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chameleons are sought-after pets and I really have to interview people long and hard to make sure they know what they're getting into because of all the animals in the pet world chameleons certainly are the hardest to stay alive by Nature they're extremely skittish you see this one doesn't want to be out in the limelight here isn't like the bright lights that are on him he wants to be in a tree and he wants to hide but that's not possible today so it would be okay for a few minutes as a keeper he needs a couple of things to keep him alive first they really don't do well in a glass enclosure chameleons are like air flow so a screen is much more is much better for them a screened enclosure where the air can flow through is great they can also grab on the screen with their nails and climb all around it which they can't do with glass worse than that though in order to keep them happy is they will need a water source to drink from and that is not a bowl chameleons like this do not drink from standing water they drink drips when it rains they drink as much water as they can but the only of the water they get is basically do in the morning that will form on the leaves and will start to drip off of it and we'll often see them licking the leaves inside their enclosures to get their moisture if we forget to miss them and forget to put that moisture on put a bowl of water and go away for three days they will die of thirst they do not know enough to go down to a standing body of water and take a drink some species yes feel chameleons No so you really have to be a diligent keeper and keep your animal of watered as best as possible there are a number of devices on the market to do that automatically but there's nothing like an old plant mister that you use with your hand to make sure your lizard is drinking every day as they get to know you they'll take it right out of the end of the bottle in order to get their their much-needed water source chameleons are really an advanced lizard keepers pet you cannot be a beginner and keep a chameleon happy they are very fragile legs and arms they need to be totally camouflaged and have places to hide inside or they become very short-lived even in the best of conditions chameleons not long-lived creatures some only a couple of years others five six seven years is about as much as you're going to get as a chameleon pet so a wonderful wow what is that type of animal but extremely fragile and you have to think twice whether you want to buy a chameleon of all the chameleon species veiled chameleons are absolutely the most Hardy the male's get this beautiful crest on top of their head and they actually can be taught to eat out of your hand by holding a food item here they'll shoot it out of your hand and he's a little bit too nervous to do that today but he'll eat it right out of your hand and that's a wonderful thing to observe in captivity so there's the veiled chameleon one of the best chameleons on the market

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  1. My Chameleons drinks from the water dish I have underneath the dripper so I make sure I clean the water dish everyday and put a little bit in the bottom. I also have a Sonic fogger that feeds from the top of the enclosure so water will form on the fake vegetation at night it's hooked up to a timer turns on for two 30min. intervals during the night. But it seems to like get the water from the mini pond shooting its tongue from a distance..lol

  2. This guy is full of it I got three chameleons Vline and flap and every one of them drink out of a bowl just put a air hose in the bowl water make bubbles and they drink from the bubble

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  4. Lizard in the back*
    Hey! Are you filming? Is that a chameleon? I want to see! When do I get an episode? Is it feeding time yet??!!

  5. Is that a veiled Cham or a brown cham?? Xp this guy should be banned from chams tho. I haven't even got mine and I can tell the neglect.

  6. Please help me !!!!!!!!! Is it normal for my chameleon to turn grey or black and have its crest puff up I think she's dying I need help

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