6 Grooming Mistakes I Made in My 20s! (REACTION VIDEO)

what's up gentlemen so today's video falls under the category of you are gonna feel so much better about yourself when you realize what a disaster I was my 20s were a very dark dark time in terms of style grooming and my overall aesthetic in my defense I didn't have alpha M I also didn't have the Internet remember I'm old I'm 43 I was a hot mess back in my 20s and today gentlemen we're gonna take a little walk down memory lane today I'm going over six grooming tips I wish I knew in my 20s because if I did I I would have gotten more action first grooming teeth you're gonna hit you're gonna love these pictures the first grooming tip I wish I knew back in my twenties is that you need to identify and choose a proper hairstyle and facial hairstyle for your face shape the Caesar cut combined with that long scraggly goatee and my ears definitely don't work cuz mistake I was rocking is that hairstyle the Caesar cut with these ears in this face shape it definitely wasn't working I needed to choose a hairstyle that has a little more volume tight on the side in order to help complement my face shape I remember that goatee like it was yesterday I couldn't grow any facial hair like up on my cheeks and my goatee was the only thing that grew and so I grew it now the only problem is that I was still patchy up right here in the corner of my mouth and so I had to grow the mustache long right and twist the hair and try and like camouflage the fact that I was patch Adams few years later the facial hair started to grow in a little bit and I finally took it short and let the hair grow as you can see I look a little bit better but unfortunately nobody told me about my eyebrows as you can see and my eyebrows are dominating my face because they need to be cleaned up a little bit they also need to be thinned out being Italian I've got like big bold beautiful eyebrows right a little too big a little too bold and so what I did is I just thinned out the brow a little bit and just cleaned up a little bit underneath never touch the upper part of your eyebrow all right those hairs are supporting they need to be there so that your eyebrows always look natural as I'm getting a little bit older my facial hair starts to fill and I'm like sweet I can finally grow a beard and this is when my life changed but unfortunately I didn't know where or how to properly trim my beard but that didn't stop me from doing a video feel your jawbone you feel where it's nice and hard you start shaving right where it goes in where you feel it's soft where it gets soft soft flesh actually okay so that's gonna be beard this is gonna be clean-shaven all around the edge and follow the line stop and put down at the group what's that yeah it's abrino it's the best but down the grooming tool for now and just listen all right I was wrong I was totally wrong I don't know what the hell I was doing but I didn't have alpha M videos I was telling people to feel for the jawline and shave everything underneath that is all 1,000% wrong because you don't want to expose the neck fat meat that's going to hang out the way that you're gonna determine your beard boundaries take your finger and bang right boom right there shave everything underneath and leave everything about now you can pick back up your Bria what's that you don't have a Brio gentleman what are you doing if you have a beard if you have facial hair if you've got body hair and you want to make sure that you are managing it in the most effective and beautiful way possible you have got to check out today's video sponsor the Brio this is the best grooming tool on the market period but I like to consider myself a beard grooming tool expert I have tried probably over 35 different models and brands my previous favorite was the norelco but then I tried the Brio and my mind boom my mind was totally blown because my beloved norelco couldn't even touch the amazingness that is the Brio gentleman I did a side-by-side comparison that was unpaid unspun surd and I showed why the Brio kicks the crap out of the norelco if you missed that video guys I will link to it down below breo a beard scape is in my opinion the best grooming tool on the market period like drop the mic boom I'm not gonna drop this because you won Brio congratulations take a bow guys if you are looking for the best my toll on the market that isn't going to be crazy like over-the-top expensive you have got to hit our special link down below because Brio is offering you a super crazy deal now normally when I do these videos the breo's they can't keep them in stock they sell out every single time but they're bad no idea how they sell the brayer for the price that they do in the price that they're offering it for you but it's lower than you're gonna find it anywhere right now guys hit that link down below if you're a beard if you've got facial hair if you're thinking about growing a sweet porn stache or you just want a grooming tool that is going to manscape you like a Greek freaking God you have got to hit that link and grab a Braille if I had a Brio back in my 20s God knows the sassy senoritas I would have slayed unfortunately I didn't and so I didn't but now I do and I'm married the fourth grooming tip I wish I knew in my 20s I wish I know it in my teens I was if I knew then what I know now things would be different in terms of my handsomeness I wish I knew that I should start taking better care of my skin and adopt the skin care routine guys I know I joke about it all the time but taking care of your skin washing your face twice a day exfoliating moisturizing morning and night I wish I started this when I was literally like sixteen her so incredibly important but back then back like when I was growing up people didn't talk about it there weren't like dudes like going round being like oh you should really take care of your skin it was like taboo nobody talked about manscaping nobody talked about tweezing and plucking your eyebrows and stinky balls v grooming tip I wish I knew back in my 20s and that is wear sunscreen when I go outside I wasn't ever good at wearing sunscreen I literally would wear like baby oil to try and get as dark as possible and even when I started this YouTube channel I was going to like a tanning salon and laying in the bed cuz I love Bing tan I look better with the tan we all do is my wife having skin cancer twice she had basal cell carcinoma one on her shoulder one between her boobs that that really sort of opened my eyes and I realized wait a second this is not good I really need to protect myself and last but certainly not least the six grooming tip I wish I knew back in my 20s is to go to the dentist I did not good care of my teeth growing up I had braces and once I went away to college I started chewing tobacco when I was like 18 years old and so I was scared and I was petrified to go to the dentist I drank coffee my teeth were stained I was like okay he's going to tell me that I have cancer and so when I finally quit chewing tobacco this was like seven or eight years ago it was when I decided to really take good care of my teeth for now I go to the dentist every six months I brush twice a day I rinse I floss I'm like yo I'm super anal about my smile my teeth because at the end of the day your smile your mouth your teeth is so incredibly important and that's it gentlemen six grooming tips I wish I knew back but I didn't have me I didn't have alpha M but you do and so I would appreciate if he gave me one of these for saying yo alpha thanks for talking about manscaping and stinky nuts when nobody else did gentlemen I love you and think you are super fantastic incredible and apparently better groomed than me

29 thoughts on “6 Grooming Mistakes I Made in My 20s! (REACTION VIDEO)

  1. and height does matter also here in mexico im considered supertall cause the average dude is 5 6 which in usa would be supersmall

  2. alpha when i waa young i was short and weak and and body like a stick then i grew up im in my 30s now 6 3, 200 pounds 11 years of sports changed my confidence my career, and senoritas as you say never gave me a chance when i was small and thin but later on i could litearlly choose so looks does really matter

  3. Every body makes mistakes, you just have to learn, and you learn them and said "no! No one will do this again!" and BOOM. Made the video. Btw made the same hair in the 20's or even shaved it all off, no my proudest times their in the case of hair hahaha!

  4. Aaron do a video on how how to take care of your hair being a gym person. I've read that shampoo should be used only around twice a week but I have to use it everyday since it gets really sweaty and and now my hair is thinning out. I'm only 22.

  5. So in all your videos you're actually telling me that I have to give a fuck what people think of me and take care of myself like a girl (paying attention to small bullshit) which in not alpha at alllll

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