jake on my channel Thanks for all you do!

  59. I saved my cat from a street and brought him home. Thank you Jackson for your tips that you share with cat owners. Love from Russia.

  60. I'm saving a sweet black cat that I just found out was FIV positive. I almost turned away, that would be selfish of me. Black cats are the least adopted and with this disease. She would have little chance. She deserves all my love and she will get it.

  61. I know this is a very old post but I am glad I've been watching Jackson's videos now. 🙂
    My first encounter with a kitten happened a few years back when I used to bicycle everywhere since I didn't have a driver's license. I still remember how I met this little kitty. It was pretty dramatic and scary but I came to work that day and penned down what happened that day on my then-frequent-blog: https://dheerstory.wordpress.com/2015/08/25/the-short-auto-biography-of-a-little-kitty/
    I've always been a dog person all my life and for some reason, most of the dogs I meet are attracted to me and I to them.

    Fast forward to this year: I went to my usual weekend Farmers' Market a couple of weeks back and I saw a post about 'pet adoption' and came across this nice group of people who were nursing cats and kittens from hoarding situations and letting people adopt them. I met a couple of nice adult kittens there and a beautiful looking black cat all of which got adopted a few hours after I met and held them. I also saw this most beautiful 7 week old kitten wrapped like a burrito in a towel but being a new guy and living a single life, it would be too much responsibility.

    Long story short, I decided to give cat adoption a try and so I plan to visit those nice people and see which cat chooses me this weekend! ^_^

  62. The other day my family's thirteen-year-old dog got sick and I knew, and I know that she knew as well that it was the end. The next day I talked with a colleague that I hadn't seen for months and I told her about it. She asked me, Belinda, could you take care of this cat, it's owner wants to shoot it. I said yes because I knew there probably was nothing to do for the family dog, but I could help this cat and I knew that it would help us as well. That night after an emergency visit at the vets we had to say farewell to our beloved dog. Two days later this adorable one and a half-year-old angel that I call Stella arrived. If it weren't for her things would be so much harder.

  63. I have told my friend to spay her cat, I also have a membership card that puts money to cats protection everytime I spend money. I have a beautiful 8 week old kitten that I stop from going to a shelter.

  64. I volunteer at a shelter one day a week. I can't have any cats in my house due to allergies (myself…though I take pills when I volunteer, and my mother-in-law) so I get my cat "fix" while I'm there. The cats I've seen are the most adorable and lovable felines I've ever seen. Breaks my heart, but I do what I can and it makes me feel good. And I feel even better when they are adopted into loving homes….I got to help them make it into a new home!

  65. I was on vacation in puerto rico my cousin rescue a pregnant cat and I ended bringing one kitten home. It sad how many cats are loose in the his neighborhood

  66. Number 1 way is to, keep it away from my Wolf. I let him clear 43 cats from a property I bought. People let their cats run around and get in garbage. Cat owners are not real pet owners

  67. Jackson, this is Joanna, my calico kitty: https://i.imgur.com/hgSGha0.jpg. You are her mojo angel. You saved her life. Her previous home was abusive. They had a bunch of outdoor cats. She wanted to be an indoor cat with a family who loved her. The abused her for it. They were going to dump her in the woods. So I took her. And it was because of you. You are the one who taught me about cats. And my parents. I would not have taken her if it wasn't for you, and I wouldn't have been able to keep her if it weren't for you. Also, she saved my life when I was in a bad place and suicidal. So she saved both of us. You'll probably never see this, but thank you from both me and Joanna.

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