pets are cute beautiful and adorable it is so refreshing to come home to a furry ball of love after a long and tiring day it makes you forget all your worries now imagine coming home to a 15 foot Python or a freshwater crocodile creepy as it may sound these are real stories of real people with somewhat unusual pets nicknamed croc lady and Melbourne lowing his own crocodiles for more than 30 years she claims they have all been totally domesticated and that she can even communicate with them telepathically lowing said she first became fascinated with the animals after watching a film in the 1960s and she has and never look back amazingly despite her pet croc Johnny nipping her a decade ago while ill the 57 year old nurse has never sustained any injuries she admits neighbours keep their distance when she has taken her pets for walks but on the plus side she has never had problems with burglars weighing in at a whopping 120 kilograms timba is not your average pet cat this white lion was adopted by an else Neyman when he was just a tiny cub the 31 year old from the Waterberg region of South Africa welcomed him into her home last year in the spring and now shares nearly everything with her unconventional pet an owl who also runs a guesthouse has hand reared dozens of animals including several kittens a cheetah cub five lions a white lion and a leopard in her spare time the animal lover admitted some people struggled to adjust to her startling choice of pets relationships used to be a challenge to an L as there was often some jealousy issues about who was going to snuggle up with who on the couch as a cub timba could often be found snoozing in a Nels bed but having outgrown the bedroom the friendly feline still tries to cuddle up with an L on the sofa forget the crazy cat lady this guy keeps six Tigers two lions and a leopard in his very own backyard Florida resident carl Bovard is the feline fanatic who dances with death each time he enjoys some innocent playtime with his massive pet predators when an accident 13 years ago caused Bovard to briefly lose his eyesight he realized that he would most miss seeing animals it wasn't until his vision returned that he finally purchased his very first set of tiger cubs but keeping the big cats at home hasn't been the safest of hobbies for Bovard he has had a leopard bite him on his nose we tend to be sewed back together big cat Jolie is named after film star Angelina and the cheetah is certainly used to the a-list treatment at Magda and jpp nars family home where it can often be found eating from the kitchen table snoozing on the sofa or even curled up on the couple's bed the big cat also eats sleeps and plays with the pee nars other rather more conventional pets a German Shepherd called Frankie Magda Pinar said that while she was initially reluctant to get a cheetah as a pet diva Jolie is now a part of the family after arias borgeous rescued two abused tigers from a circus in 2005 he got very close to his new pets he started an improvised exotic animal sanctuary at his home in moringa Brazil where he now owns seven tigers two lions and one pet Chihuahua named little everyone Tigers included hangs out in the same house arias and his three daughters consider their compound a safe and loving environment for the Tigers the family is under extreme scrutiny and faces legal battles as animal rights activists fight to confiscate arias as caretakers license and the right to breed Tigers there is no doubt that the Borgias family's unorthodox practice of keeping exotic pets is controversial but at least no one has been hurt yet Cambodian boy Warren Samba has made an unlikely friend with a 220 pound Python snake the snake named Tom Rowan which means progress crawled into their lives as a baby snake several years ago when Oran was only three months old according to his parents Oran used to sleep together with the snake in his cradle and learned to crawl with him their Bazaar bond has turned the pair into a first attraction in the remote village the Python only eats chicken about 22 pounds per week which has become quite a financial strain to the family so here are some pictures of more such adventurous people having unusual pets we hope you enjoyed the video please hit the like button and share the video with your friends also do subscribe to our channel so that you don't miss our forthcoming interesting and entertaining videos thanks for watching you Oh


  1. Would it have hurt this idiot to have taken the time to make sure that he was pronouncing names and places right?

  2. I see it all the time people want things they should not have things they want to show off the same I'm different watch this see that I love animals all animals I am an animal lover I think why animals should stay in their own natural

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