57 Dogs Rescued from South Korea Dog Meat Farm

our ballot Elly will name her Elly if we weren't here today to take these dogs off the farm that either me picked up to be taken to store to house market or restaurant and we we know what that is and you know the animals are just treated with such types of disregard and it's very very sad existence like I always think the dogs sit there you know waiting to die and then fights live at the last moment and it's it's heart-wrenching to witness dogs have lived their entire life on this dog meat farm in Korea and you know they live in really deplorable conditions I mean they're in terrible tiny cages just disgusting so in this case we've been joined to the farmer about helping him to rework the land to build greenhouses and start growing crops it's been a long journey getting the dogs here and for a while do you think we were gonna make her sing and go off means everything say this is Ellie and Ellie is one of the lucky dogs who have come to us today from Korea from a dog meat farm hi sweetie where it's so thrilled to be picking her up here today all of the dogs initially are going to San Francisco SPCA who has graciously agreed to host them they've set up fantastic spots for them and then from there there are a number of partners in the Bay Area who will be coming to pick them up and get them really ready and to get adopted into their homes Ellie is really a representative for dogs that you know still are in the dog meat trade in Korea and Korea the only country that farms dogs for the dog meat trade I'm so happy that Ellie is here now and that she is going to have the life she deserves and not me food Humane Society International is working so hard to end this horrible trade they don't know how lucky they are really

41 thoughts on “57 Dogs Rescued from South Korea Dog Meat Farm

  1. If you want to save animals dogs cats any animal, donate, this is the only way they can do this is if you donate… even if it’s a dollar.

  2. I donate to the Humane Society, I donate to many animal rescue‘s, I’m so glad to see this and to know that the money I send is being used for what I sent. it for!! Great job guys, keep up the good work!!!

  3. Eating dogs is one thing, but torturing them beforehand and boiling them alive makes me want to hang every participating asshole.

  4. Can y’all just get the fact that we just find it weird but to them it’s like eating chicken or bacon or cow and that they can eat whatever they want first solve our problems with chickens in metal cages all Jammed up together for like a year and sometimes die in the cages spreading bacteria that nobody really knows about?first solve our problem then they can solve there’s

  5. I don't get people who don't really care about livestock, but hate people who eat animals other than livestock so much that they want them dead.
    I'm not saying this because I'm a vegan, I'm not. No animal deserves this kind of inhumane slaughter.

  6. As a Korean, I am very disappointed that these things happen. No animal should go though that. Not even the ones we eat everyday, such as cows, chicken, etc. But, I'm also disappointed that people think that these things happen all over Korea because they don't. Most people in Korea cherish their pets, and there's even reality shows in Korea based on saving animals. This example is just one of the few horrendous people in our country. Doesn't your country have horrendous people, too?

  7. Korean Proverb : Meat from tortured dogs taste best.

    reader discretion advised.



    We know that all over the country, animals destined for human consumption are mistreated and tortured before they are sold as human food. We also know that the animal welfare currently does not exist in South Korea.

  8. Just kill the devils humans being there that Trump is drop a bomb there dogs and cats are not for too eat sick sociopaths!!!!!

  9. I can't watch the disgusting way these cowardly scumbags treat these dogs. They should be ashamed of themselves. The horror that these poor creatures endure is imaginable. The cowards who inflict the horrors such as beatings, boiling alive, cutting off puppies paws to sell as trinkets and skinning alive should be made to endure the same tournament as they inflict on innocent, defenceless babies.
    Countries that allow cruelty at any level should be made to review their animal welfare laws and police them ridged.

  10. 0:33 – 0:39 ?? the dog really didnt want to die. I see that. Does that guy really have no heart??
    Its so sad to see this happen, i mean they are damn cuteee how can anyone dare to hurt them. ???

  11. Most people are not aware of the horrific way in which people in Asian countries prepare dogs AND cats to be eaten . It's part of a superstitious belief that the meat will taste better the more you torture .Utterly sick and disgusting .
    Its got to be stopped !

  12. HEY DISLIKERS??? Got a hot flash for you. If you want to really dislike something, DISLIKE those who raise, then slaughter and eat these dogs. International Humane is going to keep closing the dog meat farms down, rescuing the animals, and rehoming them elsewhere. It is 2019 as I write. The world community has taken vigorous action. So, use that dislike power where it has some impact – stop whining about how awful dog meat farming is. We ALREADY KNOW THAT, and we DISLIKE it too!

  13. Mmmmm dog meat talk about sick whats next skunk steaks, rat biscuits , hog anus buns and zebra skinned rat burgers mmmmmmm gggooodddd tastes just like you would think it would … elephant ass worts with cream frosting should taste like ….good eating anytine of the day or night. It's what for dinner tonight .glglglmmmmmm
    Mom pass me more elephant tentacles would you …mmmmmglglgl slurp slurp a shot of juice with every note
    Now this is eating ….!!!!

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